Week 9/52 of Training – 2015 + Workout Playlist 14

Last week’s training wasn’t the best so I’m not even going to go through day by day haha. I ran twice. It was just a busy week and the weekend was also packed, so it just didn’t happen. Oh well, this week will be better!

I did a track workout (well, on the treadmill) Tuesday, which was 6×400 meters at 8.2 (7:19 pace). This is slowly getting a bit easier…it’s still super challenging but the weird thing is that now when I run at my 5K race pace (8:20ish) that feels so much slower! I guess that’s a good thing :) I’m running a 5K on March 14 so we’ll see what kind of shape I’m in.

I also did a tempo workout on Thursday for 5 miles. I’ll be sharing that treadmill workout this week because it really helps the time go by faster. It’s a mix of intervals and hill runs. 

Anyway, today I wanted to share a new workout playlist! I’ve been obsessed with “Honey, I’m Good” by Andy Grammer. I probably play it once every day lol. Listen to it! It’s so catchy. The rest of my picks are typical top 40 songs, but those are the ones that pump me up the most during runs.


Check out this dance crew dancing to 7/11. I wish I had moves like that! One of my 2015 goals is to take a hip hop dance class…we’ll see how that turns out ;)

What songs are on your current playlist? Please share in the comments so I can add it to mine!


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New Workout Playlist 15

It’s the start of the weekend – woohoo!

My weekend will be kinda busy and I wish I had one day of sleeping in, but I won’t :-p

Tomorrow is my XC team’s last meet. It’s our Region meet and I have high hopes for them, they’ve been nailing their workouts and I think they’ll do great. 

Sunday I am running a 5K with my dad at Rutgers, and then him, my mom and I are driving down to Philly to check out the half marathon course and figure out race day logistics. I’ve only been to Philly once so it’ll be a fun little day trip. Any suggestions for place to get lunch? 

Anyway, to kick off the weekend, here is my latest workout playlist. I’ve been obsessed with Nick Jonas’s new song. I can’t stop listening to it. I know, I’m so lame.


Any tunes I should add to my playlist? What song have you been listening to on repeat?

What are you up to this weekend??


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New Workout Playlist 14

I haven’t done a new workout playlist in a while, and since there are some songs I can’t stop playing on repeat, I figured I’d share my current playlist :)

Before I get to that I just wanted to do a quick update on my birthday weekend…it was great!

My friends and I went down to the beach during the day, and then went out at night. It was fun spending time with them and I’m so grateful to have them in my life. Here are a few pictures from the weekend:


Dan & I indulging in some Coronita buckets :)


Before going out that night


Beach day!

It was so much fun and also sad that this was only my second time to the beach this summer. I need to go back before summer ends!

Anyway, back to my workout playlist…

Many of these are top 40 songs that are on the radio, but hey, that’s what I like to work out to.


I’ll admit, when I first heard “Shower” I thought, this is a stupid song. Now it’s been stuck in my head since last night. And I’ll probably play it on my drive home later…

Here’s the playlist on Spotify if you want to listen and follow me! It’s actually my sister’s account but I pay for it, so we both use it :)

What songs are you currently listening to on repeat? I need to add more music to my playlists!

Do you have a beach, lake or pool near you? Have you gone often this summer?


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Earbuds Vs. Headphones

I’m sure many of you use some sort of headphones or earbuds when you exercise. If I’m working out alone, I need some sort of music to entertain and motivate me.

But have you ever given thought to the volume of your music? Or what kinds of headphones are better? Besides safety issues of listening to music too loud while running, I’m going to talk about issues specifically relating to hearing.

Are earbuds bad for hearing?Photo Credit: kurafire via Compfight cc

I’ll be the first to admit I probably listen to my music too loud at the gym. It’s hard to hear when they gym is playing their own music and people are talking, lifting etc. You probably shouldn’t even listen to music at that point, but we all know that’s not happening.

So which are better? Earbuds or headphones?


Ear buds are convenient while on the go. I mean, every smartphone comes with earbuds now. They usually have a microphone on them too which makes them perfect to use while exercising or doing other tasks. One of the main differences from headphones, however, is that they are placed directly into your ear canal.

Read this statistic I found on The Huffington Post:

Compared to traditional-style headphones that rest over the ear, earbuds can have a higher output level of sound by about 7-9 decibels. An audiologist at Wichita State University who pulled earbuds off students to find out how loud their music was discovered that most students were listening to music at 110-120 decibels, well over the recommended volume. At that level, loud noise can cause permanent hearing loss after just an hour and 15 minutes.

