Lucky Stars Designs Update!

I’ve mentioned my online Etsy shop on here before. It’s a venture my mom and I started in order to help the charity Manitos. Manitos helps children who have been diagnosed with cancer in our native country of Paraguay.

There is only one hospital there that specializes in cancer treatment, and sadly, many children can’t afford the care, and the hospital can’t provide basic things such as quality meals. Go to their website to learn more.

So any purchase you make within our Etsy shop, we give back 10%! The rest is used to buy more fabric and materials for our creations :)

I wanted to write a post today because we just added a new item!

It’s a boho-type bag that’s perfect for everyday use, and a good size for the gym as well. Your clothes and sneakers would definitely fit in here.

It has an outer pocket for your cell phone, water bottle, etc. as well.

An important thing to note is this is the only one available in this pattern. We make our bags exclusive so if you purchase something from us your item is one of a kind :) There are also 3 other pattern options you can choose from for this bag.

Please go to our Etsy link to read more about it!

And while you’re there, please shop around! We have duffel bags, overnight bags, running skirts, printables, makeup bags and more.

Thank you for supporting us and Manitos – we greatly appreciate it! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions at all.

What type of purse/bag is your favorite? I love tote bags for my work stuff (notebooks, laptops, etc).


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