Health/Fitness Links To Get You Through The Day

Found a bunch of great stuff these past couple of days that I have been excited to share with you all!

Here are your health links for today:

  • So You Wanna Start Eating Healthier? (The Healthy Maven) – Great tips on how to eat healthier but not feel too constricted.
  • What If You Don’t Have A Heart Rate Monitor + Bootcamp Workout (Fit N’ Cookies) – You don’t need a heart rate monitor to check in on how hard you’re working. Here are 2 ways to self-monitor.
  • Myths Of Stretching (Tony Gentilcore) – Great article as usual. Does holding a stretch for 10-30 seconds really do anything?
  • Tips For A New Fitness Routine (Toned And Fit) – Whether you’re starting this spring, or know someone who is, these are all great points to follow.
  • Hip Stability Exercises For IT Band Syndrome (Run To The Finish) – I definitely have uneven hips; 2 physical therapists told me :-O Will have to incorporate these into my own routine, because my IT bands are definitely tight!
  • A Guide to Working Out In The Morning (Holly’s Leaps Of Faith) – I really don’t think I will ever be a morning workout person but I like the point of, “I regret getting up early to workout – said no one ever.” True…

Do you prefer working out in the morning or evening? Why?


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