Motivational Monday!

Happy Monday! Even though I’m not feeling my best today, I’m excited for a new week…and that this weekend is MDW :)

I had a great weekend with Dan. We took a spontaneous trip down to DC Saturday morning. We ate lunch in Georgetown, walked around the White House and then caught the Mets game down there. It was so much fun.


So because of this trip I didn’t get in my longer run this weekend but I did get in quality workouts last week. I also ran for 45 min on the treadmill Friday! That’s big for me because I hate the treadmill ;)

Anyway, here is a quote I found that I thought was perfect


Let’s not dread Mondays… let’s be excited for them! Here’s my plan for the week:

Monday : chest and back lifting
Tuesday : 10×400 track workout
Wednesday: leg workout
Thursday: easy run
Friday: tempo run
Saturday: off
Sunday: long run

Now I’ll be the first to say that those weekend workouts may not happen or need to be changed because of the holiday but we’ll see.

What are your workouts for the week?
Do you look forward to or dread Mondays?


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Get Swole Program Update

In January, I shared my current training routine with all of you. For those of who who don’t know, my brother and I have been doing the “Get Swole” routine from BodyBuilding.com

Accidentally wore the same shirt to the gym.

Our goal when we started it was to gain strength (and he wanted to gain size). I liked the layout of the plan, and knew it’d be challenging. Yes, I’m a personal trainer and can make my own plans, but sometimes it’s fun to try someone else’s routine out and see what you like/don’t like.

The program is 4 phases, and we are about to start week 2 of Phase 4 today! It’s a 16 week program and I can’t believe we are almost done. It’s like basically marathon training length ;)

I have really improved my strength in a lot of areas, and I think once we finish Phase 4, we want to re-start the whole program again. I looked through others on the site, but this was my favorite. I will write a full review once we finish the program.

In the mean time, here are my numbers in terms of improvement. I know some of you can do way more, but I’m getting stronger!

  • Bench Press: Started – 45 lbs (just the bar), Current – 60 lbs
  • Back squat: Started – 30 lbs, Current – 80 lbs (!)
  • Dumbbell Incline Press: Started – 15 lbs, Current – 20 lbs
  • Dumbbell Row: Started – 15 lbs, Current – 27.5 lbs
  • Leg Press: Started – 80 lbs, Current – 140 lbs
  • Leg Curl: Started – 30 lbs, Current – 60 lbs
  • *Still working on unassisted pull-ups but getting there!

What I love about the program is that you use a lot of basic exercises that are usually deemed as the “main lifts” such as bench press, squats, rows, pull-ups, etc. Each phase, you change how many reps and sets you do – so you won’t plateau.

Like I said, I’ll go into more detail once I write my full review on the program. Today is Chest/Back day, so we are ready to crush it in the gym! :)

Have you ever tried a program/routine from BodyBuilding.com?

Do you like having set training routine, or you just figure it out daily?


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Workout Plan For The Week

Do you need a week long workout plan? I decided to put together some workouts I have created, and videos into a 7 day workout plan for you, that you can follow this week!

If you like trying new things or just want to switch up your routine, then this is perfect for you :)

Here we go:


gym workout

Get Pumped At The Gym


30-60 minutes cardio of your choice


Lower Body Blast

Thursday Torch Those Arms





There you have it-a week of workouts! Feel free to move around days, or the rest day to whatever works best for you. Also, if you want a second rest day, use the Tuesday cardio day as a rest day.

Let me know if you have any questions about any of these workouts!

I’m excited I figured out how to add Pin It buttons underneath pictures, so please feel free to pin things/follow me on Pinterest :)

Which of these workouts do you want to try?

What types of workouts would you like to see more of? I always love feedback!


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Crush It At The Gym Today

How? With this workout I created for you!

Print it out and take it with you to the gym if you want to try something different. It’s strength and cardio, and sure to leave you in a puddle of sweat. Make sure you have good form throughout the workout, and you can take breaks when you need to in order to ensure proper form. Here’s the first printable workout I created if you want to try that out first.


Count your reps, and then next time you can see if you have improved! Here are some descriptions for each exercise:

Bosu squat jump: This is tricky to explain but here’s a link with a very detailed explanation and pics!

Push-up with shoulder tap: Do a pushup, once in the up position tap one shoulder with opposite arm, then vice versa, then drop back down into a pushup.

Hip raise on bench: Put your feet on a standard bench, butt close to the bench. Using your heels, lift up your hips and squeeze your glutes. Come back down and repeat.

Curl-to-shoulder press: Standard bicep curl, then up into a shoulder press. Keep arms in line with your ears.

Toe touches: Lie on your back with feet straight up in the air. Crunch up and touch your hands to your feet, or as close as you can get.

*Let me know if you decide to do this workout! Good luck ;)


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Wednesday Workout Challenge

Looking for an at-home workout to do? Here’s one I created that is heavy on the cardio but still includes some strength moves. Below the image I will try to write descriptions of certain moves.


