Week 8 of NYC Marathon Training

Last week was a hard week…but it’s done! Cannot believe we are halfway through training now…

Here’s a recap of last week:


Track workout. 1 mile warm up, 6×800 meters with 400 meter recovery jog, 1 mile cool down.

Actually felt pretty good. I was nervous about the fact that it was 800 meters but I got the pace down (5k pace) for each set.




Tempo run. 1 mile warm up, 5 miles at goal marathon pace (10:18), 1 mile cooldown.

My mom and I have been nailing our tempo runs lately, BUT this was tough. We decided to run on a hilly route to practice more hills…and the last mile was this quarter mile steep climb that killed my pace. Clearly, we need to be doing this more often!


Was supposed to do 5 miles…but mother nature happened. Did 30 minutes of cross training.


Needed to do 6 miles but only did 5. My shins were killing. I almost stopped at 3 miles but said, no, I will finish at least 5. Glad I did.


11 miles.

How is it that you can have a horrible run one day, then have a great run the next? While my shins still hurt, we kept a great, easy pace and only stopped a few times to fuel. We even finished the last mile faster than goal marathon pace! We discovered another new trail in my area and it was the perfect place to run:

And I had the best post-run fuel:


Easy 6 mile recovery run. It was slow…but I’m ok with that :)

Questions that I need help with!!!

1) I sweat…a lot. But I hydrate and drink water every 2 miles on long runs. But towards the end my mouth is still SO dry and I feel like chugging water. This is what ruined my marathon experience in 2011. Has anyone else experienced this and can help?!

2) How much water do you drink on a long run? Do you stop and walk while you take a gel and drink water? Because I cannot keep running or I will choke! Tips?

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Day 1 of NYC Marathon Training!

Officially started training today! On the schedule today was an easy 3 mile run. My mom and I decided to try running in the mornings so we can lift in the evenings when we need to. And because it’s just less hot and humid.

Well, my alarm went off at 7 am and I was SO close to just snoozing until I had to get up. I even thought, well I COULD do the run later after work. But then I felt lazy and also thought of Lolo Jones’ documentary on Netflix, and this video of pro runner Brenda Martinez I watched on Flotrack, and I just got up. Watch that doc or watch Flotrack’s workout videos when you need running motivation!

We headed out and it was cloudy but pretty humid. It was 78 when we left and probably 80-90% humidity. 1 mile in it started drizzling, and then that just turned into pouring rain. It actually felt good though because I was sweating a ton! I saw this quote on Cori’s (Olive to Run) Instagram today and thought it fit perfectly:

I’m ok with running in the rain as long as my shoes don’t get sopping…and I also hate the water going into my eyes because I wear contacts. Anyone else HATE contacts with a passion like me? But running in the rain is usually very peaceful, I love hearing the raindrops.

Anyway, for not having run in over a month, I felt great and we finished 3 miles no problem. I also wore my 110% Compression Socks to test them out on my run. You may remember I posted a picture of me wearing them after my half with the ice sleeve too (amazing)…well, I wanted to try them out running as well too before I posted a blog review for you all.

Another thing I’m starting today is the Tone It Up Diet Plan. It’s not really a diet plan but more of just eating healthy and clean foods which I know already. But I just need a meal plan and recipe ideas to hold me accountable.

Overall, a good Monday so far! Later I will be lifting upper body and maybe ending the session with 4-5 hill sprints :)

Oh and also, I got a GoPro camera!! I’m so excited to make some cool videos.

My mom and I split it in order to have a good video camera for the marathon. My brother’s friend was selling it so it was good timing. Here’s the video I made from the 2011 marathon, and as you can see, it’s really shaky. I’m excited to try this!

Has anyone used a GoPro before? What kind of videos have you made? Feel free to share in the comments!


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Trying A New Marathon Training Plan


I have been putting off finding a marathon training plan…mainly because there are so many options and so many theories that I knew coming up with my own plan would take time.

Randomly, I stumbled across a blogger who used the Hanson’s Marathon Method.


I had obviously heard of the Hanson brothers before, and was intrigued. Her post described how the plan was challenging and helped her PR…and only had a long run of 16 miles.

Wait, what???

Yup. 16 miles.

But that is not the main point of the training plan. The Hanson’s believe in cumulative fatigue when it comes to marathon training. They want you running every day (and a decent amount ranging from 6-10 miles) so that your legs are always somewhat fatigued. Taking a day off (according to them) before a long run won’t help you in the marathon. They prepare you for the last 16 miles of the race, not the first 16.

The reason the long run is around 16 miles is because so many plans say don’t make the long run half of your weekly mileage…yet for us mere mortals, running 20 miles in one day probably IS half our mileage. They want you to stick to the 25-30% rule…so if you run a decent amount then yes, you will still have your 20 milers.

For me, this is a good premise because I am not the fastest runner. I am on the road a lot longer than someone running 7 minute miles (if only).

Also, I know that to improve I need to run more. Period. I usually run 4 days a week and this clearly hasn’t cut it for longer distances. Despite nailing my long runs in half marathon training, I still bonked in the actual race.

So what does the quote at the beginning of this post have to do with? Well, I’m terrified! This plan calls for 6 days of running with 1 day off. I’m scared because I’ve never ran this much (except for high school cross country) and because I’m scared of hurting my shins. But I am trusting it because half of the runs in the plan are easy and recovery runs, which should be run at a way slower pace. Though that will be hard in and of itself!

I know this will be challenging, but I’m excited at the same time. It will require some blood (hopefully not), sweat, and tears (of joy?). It will be the most I have run (peaks at 57 miles per week) and also the most I will be running on a daily basis. But I am DETERMINED to not totally bonk at NYC Marathon again like I did in 2011. That was awful.

I highly recommend reading their book as it explains everything in way more detail and offers the science behind it all.

We’ll see what happens! I start training July 1 so I guess I should get in a few runs in before then since I haven’t ran since May 18 lol.

Who’s running a fall marathon? What kind of training will you be doing? How many days per week do you usually run in general?