New Workout Tunes

I haven’t uploaded a playlist in a while…so here’s what I am currently listening to.

I’ve been obsessed with Roar by Katy Perry and Summertime Sadness (<–for the past month or so it’s been playing A LOT). Walls is a little older but it still pumps me up.


use my workout playlists for when I’m driving and want to be pumped up, or for football tailgates :)

What song is currently playing on repeat for you? Do you have driving playlists or do you prefer apps like Pandora?


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New Workout Tunes!


Here’s what I’m currently listening to. Sweet Nothing is still on there, I can’t get enough of that song! I am also looooving Macklemore’s song Can’t Hold Us. Perfect running song. The last two are good for a slower pace workout or cool down.

Is there a song that no matter how many times you play it, you don’t get sick of it?