That Time I Ran 10 Miles Before a 5K

This is the longest I have ran before running a race.

Last night, my mom and I ran the NYC Runs 5K in Central Park. Since we were heading into the city, we decided to go earlier and try to run 10-11 miles before hand in order to get our long run done with for the week. I’m all about running long on a weekday and prefer that over a weekend long run. 

We got to NYC and parked near where the finish line was going to be. Due to traffic, we only had time to run 10 miles beforehand. 

We ran one 5 mile loop in Central Park, then headed out towards the East River to continue running. Cat Hill killed me and I just wanted a flat portion for a bit haha.


So I think I must have been dehydrated yesterday because I was SO THIRSTY…even beginning at mile 1. I did drink water that day leading up to my run but clearly not enough. Any time I saw a water fountain in the park I would stop and drink huge gulps of water…I just could not quench my thirst.

I did bring my salt pills so I made sure to take those every 30 minutes, and that probably helped me avoid that sloshy feeling in my stomach that caused me to throw up at the finish line of the 2011 NYC Marathon. Yup. Fun times.

I refilled my own water bottle countless times and that feeling of thirst just never went away. I am getting thirsty just writing this now lol.

The 5K

We finished the 10 miles in the park and thankfully our friend picked up our bibs for us because we got to the starting line at 6:50. The race started and I thought, “Ok I’ll go a bit faster, and push it a bit.” And I did for the first mile: 9:40. I was like oh wow! But then I just couldn’t hold on.

The last 2 miles were in the 11′s and I walked up half of Cat Hill. My legs were just fatigued and I was still so thirsty. I stopped at both water stops and drank 2 full cups each time. Oh yeah and as I am off to the side picking up a water cup, some woman comes running in, yells “COME ON, MOVE” and pushes me in the back and grabs her water. Really???

We finished in about 35 minutes – I’ll take it. I was going to stop when my own watch beeped at 13 miles (because we ran more like 10.1 or 10.2 before the race), but then my watch beeped and I saw the 3 mile marker and was like No, I will finish this and finish it strong!

We ran a total of 13.2 miles…and I was so thankful for those popsicles they handed out after!!


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Overall it was a fun race. I love evening races and definitely prefer them to early morning races, especially NYRR ones where I have to trek into the city.

We walked the 5-6 blocks back to the parking deck and I was thankful I brought a change of clothes – my shirt was soaked!

Now I have to run a 5 mile recovery run today which I’m not looking forward to…my legs are still so sore. But gotta do what you gotta do I suppose (when it comes to marathon training).

Did anyone else run this race last night? What’d you think?

Answers to feeling so thirsty on runs? Was I dehydrated?


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Week 11 of NYC Marathon Training

Another week of training in the books…and it was the first time we have ran 50 miles in one week!! I’m feeling it today though…my shin is really hurting today so I may need to take a spin class instead of doing a strength workout (4×1.5 mile repeats). It hurts just walking around and putting weight on it, so I don’t want to take any risks. Missing one workout won’t kill me right??

Anyway, here’s last week’s training:


Strength workout. 1 mile warm up, 6×1 mile repeats at 10 seconds faster than goal marathon pace (400 meter jog), 1 mile cool down (total = 9 miles). This was a great workout! We ran a bit faster (by like 5 seconds per mile) but were feeling good.




This was supposed to be an 8 mile temp, with 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down. But look at what the weather was that day:

Seriously, awful. We were able to keep our goal pace for 3 miles (which I was even surprised about) but we were working REALLY hard to do that, and once we hit mile 4 it was way off. We decided to just do a normal paced run from there on out for a total of 6 miles instead of 10, which stinks but whatever =/


Easy 5 miles on the treadmill. I hate the treadmill but reading made it go by quicker!


First time this training round that I got up early to run…8 miles! 8 easy miles which felt great. The middle miles were hard but once I was over halfway done I sped up a bit and felt good. I think I may convert to some morning runs, because it is so peaceful!


