Motivational Monday!

Yay Monday! Another week! Part of me isn’t a huge fan of Mondays, but part of me likes the thought of a whole new week to get s*%t done ;)

I’ve been thinking about how I need to get back to running. I went for a run with my dad on Saturday (only 1.5 miles) and felt great. He said he’d like to train for a 5K with me, so we will be starting now that it’s getting warmer and lighter out in the evenings.

My running goals are to PR in the 5K and half marathon this year. I wanted to run a half marathon on April 27, but that’s not happening. I have barely been running and it’s not realistic. It kind of made me feel down about my running, and how I lost basically everything I worked up to for the NYC Marathon, which is why I liked this quote I found:

motivational quote

Despite being out of shape with running, I really want to gain my fitness back. Yes, it sucks that 3 miles is tough but I will do what I can. I want to start building a base, and then do a solid 5K training plan. Plus, I’m planning on running a half-marathon this July in Paraguay! I also think all of the strength training I’ve been doing will help with speed – I just hit my squat PR on Saturday!!

So we’ll see how it goes…I know I’ve written about wanting to get back to running, but it really has been difficult with the weather. Now that it’s warm, I can’t wait to get back out there. I just didn’t feel the need to force myself to run outside when I didn’t have a concrete goal in mind.

What are your spring goals?

Do you run 5K races?


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Running Related Thoughts

inspirational running quote

A lot of things are going through my mind relating to running. I am currently taking a break from running. I run about 1-2x a week, just 2 miles or so.

Actually, today I woke up and thought, “hmm, I’d like to go for a good 3 mile run today!” But my shins have been hurting and my shoes are old, so it wouldn’t be a good idea. Since I’m not training for anything at the moment, it’s not in my budget to get new shoes, so I’ll wait. Though in February I do plan on running more frequently because I have a 5K coming up at the end of March!

It’s been nice to not have any scheduled runs to worry about, and instead focus on lifting. I love increasing my weights every week and getting stronger…but I promise I will get back to running soon ;)

But the main thing I’ve been thinking about is running and safety. You may have heard about the runner, Meg, who was hit by a driver and passed away. When I read that news, I immediately thought to my summer marathon training runs with my mom.

Sometimes, we’d have to do our longer runs on these narrow roads. It’d be after work, so 5:30ish, which means a lot of traffic. I honestly wasn’t too worried about safety, because I figure who can’t see a person running at you in broad daylight? But one time a far got really close…I had to jump into a side bush to avoid getting side swiped.

We tried to limit our runs on those roads and instead ran on a trail near my house but still, even to get to that trail we needed to run on roads. I used to run alone on a trail through these dense woods by my house. I didn’t think any thing of it until I read that more and more runners are being attacked on their runs. I don’t run on trails alone anymore-at least not those in the woods. I run on populated, paved park trails but still get a little paranoid sometimes.

It’s just scary to think that in an instant, things can change. I admit, I really am not that vigilant with runner safety. I run on the opposite side of the road as cars, and wear reflective gear at night, but I should probably get a RoadID or something similar as well. I would always think to myself, “I am watching the cars, if I see someone get too close, I’ll jump to the side.” But you never know- right at that moment, you may look down to change a song on your ipod, or be distracted. Furthermore, this driver was also charged with a DUI. You never know when something could happen due to someone being under the influence.

Random story about that-but one time my friend and I were driving home and stopped at a red light. A car hit us from behind, and slammed us into the truck in front of us. Turns out, the driver was high off oxycodone. Also, the truck in front-the driver’s name was Angel. He told us had he not been there, we certainly would have been propelled into the intersection. Weird, right?!

Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is always be vigilant. I certainly need to be better about this. Running is such a great thing. You can be alone with your thoughts. You can escape the stressors of your day. Anyone can do it. We, as runners, just need to make sure we are being as safe as we possibly can be, so that we can return home safely.

UPDATE: Someone on Google+ mentioned that perhaps I should focus on what can go right as opposed to what can go wrong. I responded saying I think that I do focus on what can go right…perhaps too much! I have seen too much news recently about runners, and I am just saying I need to be more proactive when it comes to my safety. Next thing I’m investing in is a way to run with some sort of identification.

How do you make sure to stay safe on your runs?

Do you run on trails alone? Do you ever get paranoid


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