Cardio Blast Workout!

I did this workout on Wednesday and it is killer! Yes, there are some upper body moves involved in my “strong legs” workout, but trust me, you will really feel the burn in your legs.

Usually, I do non-equipment workouts, but I figured I’d change it up and include one you can do at the gym. If you don’t have a pull-up machine, you can use the lat pull-down machine.

I threw in a few upper body moves to make sure you also hit those major muscle groups (back) and keep your heart rate up while giving your legs a short break.

Final words: burpees = killer



Let me know if you try this out and what your thoughts are!

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Shin Splint Exercise

As many of you know, I have shin splint issues. I have written about it twice here and here (<–This one is actually a guest post by my running coach).

Shin splints are a pain and if you can avoid them you should. How do you do that? By not increasing mileage too quickly, getting proper shoes, and doing preventative strengthening exercises. Below is a video I made showing a great exercise I do with an elastic band. I usually have a partner pull the band to each side (you will know what I mean when you watch) in order to have more resistance, or you can tie it to a sturdy surface.

This exercise strengthens your anterior tibialis, which is on the front part of your leg by your shin. A weak muscle here can cause shin splints as well. Doing this exercise has helped me to relieve the pain and for some may actually reverse their shin splints!

Here you go…enjoy!