16 miles! =O I felt confident going into this run but was nervous because we were doing it in the morning as opposed to the afternoon like we usually do. I woke up an hour before hand to eat a good breakfast. We did a 6 mile loop to end at our house in order to refill our bottles. We felt AMAZING. We were running a bit faster than we should have been but it felt easy so I went with it. I also was drinking 6 oz. of water every 2 miles, and taking a GU every 2-3 miles to keep fuel stores up and I think it definitely made a difference.

Check out our negative splits and those hills!


Easy 6 recovery miles. These were SLLOOOWWWW. Like almost 13 minutes per mile slow. My quads were really sore from the long run so I really didn’t care how slow I went.

TOTAL: 50 miles!! =)

How often do you take GU/fuel on your long runs? I know the package says every 45 minutes but I don’t think that’s enough for me. Plus, you’re supposed to take in 200-300 calories per hour so how is that enough? That’s why I experimented with taking them every 2-3 miles.

What is your preferred long run fuel?


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Week 9 of NYC Marathon Training

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! Mine was spent running 15 miles in 75% humidity…though I did get to go to a BBQ as well :)

Here’s last week’s training recap:


Track workout. 5x1K with 400 meter recovery.

This was rough. I don’t know why 2.5 laps felt so hard but we could not keep on pace (5K goal pace). But we got it done even if we had to slow down the pace a little bit.




Needed to do a 10 mile tempo (1 mile warm up, 8 miles tempo, 1 mile cooldown).

Due to time constraints (my mom had to finish work before heading out) we ended up needing to run inside because it got dark, and we did 1 mile warm up, 6 miles at tempo, 1 mile cooldown. This workout reaffirmed the fact that I hate the treadmill.


6 easy recovery miles.

Let me tell you…these miles were slooowww. My shins were hurting so I just took it slow. At least I got new shoes that day too!


Easy run. Again, I took it real easy because my shins have been hurting recently. I needed to do 5 miles but did 4 instead. 2 min run, 2 min walk.


14 mile long run.

Theme of this week’s training is “I needed to do ____ but did _____”

Check out the weather for the run:

It was HUMID. I was drenched after 6 miles. We did a 3 mile out and back from my house so we only needed to run with 1 bottle. I was really struggling by the end. I sweat a lot as it is, so humidity makes it so much worse for me. I had to change my outfit at mile 12! We got to 14 and I called it a day. I was exhausted and drenched. But a “natural ice-bath” felt SO GOOD afterwards:


4 miles recovery. Actually felt good on this run even though I thought I’d feel stiff. Shins are still hurting a bit. We ran 4 minutes, walked 1 minute, but our average pace still ended up being a little faster than it should have been!

Do you sweat a lot? Like A LOT?? I can’t stand it and wish I sweat like a normal person. How do you make sure you keep your sodium and electrolytes up?

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Last 10 Miler Before the Brooklyn Half!!

I can’t believe this was me and my mom’s last double digit run before the half. It was a really good run overall, and I felt really strong. My coach said to do 5 miles normal pace, 3 miles at 9:15-9:30 pace, and 2 miles normal as cooldown. Because of how I spread my water on the course, I ended up doing 6 miles normal, then started the 3 miles.

I thought the 3 miles at that pace (which is around my half marathon goal pace) was going to be tough. After all, last week I did 2 miles at 9-9:15 pace and I could barely finish the second mile, I was dead! Surprisingly, the 3 miles yesterday felt fine. It was “comfortably hard.” I even did the third mile in 9:06! I felt like I was cruising.

Here are the splits…I’m happy we did kind of a progressive run too because we kept getting a little faster:

It was pretty warm out and my water bottle with my Nuun was leaking so I had to drop it. I was nervous because I was sweating a lot but I ended up being fine with my Honey Stingers and just water. Though once I got home I had a ton of salt on my face, and was so sweaty!

Hot right? I hate that I sweat so much and my mom barely sweats!

Anyway, I had a nice long stretch post run while I drank a recovery protein shake. Then relaxed and watched 90210 with my sister before going to bed. Feeling great today!

I just hope I feel strong on race day like I did yesterday, and have no issues with my shins or calves!

The half is May 18, and I’m 3 weeks out…I really hope I’m not “peaking early” or anything like that. What do you guys think??


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