World Cup Workout Pt. 2

Who watched the USA game last night??! What a heartbreaker!!! I cannot believe it ended like that. Here’s to hoping they can win, or at least tie in their next game against Germany.

All this World Cup mania has inspired me to make some workouts. I made one with inspired by soccer drills, and today I wanted to share a workout you can do while watching the World Cup.

You know those drinking games where you take a shot when something happens in a movie or something? Well, this is like that but with exercises ;)

World Cup Workout

So you should be able to get a full body workout in throughout a 90 minute game. If I had to choose one thing I wouldn’t want to happen I guess it’d be multiple red cards. Lunge jumps kill me!

Let me know if you have any questions or try it out. And LET’S GO USA!!!

What games have you been watching/what teams are you rooting for?

Would you rather go to a World Cup or an Olympic games?


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