Motivational Monday!

So yesterday it was around 25 degrees here, but felt like even less with windchill. I’ve ran in the cold before, begrudgingly, and after a snow storm, but it ended up not being bad at all!

I saw a lot of runners who posted about getting out there despite the conditions…that’s awesome! If I were running regularly, perhaps I would have gone out, but running really isn’t in my training plan right now ;)

Here’s a little motivation as we head into the winter:

I know you all will get after it no matter what, but in case you need some extra inspiration, this is a great quote! No matter if it’s summer or winter, you will never have perfect conditions. Just gear up and do it! The key to winter running is the right layers and gear, once you have that, I promise you won’t even feel the cold!

Do you prefer winter running or summer running? I prefer the cold…I sweat way too much in the summer!


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Running in the Cold

It is 8 degrees where I am at right now…in other places, with wind chill, it feels like it’s in the negatives. It is cold. But the people from places like Minnesota probably think we shouldn’t be complaining too much :-p

So, should you run when it’s super cold?

Answer: it’s really up to you. I’m still comfortable outside in 30 degree weather, but I haven’t tried running in anything below that. Currently, being that it’s in single digits, I think I will stick to running inside, but you can run outside if you choose to.

The New York Road Runners had a live chat about this today which was helpful. Here’s one of the tips they gave:

IMG_3777If you run outside, it’s all about layering. Don’t think going out in sweatpants or a heavy fleece jacket will cut it. This is when you need to invest in key running pieces that will keep you toasty.

The first layer should be a wicking layer, definitely not cotton. You want something that wicks the sweat away from your body, otherwise your shirt will just simply be wet, and you will be freezing.

Then depending on on how cold it is, you can add more layers, such as a fleece lined top, and a windbreaker or heavier jacket. I found this older blog post by Carrots ‘N’ Cake that outlines how many layers you should have depending on the temperature. She also gives other good tips like heating your clothes up in the dryer for a few minutes before going out (genius).

Another tip I read on the live chat today was to wear mittens not gloves. Mittens keep your hands warmer than gloves do. If it’s really cold, they suggested wearing mittens on top of gloves. Also, wear a scarf or something to cover your nose and mouth so you’re not breathing in cold air. Here are some tips from Jess of Race Pace Wellness on breathing.

Basically, don’t leave any body part uncovered! Buy special socks to keep your feet warm. I need to do this because in the past my toes have just gone totally numb while running (not good). It’s better to be too warm and have to remove a layer than be too cold.

Lastly, just get out there and do it! Do a dynamic warm-up indoors to get your heart rate up then just start running once you step out the door!

Do you run outside in the winter? Or do you prefer the treadmill? (or dreadmill as my running coach calls it).