Lunge/Split Jumps: Step back as if going into a reverse lunge, go as low as you can, then jump up and switch legs (opposite leg now lunges back).

Skaters: Hop to the side and cross one leg behind you, then hop to the other side and cross your opposite leg behind you.

Plank Jacks: Get into plank position, and start hopping legs in and out like jumping jacks.

180 Degree Jumps: Squat, then jump and turn around simultaneously so when you land you are facing the opposite direction.

Switch kicks: I always feel like a karate master doing these. Kick one foot up as high as you can, then as you lower, jump and kick the other foot up. Do it as fast as you can.

Toe Touches: Lie on your back, legs as straight as you can, crunch up and try to touch your toes.

If my explanations aren’t good enough (I’d be a horrible teacher), just YouTube it for a visual!

Let me know if you decide to try this workout :)

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Total Body Burn!

Here’s a new workout for you…you can do it at home, or you can add weight if you want to make it tougher. Strength and cardio combined, with some abs as a finisher. Remember to always do a warm-up before starting a workout.

Let me know if you try it out!


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Printable Workout!

Here is one of my “cardio/strength/HIIT” workouts I did a few weeks ago which is killer! I wanted to share it with you all but also have a place where you can write down the weight you used, and reps you did. That way you can compare your numbers when you do it again!

You do each chunk of exercises for 3 sets before moving onto the next group. Each exercise is done for 1 minute, as fast as you can while maintaining proper form. If you need to take a break in that 1 minute time frame, you can do so…because proper form is KEY.

In between each exercises I took 45 seconds of rest, before moving onto the next minute of work. In between each chunk I took 1 minute to 1:30 of rest.

This is a killer workout that will get your heart rate up and work those muscles too! Let me know if you decide to try it!


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Online Personal Training

I am working on this and really want to get this up on my site soon!

I had to take it easy with personal training last semester due to grad school and work…but it is something I love and am passionate about, so I want to continue doing it however I can!

I am trying to come up with an 8-week at-home workout routine, using only dumbbells, that I can offer you all at a low price…as in the cost of like, 2 lattes ;) I’d also include some nutritional tips.

I want to make them include some cardio, but strength as well. Each exercise will have photos of my depicting correct form and procedure. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in! I also want to offer customized plans for those who may want a more personalized plan with regular motivation and interaction.

I also will definitely be making more workout videos this summer! I started making videos for my channel last summer, so it’s definitely something I will work on. Any ideas for workout videos? If you haven’t seen my channel, check it out/subscribe!

I’ll leave you with this little motivational piece for the weekend :)

Do you have a personal trainer?


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Say It Do It!

Alright so let’s go over last week’s training first…didn’t go as planned but still got in most workouts:

Monday: off

Tuesday: 11 miles with half marathon training group Nope, didn’t end up doing a long run this week, but ran 4 miles.

Wednesday: 30-40 minutes of easy cross training Since I didn’t do a LR yesterday, I could run today and did 4 miles

Thursday: spin class + lifting (possible 2 mile warm up before spin) Had presentations all day and was BEAT. Rest day.

Friday: track workout, repeat 400s (total 5 miles) Yup! did this and felt awesome

Saturday: spin class Nope, but did run 4 miles.

Sunday: 5 miles easy easy 4 miles.

So not quite exactly as I had planned but pretty much!

Here’s this week’s plan:

Monday: off (possible easy 2 miles to loosen up before tomorrow’s long run)

Tuesday: 11/12 miles with half marathon training group

Wednesday: lifting

Thursday: spin class + easy, short run

Friday: track workout

Saturday: off because I’m going out Friday night in NYC and know I will not have the energy to run lol

Sunday: easy 3-4 miles

May have to move around some days but that’s what I got for now!

What is your workout plan for this week??


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“Say It Do It”

I have decided to start doing weekly, Say It Do It posts inspired by Jess/Fit Chick in the City! I feel like this will help hold me accountable for the week’s workouts, and at the end of the week I can recap what I did (and possibly didn’t) end up doing.

My weak spot is cross training! I did, however, go to my first spin class in years last week and loved it!

I definitely plan on doing spin 1-2x a week as cross training. I just can’t ride the bike or do any other cardio machine on my own…it’s so boring!

Here’s this week’s plan:

Monday: off

Tuesday: 11 miles with half marathon training group

Wednesday: 30-40 minutes of easy cross training

Thursday: spin class + lifting (possible 2 mile warm up before spin)

Friday: track workout, repeat 400s (total 5 miles)

Saturday: spin class

Sunday: 5 miles easy

Still not 100% sure about Saturday’s spin class, so don’t hold me to that ;) Depends on how I feel after the track workout…might be a rest day, might be a spin + lifting day.

What is your workout plan for this week??


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