Race Recap: NYRR Race to Deliver 4 Miler

Let me start this post by saying…my mom and I have completed 9 races out of the 9+1 NYRR program!!! Which means, we just have to volunteer, and then we are set for the 2013 ING New York City Marathon!!!! Words cannot explain how excited I am. I plan on conquering that course, and coming back with a vengeance after last year :)

Anyway, my mom and I were excited this was the last race we had to do. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved running in NYRR races, but it’s getting cold and driving back and forth to NYC every few weeks is $$$$$.

That morning was pretty cold when we got to the park (35 degrees I believe), but we started jogging and warming up, so once the race started it wasn’t that bad.

Photo credit: instagram.com/saenim

I told my mom we’d start off easy and feel it out. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to run this race faster to test myself out, or take it easy. My last race of the year is Dec. 8 (5K), and I kind of wanted to see what pace I could run 4 miles in. After a mile, I was feeling awesome, so we decided to run a bit faster. We weren’t going 5K pace by any means, or close to our max, but it definitely wasn’t an easy, comfortable pace!

I felt really strong, even going up those Central Park hills. As my RunKeeper app told me my splits, I knew I would get a PR or close to a PR in the 4 mile. I was just excited I was feeling awesome!

I ended up finishing in……

OH WAIT. I have no idea because my D-tag didn’t work for some reason so NYRR didn’t post my results. Sad. Luckily, I was using my RunKeeper. Actually, it’s pretty weird that happened at the ONLY race I was using my GPS tracking app. Good thing I did! The only downside is, that the final distance said 4.1 miles, not 4. It’s common for GPS watches and apps to be a little long during races, because most people don’t run the tangents of the course (which is how courses are measured out). Therefore, I have no clue if I officially PR-ed, but I’m guessing that since my 4.1 mile time is the same time as a previous 4 mile time, that I did get my best time. My guesstimate is 35:45.

Splits for 4.1 miles

Afterwards, we got our water and bagels and went to get our picture taken. We planned this pose in advance :-p

Holding up 9 fingers for 9 races DONE

It was a beautiful day in the park and the perfect temp. It was in the 40s but once we warmed up we were actually wishing we didn’t wear our cold gear tops.

I found this picture of the race on Instagram too…I thought it beautifully depicts fall/November in Central Park:

Photo credit: instagram.com/saenim

We couldn’t be happier than we completed our goal of 9 races in 2012 with NYRR! It’s been a great running year :)

What’s your next road race?


Race Recap: Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff

The race that happened hours before Hurricane Sandy hit.

I don’t think any of us expected it to hit us this hard. I still can’t believe some of the pictures I am seeing. Again, my thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected in the tri-state area.

Anyways, the race was great. We were up at 5:30 am to get into New York City. NYRR said they would make an announcement at 5 am as to whether it was still on, and it was!

We got to Central Park around 7:45 to register, and basically just had time to pick up bibs, pee and get into the corrals.

People milling around the registration area in Central Park

We did a quick warm-up and then went into our corral with 10 minutes to spare. I found a new warm-up routine I have been doing before runs. Along with butt kicks, high knees, etc, I have started doing step-ups on my stairs. That really warms up the glutes, hips, and hammies! Before the race, I did this on the bleachers that are set up for the marathon.

Right before heading to our corral

I went into this race thinking I’d run at an easy pace. It was just going to be a training run for my mom and me. We started off easy and were just chatting and commenting on people’s awesome costumes. When we got to mile 1 I noticed we were running sub-10. I figured, alright, I feel really good and this is not taxing, so I’ll just keep going at whatever pace I feel is good!

It was a 5 mile race, so I didn’t think we would keep that pace the whole time. But all throughout I felt awesome. Around miles 3 and 3.5 I started getting a little tired and slowed down from 3.5-4. Once I got to 4 miles, I figured I’d speed it up a bit for the final mile and my mom and I split up (though she was only 10 seconds behind). For the first time, I had a strong finish for the entire last mile and didn’t feel like I was going to throw up when I crossed the finish. It was also the same finish line we crossed last year when we finished the New York City Marathon :) I finished in 48:19, with an average 9:40 pace. I’ll take it!

We picked up some apples and bagels post-race, stretched and then headed out. It was a great race in the greatest park in the city, which I really hope hasn’t seen too much damage.

Our next race is the Dash to the Finish Line 5K on Saturday in Central Park, though we aren’t sure if it will be cancelled or not. We plan on going into NYC to watch the New York City Marathon on Sunday, but we are waiting to hear from NYRR on what their decision will be.

Have you participated in any New York Road Runner events?


At the same finish line as the New York City Marathon!