Speed & Agility Drill

This quick workout/drill was inspired by a video I saw on STACK’s “13 Fitness Challenges That Will Destroy You.” It’s the “Triangle Drill” video, and you’ll need a partner to help you out.

Speed and Agility Partner Drill

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My brother and I were working out yesterday and I said to him we need to try this drill, especially because he is a soccer player and wants to improve. He has a game this weekend so I thought this was the perfect time to test his speed and agility and for him to see how he can get faster.

The video in the STACK article is done in an athletic facility with turf…not all of us have access to that. So here’s what we did:

We went into a training room in our gym, and set up 3 medicine balls in a triangle. You might think a room would be too small (we initially did too), but you will definitely be thankful it’s not bigger once you start! I talk about how we did the actual drill a bit further down in this post.

The instructions in the video stated:

The Triangle Drill Challenge is a variation of a drill we use to develop speed and reaction time. But the challenge component causes further fatigue and improves decision-making during high-pressure situations during a game.

How To: Perform the drill as demonstrated in the video below. Choose a work-to-rest ratio that simulates your sport. If you’re a football player, work for about 10 seconds and rest for about 30 seconds.

So we set up the 3 medicine balls, and I told him which ones were numbered 1,2 and 3. He had to do the work for 60 seconds, and then take a 60 second break while I went. I stood there and said random numbers while also taking a tally of how many times he touched each medicine ball.


In the video, the athlete simply (well, it’s not so simple) quickly shuffles/sprints to each cone. This is how we changed it up a bit:

Sprint/shuffle to each medicine ball, then keeping a flat back (proper form for anything), squat down and quickly tap the ball, squat back up then get back to the center and wait for your partner to yell the next number.

Start with doing 30 seconds of work, and work your way up to a minute. I was so beat by the end of a minute! You will work your legs, core, and your heart rate will be through the roof. We repeated it 3x. Yes, it’s only a total of 3 minutes but it’s hard! Do it for as long as you feel like.


So, “Why should I do a speed & agility drill?” you may ask. If you play a sport, it will obviously help with your speed and agility (duh), and quickness of mental decisions. But even if you don’t play a sport, it will help you build explosiveness and quickness, which is important all around.

As a runner, I realized the hardest part for me was side shuffles and back pedaling. No clue how I didn’t trip over my own feet. This is a great exercise for runners because we are constantly moving in one plane. This forces us to exercise in other planes, which will help build core stability.

Did you play sports in high school or college? I played club lacrosse in college and remember doing similar drills – running backwards is so hard!

Let me know if you try it out!


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Cardio + Strength Workouts

For the past three weeks, I have been challenging myself with cardio/strength workouts in place of running. I needed a break from running before starting marathon training next week.

I got inspiration from my friend Courtney, who does small group training every week. I have gone a few times and those workouts are hardcore!

I made three different workouts that I would do for three weeks, and track my progress. I did 2-3 sets of each exercise for 1 minute and counted how many reps I could do with good form. It was a total body workout with cardio worked in to really get my heart rate soaring.

Here’s an example of the workout I did on Mondays, and finished up yesterday. Only two more workouts to go this week then it’s back to running! As you can see, I did progress! Though other workouts have more progress, but I will post a wrap-up at the end of the week.

I also increased my weight for this past week which is why some numbers are a bit lower, but they are still close to my beginning numbers! After each workout, I was literally dripping in sweat. Loved it! Sad I will have to cut back on these once training starts.

Here is week 1 and week 2:


And here are yesterday’s results (week 3):


I want to do a workout video with one of these workouts because those reverse lunge jumps are killer, along with other moves I’ve done as well!

Have you ever done HIIT/crossfit/cardio&strength type workouts? Do you like that or lifting heavy better?


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Online Personal Training

I am working on this and really want to get this up on my site soon!

I had to take it easy with personal training last semester due to grad school and work…but it is something I love and am passionate about, so I want to continue doing it however I can!

I am trying to come up with an 8-week at-home workout routine, using only dumbbells, that I can offer you all at a low price…as in the cost of like, 2 lattes ;) I’d also include some nutritional tips.

I want to make them include some cardio, but strength as well. Each exercise will have photos of my depicting correct form and procedure. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in! I also want to offer customized plans for those who may want a more personalized plan with regular motivation and interaction.

I also will definitely be making more workout videos this summer! I started making videos for my channel last summer, so it’s definitely something I will work on. Any ideas for workout videos? If you haven’t seen my channel, check it out/subscribe!

I’ll leave you with this little motivational piece for the weekend :)

Do you have a personal trainer?


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New Workout Tunes!

currentplaylist5I’ve been obsessed with Sweet Nothing recently…I can’t stop playing it!

What are the workout songs you’re listening to?


Thursday workout challenge!


Here’s another no-equipment needed, all body weight workout challenge for you.

  • Squat to jumps are exactly what they sound like. Do a body weight squat then jump up as high as you can.
  • For high knees, stand up tall (do not lean back) and bring your knees up as high as you can and as fast as you can.
  • For reverse crunch form, watch my quick how-to video here.

Start with a dynamic warm-up. I usually do jumping jacks, knee-pushups, hip raises, and body weight squats a few times through.

Then repeat this list 3-4 times through.

What are you waiting for??


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Evening runs + a workout challenge!

It’s been pretty warm here in New Jersey the past few days…and I am loving it! My mom and I decided to run outside yesterday since it was in the 50′s. It got pretty dark though, so we had to run pretty slow (even though we had flashlights).

