Motivational Monday!

Wow, the last week of February! Is it spring yet? Slowly getting closer and closer…

Here’s a quote I found on Tumblr over the weekend and love:

Sometimes, we let the negatives affect us and get us down. We focus on them. Dwell on them. Stress out. I have definitely been guilty of this. But recently I’ve been feeling more like, “Whatever happens happens. It’s for the best.” I know things will work out the way they are supposed to. Plus, like the quote says, what would life be without a few negatives?? You will look back on most things and laugh, or view them as a learning experience.

Is there an experience that you can look back upon and realize you shouldn’t have stressed out so much about it?

Do you believe everything happens as it should? Or that we make our own destiny? I think I believe a little bit of both :)


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Motivational Monday!

Officially done with grad school! This is my first week with no class and no more internships. I’m working at school over the summer anyway, while trying to launch my business, but it will be nice to have this week off.

Though, it won’t actually be off. I’m going to NYC today to meet with the CEO and founder of a large social media marketing firm (ahh! what questions should I ask?!), then Tuesday I’m going to the Westchester Digital Summit with my sister, Wednesday I am doing a photo shoot with one of my clients, Thursday I need to go to Brooklyn to pick up my bib for the Brooklyn Half, Friday is a senior reception at Rutgers, Saturday is my half marathon, and Sunday is my graduation! JEEZ. I’ll have to make sure to get plenty of sleep!

Anyways, yesterday I took my first real yoga class! It was a Lululemon community class but it was great. I definitlely want to do that more often. This class is what led to my quote below (and stay tuned for my yoga class review later today!) :

This is such an important thing to remember. We are all busy, and stressed sometimes, but it’s important to remember to take time out to relax, and also to notice the beauty around you.

How often do you take the time to notice “this wonderful world?”


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Motivational Monday!

Can you believe it’s already May?? Summer is almost upon us! Which is why I like this quote:


Many times we get into the habit of waiting to start on a Monday…or next week. Just start! It doesn’t matter if it’s a Friday or a Monday. The first step is the hardest. As I mentioned last week, I started cleaning up my diet again and drinking more green smoothies. We all want to look good for summer…so just start working on your goals today! No more waiting!

Are you guilty of, “I’ll start eating/working out on Monday”?…I sure am!

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Motivational Monday!

Rainy day here in New Jersey today…but I love rainy, gloomy days! Though I wish I was under my covers and not at work =P

Here’s a quote that I can currently definitely relate to:

I can relate in 2 ways. First, I complain that I haven’t lost body fat and it’s really hard for me…but recently I also know that my diet hasn’t been 100% clean (probably like 75-80%). So I remind myself of this when I think negatively…because I can only blame myself! Which is why I’m writing down everything I eat for a while starting today. I want to get back on track!

I can also relate because this training block for the half marathon has (so far) been successful. A lot of it has to do with the fact that I really stayed on track with my runs, didn’t miss any, and put in the work. I “worked hard to change” because I really want to improve my half marathon and marathon time. Hopefully it pays off on May 18!

Moral of the story: whether it’s a goal you want to achieve or something you don’t like (but can change)…just work hard towards it. Don’t complain when there is stuff you can do…like me, I can and will eat better.

Today’s a new day and new week…get back on track with me!

Have you complained in the past about something (even if it’s in your own head) and realized you just need to work harder?

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Motivational Monday!

Thank goodness it’s a new week…last week was crazy stressful. We had presentations which determined if we graduate or not…thankfully I passed…so I’ll officially be getting my Master’s degree in May! =)

So, I found this one on Pinterest and immediately loved it. I’ve been reflecting a lot on my life recently, and I love the message in this quote:

What a great piece of advice! Don’t take each day for granted…reflect on the good, and what you are lucky to have…and live each day with passion and vigor! Recently, I’ve been letting my goals and dreams stress me out…instead, I’m going to move forward and let my goals and dreams get me excited for what the future holds.

What do you think of this quote??


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