6 Active Winter Date Ideas

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! I know it’s probably half and half of who loves it or who could care less about it…but for those of you who do enjoy V-Day, I’ve got some fun and active winter date ideas for you. Chances are, dinner on Valentine’s Day will be crowded and expensive. If you forgot to make a reservation, then these ideas will be perfect for you ;)

6 Active Winter Date Ideas

  • Rock climbing - I’ve only done it once and I keep meaning to go back. I was pretty nervous and didn’t think I’d be able to get up to the top but it was such a thrill! If you go together, you can race each other to the top. A little competition is always fun!
  • Take a fitness class - Since it’s winter, I wont’ recommend running a 5K as I usually would (but if you like winter running then definitely go for it). Both of you can try a new fitness class together. Something I’m curious about is MMA style classes. Pick something you both will enjoy and go sweat together.
  • Ice skating - Another thing I’ve only tried once and probably won’t do again. I was awful at it! It took me 30 minutes to do one lap on the rink. Dan ended up skating alone lol. But, for those of you who skate or are more adept at it than I am, it’s a great workout! I was actually pretty sore the next day. Go ’round and ’round while having great conversation.
  • Go to a local sporting event - This one isn’t so much as active for you but just going to something active. Dan and I love going to hockey games, but I also enjoy going to local events at colleges. Last week I went to my community college’s basketball game, and it was great to support those students. I really want to go to a Rutgers gymnastics meet this season too! Find a new sport you both haven’t been do and go check it out.
  • Bowling - Who doesn’t love bowling?? I’m a competitive person so any date like this is right up my alley. I mean, I’m not amazing at bowling or anything, but this is always a fun date night.
  • Something in the snow - I’m trying to convince Dan to go to Vermont with me at some point this winter. Being outside in the snow can be such an active thing, and not necessarily just skiing! Neither of us ski, which is why he’s hesitant, but I want to try a bunch of other activities, like snow tubing, snowmobiling, snow shoeing or cross-country skiing. Then afterwards you can go relax in a nice hot tub! Sounds perfect to me.

What would you add to the list? I always love new date night ideas!

What will you be doing for Valentine’s Day? We have a wedding that day so that will be really fun :)


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Happy Valentine’s Day To You!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Whether or not you’re in a relationship…I challenge you to focus on one thing today: yourself!

After all, that is the most important relationship, right?

Use today to feel good about yourself, and treat yourself too!

valentines day

Here are my challenges to you:

  1. Get Sweaty. Do your favorite workout today. Mine is lifting, and I can’t wait to go to the gym later to work on arms and shoulders.
  2. Treat Yourself. Do something nice for yourself today. Maybe give yourself a manicure, or go get one (actually, I may do that…). Take a nice relaxing bath. Get a haircut. Anything that makes you feel pampered.
  3. Treat Yourself Part 2. Indulge in a sweet treat! After all, it IS Valentine’s Day! I plan on having some chocolate…specifically Ferrero Rocher – one of my favorites! If you don’t like coffee, treat yourself to whatever your favorite “splurge” is.
  4. Text A Friend. Text or call a friend to say Happy Valentine’s Day and show you care about them! What would we be without our best friends? And making others feel good will make you feel good too.
  5. Do Something Nice. Do something nice for a random stranger. Whether it’s buying their coffee or giving them a compliment. They will appreciate it and, like I said above, you will feel really good afterwards…which sets you up to be in a good mood for the rest of the day!

Enjoy the day, and remember to love yourself! That’s what matters most ;)

Are you celebrating Valentine’s Day? How?

What’s your favorite chocolate? I love Ferrero Rocher and Lindt Truffles!


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I have some exciting and romantic Valentine’s Day plans….

Actually not really. My plans are running 5 miles when I get home from work! I took a rest day yesterday because my legs were so sore from the 4 miler on Tuesday. I’m not sure why at all, since it wasn’t at a faster pace or anything. My shins thankfully didn’t hurt during the run…hopefully that’s the case later today!

Here’s a Valentine’s themed ad I saw on Nike’s Facebook…I love it! So clever:

Are you going to “have some run tonight?” If you’re not a runner, are you having a date with your favorite form of exercise? Ok corny jokes over =)

Whatever you are doing to celebrate Valentine’s Day…have fun!