Week 22/52 of Training – 2015

I can’t believe it’s already June! Yet it will be in the 60s through Wednesday…but hey I’m not complaining. I’d rather 60 degree weather than 90 degree weather!

Here’s what I did last week + the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K quick reacp:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 3 miles – hill intervals. It’s crazy how just doing a workout like 2-3 times results in improvements. This workout felt so much easier to me than the first time we did it. We did 6 repeats, about 1:30 minutes long, with easy jogs back down the hills. Plus a half mile warm up and cool down. Oh and we also practiced accelerating at the top of the hill instead of slowing down, which actually helped me throughout the hilly 10K in Central Park this past weekend.


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Wednesday: 4 mile recovery run. I hate recovery runs! I always feel so slow and like my legs are so heavy. I hate looking at my watch and seeing that “recovery pace.”

Thursday: 3 miles. It was really hot and humid this day so my mom and I did fartleks but with walk intervals in between. We’d pick it up for about a minute then walk for a minute. 

Friday: off

Saturday: UAE 10K.

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It was HOT. I think it was only 75 but there was 80% humidity. I do not do well with humidity. I already sweat a lot as it is, so when it’s humid it really slows me down, gets in my head, and also just makes it harder for me to breath (doctor said I have exercised induced asthma…my fault for not bringing my inhaler to this).

I felt fine until mile 3…so WAY early on I was done for haha. After that, I ran/walked pretty much the whole way. I’d find someone ahead of me and try to catch up to them. Once I did I would walk for a bit, then repeat. I kept trying to tell myself, “Your body feels fine. Your legs are fine. You’re just uncomfortable with the heat.” It was a struggle. Finished in 1:09, so I’ll take it.

At least we got a medal right?? :)

Came home, took a nap, then went to see Ed Sheeran with my sister! He was amazing. Now I can’t stop listening to him on Spotify. Has anyone else seen him live?


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Anyway, this week we are going to try to ramp up our miles since marathon training officially (technically) starts next week or the week after. Still trying to iron out my plan. Oh one last thing…if you’d like updates from me please consider signing up for my mailing list! I’m working on building it up, and plan on sending weekly/bi-weekly updates relating to health & fitness, and my own personal stories. Thanks in advance for signing up!

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Any other heavy sweaters our there? Tips for dealing with it and not feeling absolutely digusting? I’m talking like all of my clothes were sopping wet after the race and I felt sweat dripping everywhere. TMI but I need any tips I can get!


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