Philly Half Marathon Training Week 6

Skipped some runs this week, not gonna lie, but had an awesome long run yesterday and am feeling good! Last week was incredibly busy for me so I did what I could.

Here’s how last week went:

Monday: Scheduled –> 35 min. XT + 25 min. strength. Actual –> Took off. 

Tuesday: Scheduled–> 3 mile fartlek run. Actual –> I took a 45 minute. battle ropes/tabata class as part of my SweatPink ambassadorship, so I counted it as XT…stay tuned for the review!

Wednesday: Scheduled –> Day off. Actual –> Obviously took off ;)

Thursday: Scheduled –> 3 mile run. Actual –> 2 mile run + lifting. Felt awful. The heat and humidity got to me AND I was not the best with nutrition that day. Let’s just say the night before I ate multiple cookies, and during the day on Thursday I had multiple cookies…what a horrible run. Can you tell I have a sugar problem? We did lift so at least that got done!

We did:

  • Bench press
  • DB squats
  • DB deadlift
  • DB reverse lunges
  • Cable tricep pressdown
  • One arm cable rows

Friday: Scheduled –> 3 mile run. Actual –> 3 mile run. Felt good despite the humidity. Actually felt really good. It was a later run (7 pm) so that might be why. I also had my first XC meet as a coach this day and it went well! So proud of my runners. Here is part of the men’s team warming up:

Saturday: Scheduled –> 35 min XT + 25 lifting. Actual –> 30 minutes of tennis with my mom (as XT). The tennis bug has definitely bit us after watching the US Open live! There was also a Rutgers game (season opener) so that’s where I was during the day…so pumped football season is here, and that Rutgers will be playing in the Big Ten!

Sunday: Scheduled –> 6 miles. Actual –> 6 miles. Felt awesome! I was kind of dreading this run but it turned out to be a great run with my mom. Kept it below 11 min./mile which for us, right now, means we are slowly getting back into shape!

I just checked my training calendar for the next two weeks that Coach Marc laid out, and I’m excited! Finally some tempo runs and track workouts. I love track workouts. Tempo runs…not so much…but I like that they make me faster and a stronger runner.

I’m still on my runner’s high from my 6 mile run earlier. Finally feels good to be running again, as opposed to trudging along hating the fact that I feel so out of shape.

Are you running any fall races?

What is your college alma mater? Any RU alums reading? :)


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Football Fan Fitness Apparel

Football season is here!! Whether you like pro or college football, I bet you like wearing your gear to support your team. Maybe you even like wearing it while working out like I do.

Football Fan Fitness Apparel

Here are a few items I found for those of you in the NJ/NY area who may root for the Giants, Jets, and of course, my alma mater Rutgers ;)

Nike Women’s Short Sleeve New York Giants V-Neck T-Shirt – $32.00

A Dri-Fit t-shirt to wear to the game AND a workout/running shirt all in one ;)

Nike Men’s Short Sleeve Dri-Fit T-Shirt – $28.00

Dan loves the Giants and their old logo so this is perfect for him. Perhaps an anniversary gift for this October?


 Nike New York Giants Women’s Tempo Performance Running Shorts – $27.99

Love these! Although I mainly wear spandex shorts now, I have a ton of these Nike shorts. They were my first real running shorts. 


New York Jets Elastic Headband- $9.99 (set of 3)

Why not rep your team with a tiny headband while working out? 


Nike Women’s New York Jets Warp Tank Top – $32.00

Although I’m not a Jets fan, I do like the lettering on this!


Rutgers Under Armour Women’s Mesh Tank – $19.99

I need this. This is from the Rutgers Barnes & Noble site. I always go into that store and want to buy everything in site. Anyone else feel that way with their university bookstore?


Under Armour Women’s Sonic Shorty – $39.98

Um…yes please? Like I said above, I prefer spandex shorts to looser shorts. I hate when you’re running and shorts start bunching up in the middle. I love the “R” on the waistband!

There you have it…a short little roundup of fitness apparel you can wear while also supporting your team. I usually wear workout apparel to football games anyway (Dan and I are Rutgers season ticket holders) because I like being comfy while tailgating and at the game. When it’s cooler out, I’m all about the yoga pants and big sweatshirts!

 What team do you root for? What’s your alma mater – are we rivals? ;)

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Forgot a Change of Clothes!


I HATE when this happens! I have my running class today, and afterwards Dan and I are going to the Rutgers v. Seton Hall basketball game, so I need to shower at the gym. Of course I forgot my gym bag with all the necessities like a towel, shampoo, change of clothes…

Looks like I’m going to Target before my class to buy some stuff!

Today we will be running 5 miles. I’m not sure yet it I will do the 5 miles or stick to 4. It depends on the time (because of the game) and how my shins feel. I want to do the 5 miles but I think timewise it won’t work. I plan on doing the 5 miles later this week no matter what.

I’m really excited because on Friday I will be going to Finish Line PT in New York City to get a functional movement assessment and run on an Alter-G treadmill! I won this through Jess’s blog (FitChickintheCity). Finish Line sent me and my mom giftcards so we’ll be making the trip on Friday. Maybe they can help me solve my shin issues?! One can only hope.

This was a totally random post of random thoughts. I will leave you with a meme because I love memes, it’s the afternoon, and I’m sure we would all like to take a nap right now ;)

What do you do when you forget to pack your gym bag? What’s the worst thing you’ve ever forgotten?


Perfect fall day

This is not really fitness related…but today was a perfect fall day. My boyfriend and I went to the Rutgers vs. Temple football game at Temple (Philadelphia). It was high 60s and sunny all day.

Watching warm-ups

I actually won tickets to this game at the last minute! Dan and I were going to go for our anniversary but ticket prices were a little out of our budget range. The week before the game our Athletic Director had a Twitter contest and I won 2 tickets! I never win anything so this was super exciting!

Although the first half wasn’t great (RU was losing 10-0), the second half was amazing and we ended up winning 35-10. There were a ton of RU fans at the game which was awesome.


Sea of red

It’s a good thing we won or it would have been a long drive home with Dan, who gets very intense about his sports teams =P

We stayed until the very end and joined in with the team and fans to sing our alma mater.

Overall, it was a great day!

Do you have a favorite college football team? Are we rivals? ;)