Dr. Oz 3 Day Cleanse Recap

So, I admit, I only did 2 out of the 3 days.Why? I wasn’t in it for weight loss, I was in it to rest and get back on track with healthy eating. After 2 days, I felt like I had accomplished this…and I just wanted to eat solid food lol!

I really think this worked. Today, I woke up feeling energized and ready to eat healthy. I had oatmeal with almond butter, and chicken sausage for breakfast.

At work, my sister got a “Fat Sandwich” which is a staple at Rutgers. It had mozzarella sticks, chicken fingers, french fries, cheese steak, and honey mustard. Might sound gross but it is delicious. Anyway, I wasn’t tempted in the least! I had a small bite but easily stopped there and wasn’t craving it. Maybe it’s all in my head, but for me, I think the detox helped reset not only my body, but my mentality, and help me get back in the groove with healthy eating.

So overall what are my thoughts about the cleanse?

drozWere you hungry all the time?

Actually, no! I was so skeptical of this when my friend told me I wouldn’t be hungry. The smoothies are huge and have a ton of ingredients in them. In the afternoon, I got a bit hungry, but then I just made the “snack” smoothie which held me over until dinner.

How was the taste?

I liked all of the smoothies. I read reviews saying lunch was the worst, probably because it had the most veggies. I drink green smoothies regularly so I’m used to more veggies. It wasn’t my favorite but I still liked it. A lot of people really like the breakfast smoothie, which was definitely good. I didn’t use cayenne pepper in the dinner smoothie though, so I enjoyed that one too…not sure how it would taste with the pepper!

How were your energy levels?

The first day I got REALLY tired in the afternoon. I had to take a nap, I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. Maybe it was a drop in blood sugar from eating junk prior to this? The second day I woke up so energized though. I had steady energy throughout the day, and even went to play tennis in the afternoon. Even the day after I finished, I am feeling energized and awake.

What was the hardest part?

Seeing and smelling real food. On the second day, I had a lunch staff meeting! Ugh, bad planning by me. I had to sit there sipping tea while others ate deliciousness. But it’s all about the willpower! I just kept thinking, it’s only 3 days…it’s not that bad.

Final thoughts?

I really liked it! I am going to continue having smoothies for snacks or breakfast, and will try to do a 1 day cleanse once a month. I do think it works. Again, I didn’t do it for weightloss. I think it works to get you back on track, and remind you how good natural, whole foods are. It’s only 3 days! You can do anything for three days. As I mentioned earlier, I also like that Dr. Oz included ingredients like almond butter which have protein as well. These smoothies were definitely filling!

Have you ever tried a cleanse? Do you want to?


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