I Can’t Stay Away From Running

I’ve talked about how I’ve been on a running break since the New York City Marathon, and how I’ve been focusing on lifting more. I’ve really enjoyed not having a running training plan and scheduled runs.

Then the running bug hit me yet again.

I suddenly wanted to start training for a half marathon again so I could chase a PR. Or maybe a 5K PR. Or both! I made a list of possible races, as well as the NYRR 9+1 races I may want to run (you have to run 9 and volunteer once to qualify for the following year’s NYC Marathon).

I have a secret half-marathon goal, but I’m still working on it, and will share once I think it’s possible ;)

Anyway, I’ve got the urge to get back to training. But there are two things holding me back:

  • Shin issues that I had before the NYC Marathon
  • Gaining weight

So, before the marathon, I took 3 weeks off from running completely due to posterior tendonitis. I had these weird bumps that I could feel when I massaged the side of my shin where the muscle is too. Turns out they’re muscle adhesions. And after 11 weeks of no running, I still have them. It makes me nervous to try running because I do not want to have that issue again. My plan of action is to take this week easy and start cross-training by doing cycling. I’ve mainly been lifting so I want to add in some cardio again.

The weight thing is tricky. Anytime I train for a half or full marathon I gain weight. I’ve read various articles about how this is due to eating more, and eating more unhealthy things because you feel like you deserve it but I really don’t think that’s the case. I was eating pretty healthy during marathon training. I think it has to do with cortisol. From Competitor:

Because some of the highest cortisol surges occur during and after exercise, endurance athletes are exposed to more cortisol than even many of the most stressed-out non-athletes. But do these repeated short bursts of cortisol release really add up to long-term high cortisol exposure in runners and other endurance athletes? A 2011 study says yes.

As a personal trainer, I know that people can hold onto fat due to different hormones. If you have that stubborn back fat around your bra area, it could be due to too much estrogen. If you have too much belly fat, like I do, it could be cortisol.

So it’s a catch-22 for me: Do I train and not care about gaining weight, or keep focusing on lifting weights until I get to the weight and leanness that I want?

I think I’m going to try both. When I have been long distance training, weight training has fallen to the wayside due to time. But I want to try to do both and see how that works for me. It may mean a day less of running, but I’m okay with that if I can maintain muscle.

Not sure what my training plan will be, but I’ll keep you posted! I’m looking at the Asbury Park Half on April 26.

Any other fellow NJ runners planning on running it?

Have you gained weight due to endurance running?

Do you have a training plan where you lift AND run? Please share how you do it because it’s always so hard for me to combine both!


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