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A month or so I posted two workouts: this full body 30 minute workout, and the 30 minute workout part 2. I’m (still) working on creating an ebook with an 8-12 week workout plan that follows the outline of those workouts.

It combines strength and cardio, and I promise you will be dripping in sweat by the end of those 30 minutes! Each week will get progressively more challenging, which is what will help you hit your goals and avoid a plateau.

So today I wanted to share a printable workout log you can use to track your exercise, either with the workouts above or any workout you do in general. We all know it’s important to keep track of your workouts – it helps you see how you improve over time and get stronger, as well as make notes of how you felt on a certain day, injuries, etc.

You’ll see you have 5 sets listed (not that you need to do 5 sets but I just wanted to give you enough room), as well as boxes to list your weights and reps. For example, even though my 30  minute workouts are AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), you should still be keeping track of how many rounds and reps you do. If in those 7 minutes you only do 2 full rounds and on the third you only get a few reps of an exercise, mark that down. The following week you might complete 3 full rounds, which will show you that you have improved.

It’s important to list the weights you use as well. Not only to remember what you used, but also so you know when to increase your weights. If you have been using 5 lbs. for 2 weeks, perhaps try increasing to 8 lbs. If you need to decrease after a round, that’s fine, just make a note of it. Then, the following week, start with 8 lbs again and try to get further with those 8 lbs. before you decrease back to 5 lbs. Does that make sense?

Here’s the log:

Use this printable workout log to track your workouts!

Or click here to download as a PDF and print –> Printable Workout Log

Do you use a log, write things down in a notebook, or use your phone to track your fitness?

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Training Week 7/52 – 2015

Happy Monday! Who’s off today? If you are, I’m jealous. Just sat down at my desk after a 5 min. walk from my car in sub-zero temps…my fingers are numb!

Anyway, I wanted to talk about my training today. I got the idea from at a fellow runner I follow on Instagram, Melissa. Check her out for some runspiration, she’s awesome!

She posts weekly updates on her training, whether or not she’s training for something specific or not. I want to start doing the same in order to hold myself accountable, and get feedback from you all if needed. I’m not training for a specific race YET, but I know I want to do an April and/or May half marathon. Therefore, my training is kind of all over the place and not very scheduled, but I’ve been trying to make it to the gym at least 3 times a week.

So  here it is!

Monday: 3 miles. I’ve been doing this treadmill speed workout once a week to try to get faster/comfortable with a challenging pace for me. I warm-up for a mile, then do 1:50 at 8.2 (which equates to one lap on the track at 7:19 pace). The first time I did it I couldn’t finish the workout (you’re supposed to do 6 reps, I did 3 or 4), but now it’s started to feel easier! Well, it’s still really tough but I no longer feel like I’m going to pass out ;)

Tuesday: Strength workout. I had shared a 30 minute strength workout I’ve been doing (part of a workout plan I’m creating for an ebook), so that’s what I did today.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: My first 2-a-day workout! I actually enjoyed it. Well, I didn’t have to get to work until 1 so my morning workout started at 9:30 am (perfect time for me, I wish I could do that everyday). I did a 4 mile treadmill workout (2 minutes at 5K pace, 1 minute walk). After doing that 7:19 workout from above, my 5K goal pace (8:20) felt surprisingly easy! I hope this bodes well for my first 5K race once it gets warmer. PM Workout: Warmed up with 1 mile (so total 5 miles for the day), then did one of my 30 minute strength workouts.

Friday: Tried a spin class at a studio near my apartment and really enjoyed it! It’s called Revolution Indoor Cycling for my NJ peeps. I want to try doing spin at least once a week as cross training. The instructor was awesome and really energetic. Runners, do you find that spinning helps your running? 


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Weekend: Off. Dan’s cousin got married Saturday so we headed down early. It was a blast! It’s the first time I’ve worn a long dress since senior prom (so…a long time). 


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It was such a fun time and needless to say, the next day I did not have the energy to go to the gym :)

Overall, a great week of training. I am going to start running more to build my base. This training week was 8 running miles and 14 miles total including cross training. Now, can it stop being below zero so I can finally run outside again???

I’m linking up with Running Rachel and you should too! I love reading other people’s training logs, it really helps to motivate me.

Do you count your cross training miles into your weekly miles? How do you track your miles/training?


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