My First Time At The US Open!

On Monday, my mom and I made a spontaneous decision to go to the US Open. I found tickets on StubHub and we made it in time for the evening session at 7 am.

I had no idea who was playing until we got there. Turns out it was No. 16 Victoria Azarenka who I watched in the finals last year. I was excited to watch someone I actually knew. Plus, I really like her braids and want to wear my hair like this on my runs from now on.

Just so you can see the back of her head/braids

Just so you can see the back of her head/braids

We got there about an hour early so we walked around the grounds and got food. I’ve been to Flushing Meadows many times – as a kid we would always go for Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day. But this was the first time I watched an actual game in the stadium.

Side note: One year at Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day the Baha Men were performing (remember Who Let The Dogs Out?) and I was super excited about that.

Anyway, here are more photos:


Action shot during warm-ups:


Cool panoramic shot I took:


Before the game we also checked out this interactive lounge sponsored by American Express and open to Amex cardholders. It was pretty cool! We got to post with racquets for a “rally shot” which actually was a 180 degree photo/video. I wish I could post it as it moves around because it was so cool. There were cameras set up in a half circle to take a picture at every angle. Here’s one angle:


Then we took an interactive photo with the digital Sloane Stephens.

Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 11.49.13 AM

Overall it was a fun night! I told my mom we should go to a game each year. I wish we could go during the next few days but 1) it’s more expensive since it’s the final rounds and 2) I have work :(

I don’t know many tennis players and am only just learning the rules but it was an awesome game. The other girl was the “underdog” and people were cheering like crazy for her. She kept it close and worked hard until the end…those are the best types of games as opposed to blow outs. I’ll be watching the finals for sure!

Do you like tennis or watch the US Open?

Have you ever been to the complex?


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Running Tour Of My Town

Recently, I saw a blogger give readers a photo tour of her runs in Charleston, SC (jealous much?). I’ve actually meant to do this for a while, and have had these pictures on my computer…I just never posted it. Seeing the snow in the pictures made me grateful it’s summer!

So I live in a tiny little town in New Jersey. The population is a little over 2,500. I’ve lived here me whole life and although sometimes it’s boring living in a town that is 15-30 minutes away from everything (grocery stores, movie theaters, mall), it’s scenic and peaceful.

Okay let’s start! I usually run down Main Street, which runs along the entire length of the town (a little over 2 miles).

These photos are in the “center of town.” There is a coffee shop, a little boutique, and the post office. Also a luxury car dealer…well, “dealer.” They have like 3 Porsche’s out front.



Cocoluxe is the coffee shop and they have the best pastries! A bit pricey but so worth it.

If you keep running past here, you’ll make it to our town pond. Every Miles For Matheny 5K that I’ve done starts here, and many town events are held here as well. I remember going to movie nights in the park when I was a kid. They also have these 2 swans that are actually kind of mean!


Around the corner from here is our town pizza shop. I swear it’s the best pizza ever, but Dan doesn’t agree. But those who live in town would definitely agree it’s the best pizza ever ;)


On my run back towards home, I sometimes do some hill sprints on this pretty steep road. It’s perfect for hill sprints – you can either do 30 seconds, or if you run up the full hill it’s about 1 minute.


Lastly, I’ll leave you with a picture of the sunset at one of the highest points in town. I like to go up there to take in the views and think about life :)


From my house to the edge of town is about 2 miles, so I can do a 4 miler right in town. Sometimes I get pretty sick of it, but I am grateful I live in a safe area where I rarely have to worry about my safety while on a run (knock on wood).

Give us a tour of your runs in town! I’d love to see your pictures.

How long is your running loop in your town?

Do you mainly run in town or drive to other locations to run?


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Forgot a Change of Clothes!


I HATE when this happens! I have my running class today, and afterwards Dan and I are going to the Rutgers v. Seton Hall basketball game, so I need to shower at the gym. Of course I forgot my gym bag with all the necessities like a towel, shampoo, change of clothes…

Looks like I’m going to Target before my class to buy some stuff!

Today we will be running 5 miles. I’m not sure yet it I will do the 5 miles or stick to 4. It depends on the time (because of the game) and how my shins feel. I want to do the 5 miles but I think timewise it won’t work. I plan on doing the 5 miles later this week no matter what.

I’m really excited because on Friday I will be going to Finish Line PT in New York City to get a functional movement assessment and run on an Alter-G treadmill! I won this through Jess’s blog (FitChickintheCity). Finish Line sent me and my mom giftcards so we’ll be making the trip on Friday. Maybe they can help me solve my shin issues?! One can only hope.

This was a totally random post of random thoughts. I will leave you with a meme because I love memes, it’s the afternoon, and I’m sure we would all like to take a nap right now ;)

What do you do when you forget to pack your gym bag? What’s the worst thing you’ve ever forgotten?