Running Skirts & Race Shirt Pillows

These are both new things my mom and I have added to our Etsy shop! You can find a detailed background about why we started the shop, and our mission here.

In short, my mom and I started this shop with the goal of helping the charity, Manitos. Manitos aids children diagnosed with cancer in the South American country of Paraguay. There is only one pediatric cancer center in the country, and Manitos helps provide the simple things we sometimes take for granted, like bowls and silverware…and even meals, since they can only afford to feed the children once a day.

We decided to donate 10% of each sale back to Manitos. And since we are going to Paraguay this summer, we’d like to visit the hospital and see how else we can help.

So that’s a bit about Lucky Stars Designs! We have recently added a few new things to our shop. One of the items I’m excited for is running skirts! My mom and I made our own for the NYC Marathon and loved the attention they got :) Here’s an example of one:

Pink Running Skirt

The great thing is that you can pick your own elastic waistband, which is made of Lyrca. Here are the fabrics we have available:

Running Skirt

The skirt is made of a more flowy, leightweight, tulle material, so you don’t feel it at all while you’re running. You can find more information here, on our Etsy page!

We have also added in more pillows. How many race t-shirts do you have? Why not make them into a throw pillow to display on your couch or bed? You send us your shirts, and we will show you some fabrics that would match, then make it all into a pillow!

T-Shirt Pillow

Race Shirt Pillow

The pillow covers have zippers and come with inserts too. Here’s the Etsy link for the pillows :)

Please let us know what your thoughts and feedback are, as we are always looking to improve and add more to our store!

Have you worn a running skirt for a race? Or a costume of some sort?


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