Yikes! Again, I’m totally guilty of this. They recommend listening to your music at about 60% of the volume. On my old iPod, I programmed that in so it showed me that my volume was all the way up on the screen (but in reality I had it set so that was 60%). Mental tricks ;)


I got a pair of cheap headphones at Five Below. Mine actually look a little different, but it works. My sister makes fun of me because they’re almost like “Beats” knockoffs. I figure if I’m sweating in them a lot why spend more than those $5?

Anyway, one tip I read is to invest in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones. That way you’re not turning up your music because of surrounding sounds. I’d love a good pair of these but I can’t bring myself to spend so much on something I will mainly be sweating in. But still, even getting a cheap pair of headphones will help you since they are going OVER your hears and not in them.

Or here’s another option. Find some noise cancelling earbuds. This article by TIME about how iPods are causing hearing loss was very interesting!

Some of the research we did studied earphones that completely seal up the ear canal. These are passive sound-isolating earphones, as opposed to the ones that are active noise cancelers that block out some of the noise. As far as I can tell, both would allow people to listen to their headphones at their chosen level — and more likely at a lower volume than if they were using the stock earbuds.

Like I mentioned earlier, I’m not recommending noise cancelling headphones if you’re out running on the roads. Obviously this would not be a good situation. Honestly, sometimes I just put my phone in my SPIbelt and turn it all the way up and play it on the phone’s speakers. I’m running around town and rarely encounter someone more than a second. If I do come across a crowded or busy area I just take my phone out and pause my music. Anyone else run like this?

Do you listen to music while working out?

Do you prefer earbuds or headphones?


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New Workout Playlist 13 – One Hit Wonders

It’s time for a new playlist! This one is 8 songs, 32 minutes long…and all one hit wonders!

Who doesn’t like getting a bolt of nostalgia when an old song comes on the radio? I did a little Googling and with each song I found, I was like “Ohhh yeaaahhhhh!”

One Hit Wonders Playlist

Here’s the playlist on Spotify if you want to listen to it!

What are some of your favorite one hit wonders? Leave a comment so I can add them to my playlist!


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New Workout Playlist 12


I’ve been loving the new Calvin Harris song, and the Austin Mahone song. I’m so ready to drive with my windows open, blasting music and singing in the car…why is it still chilly out?!? Will it ever get warmer? Though I read that the Farmer’s Almanac predicted that (for the NYC area) we will have a crazy hot and humid summer with lots of thunderstorms. Humidity is the worst! Oh well, I guess I’ll take it over being freezing.

Also, I love the Luke Bryan song…and can’t wait to see him in concert in September! My sister and I bought tickets last August, when they first went up. So we’ve been patiently waiting. Have any of you been to his concert or a country concert? My first (and only so far) was Blake Shelton and he was great!

What songs are currently on your workout playlist?

Do you like country music?


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New Workout Playlist 11

workout playlist

I have been loving the new Shakira song with Rihanna. I had it stuck in my head all night last night. Did you know her music video to this song is banned in Colombia…because it will corrupt children’s minds?

I also have not gotten sick of Timber yet. Such a catchy song!

Which of these have you heard?

What songs do you currently have on repeat on your workout playlist or running playlist?


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New Workout Tunes

I haven’t uploaded a playlist in a while…so here’s what I am currently listening to.

I’ve been obsessed with Roar by Katy Perry and Summertime Sadness (<–for the past month or so it’s been playing A LOT). Walls is a little older but it still pumps me up.


use my workout playlists for when I’m driving and want to be pumped up, or for football tailgates :)

What song is currently playing on repeat for you? Do you have driving playlists or do you prefer apps like Pandora?


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New Workout Playlist!

Decided to switch up the design of my playlist. I’ve been loving Jason Derulo’s new song lately…as well as the Time Flies song!


Do you have a song that you won’t get sick of no matter how many times you listen to it?


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New Workout Tunes!

I haven’t done one of these in a while…mainly because I update my playlist every couple of months. Well, recently I started listening to some new stuff (well, new to me), so I wanted to share!


I’m loving the Imagine Dragons song…it’s perfect for summer! And of course, Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore is still playing on repeat. I am not sick of it yet!

What’s your favorite workout song?