Vacation Updates

We made it safely to South America and today is Day 3. So far we are having fun and enjoying being with family! Our country is Paraguay, which is right in the middle of South America…sadly, no beaches =( Which is okay for now since it is winter time down here.

I thought I wouldn’t miss the heat of summer, but yesterday was pretty cold and rainy, and I was Skyping with Dan who told me it was sunny and in the 90s…jealous!

I thought of starting a travel blog site on Tumblr or something to document my journeys but it’d take too much work haha. I will post occasional updates here while I’m away for 3 weeks…and I also have some great guest posts by my running coach Marc Pelerin! So keep stopping by!

Here are a few pictures of our trip so far:


The above picture is me and my sister with two of our cousins.


Another group picture. I want to add more but WiFi is slow so I’m not able to send myself pictures from my phone and then post here…but I’ll try in another post!

We are staying with my aunt who has a little farm. So I’ve been being woken up by multiple roosters, who start crowing at 4 am! The first night I woke up and thought, “What is that??” But I guess it’s good to have a natural alarm clock right? ;)

I’ll post more later this week – just wanted to check in. Make sure to stay tuned for some great guest posts!


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Week 3 of NYC Marathon Training

Can’t believe week 3 has come and gone! My mom and I completed 21 miles this week, which is crazy because at the height of our Brooklyn Half training we were at a high of 23-25 miles per week. So we will definitely be doing a lot more running, clearly, for this marathon cycle.

I just really hope my shins cooperate and allow me to run more than I have in the past!

Which is why I have been wearing PRO Compression socks on my runs, and my 110% Compression socks for recovery and during sleep.

I have a little bit of shin pain sometimes, especially after today’s 4 miler, they were really throbbing. But I will try to stretch and be diligent with the exercises I need to do. Here’s what we did this week:




4 miles. We decided to do this on the treadmill because it was feeling like over 100 degrees outside. I hate treadmill running but in order to make it go by faster I like doing hill intervals, like this.




5 miles. We did this outside but on shaded back roads. My sister was house sitting, so we had a pool we could cool off in. We mapped out 2.5 miles and did an out and back. Jumping in a pool post-run is awesome!


4 miles


4 miles (before leaving for South Carolina!)


4 miles on an out and back around where we are staying in Myrtle Beach. I loved running in temperature that is a bit cooler and with less humidity…and a nice ocean breeze! I averaged 1 minute per mile faster than I have been usually in the crazy heat. But my shins were hurting so thank goodness I have an off day today. I found a golf course and ran about a half mile on this…reminded me of the good ol’ cross country days! Will have to go back and run here again.

For the rest of the week, I will be on vacation in Myrtle Beach, so I apologize for the lack of posts or tweets this week, but I have some guest posts coming up hopefully :)

Time to enjoy the beach and relax!

Do you make sure to get your training in on vacation? What’s your favorite way to relax?

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