I actually had to run with my glasses which was horrible. I can’t wear my contacts for a few days, so this is what I had to do so my glasses didn’t fall off my face:

It actually worked pretty well, the only problem was my glasses kept fogging up. Overall it was a great, easy run of 4 miles :)

We are off from running today but will be lifting. Are you hitting the gym? Don’t have a gym membership or equipment at home? No worries, I got you covered. Here’s a bodyweight workout challenge for you to do today! Do it and let me know what you think. No equipment? No problem…NO EXCUSES:

It says 20 body weight squats SLOW…feel the burn! and 30 seconds of mountain climbers.


Health/Fitness Links to Get You Through the Day

I found some really good stuff this week! Let’s get right to it…

  • How to grocery shop to lose weight – I found these tips on a new blog I’m following, Fitness Wayne. These are great tips to remember when you go grocery shopping. Main thing I’d follow: Shop the perimeter of the grocery store, that’s where the healthy stuff is!
  • Healthy tailgating tips – Fall = going to Rutgers football games and tailgating with friends. We all have our favorite team and have our school pride. But don’t let tailgating derail your efforts!
  • 5 ways to eat sweet potatoes – Like sweet potatoes? Here are 5  variations for ya! I still have to try making some sweet potato fries, I hear they’re great!
  • Total body tabata home workout – Another great workout by Blonde Ponytail. I’m all about at-home, minimal equipment workouts!
  • “Therapy Thursday: Shin splints” – A blog post by another blogger I just started following! Steph, author of The Friendly Runner, writes about the woes of shin splints and how to fix them. As a sufferer of shin splints, I loved this post and am happy to say I do all of these =) Maybe not consistently…but that’s another story.

Which link did you find the most useful? Let me know if you implement any of the tips, workouts or recipes!



Apartment workout…ALL bodyweight!

The first workout I posted was a general, full body routine for beginners. However, you would need dumbbells at the very least. Well, I have created a solution for you…a no-equipment, bodyweight workout routine you can do right at home. Can’t get any better than that!

You won’t be needing any of this!

For each move, I have again provided useful YouTube links so you can see what proper form is. Perform 3 sets, 15-20 reps for each exercise. If doing 15 reps seems easy, go for 20! You want to feel challenged and like the last few reps are very difficult. Go through the entire list, then repeat 2 more times to complete the 3 sets. Enjoy!

-Squat (pause at the bottom for a second before coming up…feel the burn baby!)

-Pushups (start video at 0:18) If you can’t do a pushup, do them on your knees and remember to keep your body in a straight line! Then, staying in that position move onto…

-Mountain Climbers (do 30 of these, count “1″ for each time you bring 1 leg in)

-Single leg deadlift/reach It is very important to keep a flat back. Focus on bringing your back leg as high as you can and feel the stertch in your hamstrings

-Tricep pushup

-Plank jacks

-Split squat

-Hip raises/glute bridge Keep feet hip width apart and don’t thrust your hips too high. Squeeze glutes and hamstrings at the top of the movement, pause, then lower.

-Plank (30-60 seconds depending on your fitness level)


Let me know if you try out this workout…and if you have any questions about any of the exercises :)

On an unrelated note, I have created a Pinterest to post motivation, tips, recipes, workouts and more. Go ahead and follow me!


Health/Fitness Links to Get You Through the Day

I apologize that this post wasn’t up this morning…it’s been a hectic week! But, here are your weekly, informational links, because I know there are times you need a break from work and just want to browse the internet ;)

  • Lean Legs Interval Workout: This workout is brought to you by fitness blogger Jess of Blonde Ponytail. This is a great lower body, interval workout that will no doubt get you sweating. I fully plan on trying this out on one of my circuit training days. This is actually her second “lean legs workout,” here is part 1.
  • 3 Moves for Flat Abs by Halloween: While I can’t promise that you will have flat abs by Halloween (since many other factors besides doing ab exercises go into that), I can tell you that these are great core exercises. I do all of these myself when I do my core workouts. I LOVE plank. One of the best exercises out there. If you’re not already regularly doing plank, do it.
  • Rethink Your Drink: Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte: mmmm pumpkin spice lattes. Always a fall favorite. But there are ways to enjoy pumpkin spice without all that sugar! This link gives you some other options. I personally get a Cafe Americano, and ask for 1 pump of the pumpkin spice syrup, then top it off with a sprinkle of nutmeg. Half the calories, half the sugar.
  • Creamy Kale and Apple Soup: I just found this blog, Cara’s Cravings, and plan on exploring it fully. I love finding new, healthy recipes I can make at home, because I am not creative at all in the kitchen. This kale and apple soup looks like the perfect fall soup.

If you try any of these, whether it’s the workouts, a new Starbucks drink, or kale soup, let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Ps- What is your favorite drink to get at Starbucks? Mine is definitely a Cafe Americano (caffeine addict, anyone?)


What I’ve been up to this weekend

It’s been a busy weekend! I had a few things planned, but still got in some good workouts.

Since Friday was my off day, my mom and I ran 4 miles on Thursday, and then hit the gym for an awesome lifting session. After the run we were so close to not going to the gym because we were already tired…but I convinced her to go!

My legs were STILL sore from lifting on Monday, which I guess is expected when you don’t lift for a few weeks.

On Saturday, we went to a bridal shower. I meant to wake up and run but I am definitely not a morning person, so that just did not happen. We got back around 7 pm so I decided to go for a short, 3.5 mile run. I did not regret that at all! The weather was perfect, and I felt really good. I ran it in an average pace of 9:50 minute per mile, which rarely happens for me in training runs.

I gotta say…my town is a really good “running town.” Very scenic :)

Today was just a day to relax, nap, and get homework done. I’ll be back in action tomorrow with some lifting on the schedule. Tuesday is my second running class that I am an assistant coach for! I believe we are doing 3-5 miles. I love that I can help motivate others to run, and it forces me to get a run in regardless of how I’m feeling that day ;)

How were your weekend workouts? Do you find it easier to get workouts in on the weekends, or harder?