I Need Your Input!

As you know, my mom and I have our online Etsy shop where we make pillows, bags, and more. Well, we’re looking to expand and create something for runners which I think is cool. But I need to gauge if I’m the only one who thinks it’s cool/useful – so I need your input on this idea we are working on.

We want to make lightweight, square pieces (made from Dri-Fit material) that you can customize with your name or quote.

You know how before a marathon you write your name on your shirt? Or something on the back? I love doing that because then everyone yells my name and it gives me a boost. But there are 2 main issues here:

  • If you write on your shirt or use iron on letters, you can’t wear that shirt again. Unless you rip the letters off, but don’t you want to save your marathon shirt? :)
  • If you use tape, it looks fine…but it could look way cooler if you used actual letters.

That’s where our idea came from. What if we created something you pin on your shirt. You can customize it however you want (letters, background, letter cut-outs, images), and it won’t ruin your shirt. Then, you can also re-use them on shirts for future races as well.

Another great thing about being able to customize it is that if you’re running a race for someone or a cause, you can add in an image (such as a family photo or the charity logo) and add in whatever text you want. We have a special process we will be using that makes this possible, and have already teamed up with a manufacturer.

Along with being able to customize, we’ll also have pre-made options in case you don’t know what to make ;)

Here are a few examples I came up with that I may use for the Philly Half coming up:





I loved wearing a quote on my back for both my NYC Marathons…I got lots of comments! My first shirt I wrote “Is this the way to Central Park?” and the second was “Why is everybody following me?” Gotta love the corniness of race shirts and signs ;)

Anyway, if you could please leave me feedback in the comments I would really appreciate it!! Could you answer these 2 questions:

Would you pin something on your shirt as opposed to writing it on?

Do you like the idea of customizing something to wear on your shirt for races, whether it’s 5K, half, marathon, triathlon etc.

Thank you!!


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Football Fan Fitness Apparel

Football season is here!! Whether you like pro or college football, I bet you like wearing your gear to support your team. Maybe you even like wearing it while working out like I do.

Football Fan Fitness Apparel

Here are a few items I found for those of you in the NJ/NY area who may root for the Giants, Jets, and of course, my alma mater Rutgers ;)

Nike Women’s Short Sleeve New York Giants V-Neck T-Shirt – $32.00

A Dri-Fit t-shirt to wear to the game AND a workout/running shirt all in one ;)

Nike Men’s Short Sleeve Dri-Fit T-Shirt – $28.00

Dan loves the Giants and their old logo so this is perfect for him. Perhaps an anniversary gift for this October?


 Nike New York Giants Women’s Tempo Performance Running Shorts – $27.99

Love these! Although I mainly wear spandex shorts now, I have a ton of these Nike shorts. They were my first real running shorts. 


New York Jets Elastic Headband- $9.99 (set of 3)

Why not rep your team with a tiny headband while working out? 


Nike Women’s New York Jets Warp Tank Top – $32.00

Although I’m not a Jets fan, I do like the lettering on this!


Rutgers Under Armour Women’s Mesh Tank – $19.99

I need this. This is from the Rutgers Barnes & Noble site. I always go into that store and want to buy everything in site. Anyone else feel that way with their university bookstore?


Under Armour Women’s Sonic Shorty – $39.98

Um…yes please? Like I said above, I prefer spandex shorts to looser shorts. I hate when you’re running and shorts start bunching up in the middle. I love the “R” on the waistband!

There you have it…a short little roundup of fitness apparel you can wear while also supporting your team. I usually wear workout apparel to football games anyway (Dan and I are Rutgers season ticket holders) because I like being comfy while tailgating and at the game. When it’s cooler out, I’m all about the yoga pants and big sweatshirts!

 What team do you root for? What’s your alma mater – are we rivals? ;)

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Runner’s Wishlist

So now that I will be starting to run again and train for a half-marathon (and possibly a marathon), I’ve been eyeing up some running gear. You can never have too much right?? Too bad my wallet doesn’t agree :(

Here’s what’s currently on my wish-list:


 Nike Flyknit Lunar2

I’ve never ran in Nike shoes, but I love these sneakers and they’d be great for lifting and cross training.


 lululemon Tone It Tank

And it has a pocket in the back for your keys and gels!


 Sweaty Bands

I’ve heard so many people rave about this headband, I might give it a try. I sweat a lot, so it’d be perfect for me. I’ve used Halo bands in the past but these patterns are just really cute!


 Erica Sara Designs Say It Do It Wrap Bracelet

Love, love, love this bracelet. Would be perfect for long runs and hard workouts when you need those positive affirmations.


Yurbuds for women

I currently wear some “Beats” knock-offs from Five Below (hey, if I’m going to be sweating in them I’m okay with a pair of $5 headphones), but I’ve heard a lot about Yurbuds. I usually hate buds because they fall out of my ears but supposedly these don’t budge, and help you hear ambient noise as well, like car traffic.

What’s currently on your running/fitness wishlist? 

What’s one thing you can’t live without when it comes to running or fitness?


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