New Workout Playlist 13 – One Hit Wonders

It’s time for a new playlist! This one is 8 songs, 32 minutes long…and all one hit wonders!

Who doesn’t like getting a bolt of nostalgia when an old song comes on the radio? I did a little Googling and with each song I found, I was like “Ohhh yeaaahhhhh!”

One Hit Wonders Playlist

Here’s the playlist on Spotify if you want to listen to it!

What are some of your favorite one hit wonders? Leave a comment so I can add them to my playlist!


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New Workout Playlist 12


I’ve been loving the new Calvin Harris song, and the Austin Mahone song. I’m so ready to drive with my windows open, blasting music and singing in the car…why is it still chilly out?!? Will it ever get warmer? Though I read that the Farmer’s Almanac predicted that (for the NYC area) we will have a crazy hot and humid summer with lots of thunderstorms. Humidity is the worst! Oh well, I guess I’ll take it over being freezing.

Also, I love the Luke Bryan song…and can’t wait to see him in concert in September! My sister and I bought tickets last August, when they first went up. So we’ve been patiently waiting. Have any of you been to his concert or a country concert? My first (and only so far) was Blake Shelton and he was great!

What songs are currently on your workout playlist?

Do you like country music?


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New Workout Playlist 11

workout playlist

I have been loving the new Shakira song with Rihanna. I had it stuck in my head all night last night. Did you know her music video to this song is banned in Colombia…because it will corrupt children’s minds?

I also have not gotten sick of Timber yet. Such a catchy song!

Which of these have you heard?

What songs do you currently have on repeat on your workout playlist or running playlist?


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Marathon Playlist + Last Minute Thoughts


I can’t believe it is hear. I am beyond nervous…but I’ll get to that in a bit.

I wanted to share my marathon playlist with you all. It’s only a little over an hour but I only plan on listening to music around mile 18-20 and only if I’m really struggling which hopefully is NOT the case! It’s a mix of songs, and this past week I’d hear a song come on my iTunes and think, “I need to add that to my list!”

What are your go-to pump up songs? What would you add? I am open to suggestions!


Last Minute Thoughts:

I’m really nervous…here’s why BUT I’m going to try to add in some positive affirmations after each one:

  • I’m nervous because the past 3 weeks of training have not gone as planned. I’ve missed 8 days of training, and got sick this past week. Positive Affirmation: I need to trust the training I did for 16 weeks. I ran my long runs and ran in the double digits during week days as well…I have ran more than I have ever run in the past.
  • I’m nervous because I of course got a cold this week. Positive Affirmation: I feel much better now, and though my nose will probably be runny…energy wise I feel okay. Plus, I’ve read about some runners who got sick during taper week and then PRed!
  • I’m nervous of feeling out of shape due to not running as much, and out of breath. Positive Affirmation: I will go at an easy pace in the beginning. And as my friend told me, I can take walking breaks as needed.
  • I’m nervous of not being able to finish for some crazy reason. Positive Affirmation: I WILL finish. I finished 26.2 miles in 2011 on way less training and it was my first marathon. I have covered the distance before and can do it again.

I need to keep telling myself these things! I am trying to have faith in my body and legs. I’m also nervous about the crazy wind…35 mph gusts?!?! Awesome…but alas, you can only control your body and your training. I will try to draft off other runners, or take turns with my mom drafting.

Help! Do you have any positive affirmations or thoughts you use to build mental confidence? Please share them with me!!!

See you on the other side! ;)


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Health/Fitness Links To Get You Through The Day

How is it 80 degrees right now in October?? I want fall weather!!! What’s the temp like where you are?

Here are your health links for today:

  • 10k Running Playlist (Pumps & Iron) – Will have to download some of these because I also enjoy EDM during my runs. What type of music do you like?
  • 20 Minute HIIT Treadmill Workout (Blonde Ponytail) – Can’t wait until after NYCM to start doing shorter runs like this!
  • Pesto Spaghetti Squash (Live Free and Run) – It’s squash season!!! I love spaghetti squash…need to try this.
  • Why Runners Are The Best Ever (See This Girl Run) – Love this! Runners really are the best ;)
  • How Did Your Food Live? (Tony Gentilcore) – A very informative piece on where your meat comes from. It is not gory or preachy…he writes about the science behind it and what you can do to eat better.

Do you buy grassfed/free-range/organic beef and chicken? Where do you buy it from? Farm, Trader Joe’s, other?


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