My Top 5 Websites For Runners

If you’re anything like me, you are constantly reading up on running, and perusing the internet anytime you have a running related question or concern…or is that just me? ;)

I wanted to share with you my top 5 websites that I visit on a regular basis to read about running and get answers to my burning questions. And to just help myself feel better about things…for example last night I was re-reading up on the benefits of a 2 week taper (which is what I did when I used Hansons Marathon Method). I think I’ll be doing a 2-2.5 week taper this time around.

So here are my top 5 websites for runners:

Check out these 5 websites the next time you need running tips, info, or motivation!


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I love reading RunnersConnect for everything running related. They get very detailed and “science-y” with their posts, so the “runnerd” in you will be happy. They write about training, nutrition, injury prevention and much more. They also have a podcast so you can listen on-the-go! Fellow blogger and elite runner Tina Muir is one of their hosts. Here are a few of their recent article you might want to check out:


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I feel like LetsRun is a love/hate thing with runners…you either love it or hate it. I’m sorta in between. I can find some great articles and tips in there, but sometimes the message boards are a little much. Oh right, this website is more about the message board/forums than it is a blog or anything like that. They do also post regular articles about updates and news in the track and field/elite running world if that’s something you’re interested in.

I like reading through message boards for training tips and to see what other people are doing or what other people think of certain training plans, injury prevention topics, etc. Lots of good stuff in there!

Here are a few current topics on their message boards:


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I actually only recently started reading through the reddit running subthread (or /running as redditors call it). I have posted in the threads a few time and have gotten really good feedback and constructive criticism back about my running. This thread I started was super helpful: Will I Ever Qualify For Boston

You can search keywords and topics in order to find what you need, and every week they also a questions thread where everyone just asks their own questions in one place and people answer. Sometimes I like reading through those too to see what random things people are toping about that I might be wondering too.

Here are some topics on the /running reddit right now:


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This is my main place to go to for running motivation and inspiration. I love their Workout Wednesday videos that highlight workouts being done by pros as well as collegiate and high school athletes. This one, of Mary Cain and Jordan Hasay doing a workout AFTER a race, really gets me ready to get out there and run!

They also have “FloPro” where you pay $20 for access to all of their workout videos (as in workout videos for you to do yourself, think strength training videos). They also have mini-documentary series that are part of their Pro subscription. I paid $20 once because I wanted to watch their series on Kara Goucher :)


This website is similar to RunnersConnect in that it is a great overall resource and tool for runners. Chock full of information. It is run by 2:39 marathoner Jason Fitzgerald and apparently helps 200,000 runners a month “train and run faster.”

I follow Jason on Twitter and always click his links whenever there is a new StrengthRunning post. 

Here are some recent StrengthRunning articles for ya:

Hopefully you can find some value in these websites as well! I highly recommend you go to FloTrack’s Workout videos the next time you need some motivation to get out the door for a run.

What websites would you add to this list?

What motivates you the most as a runner? Videos? Blog posts? Interviews?


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