Should You Run Or Lift First?

I have a few random topics I will write about today…so bear with me :)

If you follow me on YouTube (and if you don’t, you should!), you may have seen my first Vlog I posted on Monday. I want to do short 1-2 minute vlogs, which will be different than my workout videos I upload. I’ll share about me and my running partners, and each video will end with a quick workout/running tip or fact.

Which is what the title of this blog refers to. On Monday, I went for a run with my brother before going to the gym to lift chest and back. Check out my video and see what my thoughts are on if you should run or lift first:

And in this one I talk about how to motivate yourself to run or workout when you really don’t want to!

Aannndddd last announcement…I’m going to be coaching Cross Country at the community college I work at! I am really excited. We had a meeting with prospective students yesterday and had a good turnout. We’ll see how it goes! I guess I need to start reading some coaching books huh? ;)

Any big news for you this week? What are you all working on?


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