Chicago Marathon Training Week 5

I was scrolling through #chicagomarathon on Twitter and then saw that we are under 100 days to go! The race will be here before we know it…kinda scary!

So far, training has been going really well knock on wood. Not much pain or fatigue. Again, knock on wood.

Here’s my recap of last week:

Monday: 6 miles. This workout was tough because it was something like 70% humidity out and almost 90 degrees. We were supposed to do a 1 mile warm up, then 8×2:20 minutes at 10K/half marathon effort, with 30 sec. break, and then repeat that one more time before a 1 mile cooldown. It sucked. I felt like I was really struggling. Which prompted me to write about this post about running by effort.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: 10 miles. We did 6 outside and 4 on the treadmill due to thunderstorms. For some reason I was really doubting myself all week about this. I didn’t know if I could do it…though I knew I technically COULD since I can run 8 miles no problem, but I guess the double digit aspect of it scared me. But we did it!

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.44.04 AM

Thursday: 60 minute recovery run. Ended up running about 5 miles. We took it sloooowwww…

Friday: 60 minute run. Felt pretty good! We ran each mile a tiny bit faster (though mile 3-4 was slow because of a long hill), and ended with the last mile in 9:30. We ran 6 miles total. Also, I just started using Strava and love it! How do I add people? If you’re on there let me know!

Saturday: Rugged Maniac 5K. I did this obstacle course/mud run with my sister and it was so much fun! Skipped a few obstacles and am still sore today from it. I think all that climbing. Clearly need to work on my uppder body strength haha.

rugged maniac

It was fun doing a race just for fun and with my sister. I was really nervous leading up to it but I think I would do it again next year! I’ll be writing up a recap later this week.


I can’t believe I’m already at 30 miles! This week I am aiming for 33-35 miles. I am running the NYRR Run To Breathe 4 miler Saturday (anyone else), but plan on running 6-8 beforehand to get in my long run that day. I am sick of my usual running routes and running in NYC always makes the long runs go by faster.

Have you ever done a mud run? Did you like it? If not, what kind of  “specialty race” do you want to try (color run, mud run, etc.)?


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Forgot a top moment of 2012…my first mud run!

I can’t believe I forgot to write about that. I was actually just reminded as I read Ericka’s top 5 running moments on her blog.

I did my first mud run this past summer…the Rugged Maniac 5K. I ran with a group of college friends and it was a blast!

I’m 5578

I was initially really nervous about all the obstacles, but I got through all of them except one and had a lot of fun doing them all. I guess I was delusional that day because I thought we would finish in 30 minutes. Ha! We finished in about 50 minutes, which was fine by us. We were so tired by the end…talk about a full body workout!

Definitely my favorite obstacle.

If you have yet to do a mud run, I highly suggest it! It is so fun getting muddy and dirty, and you feel so badass going over all the obstacles. I definitely want to do another mud run in 2013, but I guess it will depend on marathon training. Our group will be doing this race again so hopefully I can join them!

On the end, on the right. So muddy and loving it!