4 On-The-Go Lunch Ideas

Sometimes you just don’t have time to sit down and eat a nice, big lunch. Whether it’s because you’re in a meeting, or driving to an appointment, or on a bus going to school/class…there will be a time when you need need a quick lunch – and something you can eat in public (not tuna or eggs, as much as I love those).

quick lunches

1. Turkey (or any deli meat) Sandwich. This is my go-to. I use whole wheat bread, turkey, cheese, avocado and honey dijon mustard to make my sandwich. You could also make a wrap if you don’t want to use bread. I either store it in a sandwich container, or wrap it in aluminum foil. I found this sandwich box from Urban Outfitters which includes another compartment for salad (or hummus, or whatever you want), and a fork!

Sandwich Container2. Greek Yogurt With Fruit. This is something you could easily eat in a meeting or on public transportation (unless there are signs that say not to do that, obviously). You can add in fruit, or other things like granola, oats, and nuts. Probably easier to eat it with a disposable spoon, but if I only have a real spoon, I usually pack a plastic bag to throw it in once I’m done. 

3. Protein Shake. There are a few options here. You can make just a straight up protein shake, which I usually make with protein powder, ice, almond milk, peanut butter and cinnamon. Add in banana or strawberries if you want some fruit too. My current favorite protein powder is PlantFusion, which is a plant-based, vegan powder. I use the Ninja XL blender which I love, which is currently on sale at Kohl’s for $99.99. I do want to upgrade to the blender that comes with the cups, but it’s not like I absolutely NEED that right now ;)

If you’re not embarrassed about people asking you what you’re drinking, go ahead and add some greens in their. I like spinach and kale. Here are some of my favorite green smoothie recipes. It’s a great way to get in your greens, and make your smoothie more filling! Perfect to drink on the go.

4. Turkey Meatloaf Muffins. I made these once and they were delicious…and awesome to have on hand! I found these through Jaimie Eason of BodyBuilding.com. Here’s a bloggers review and recipe. These are easy to pack, and easy to eat on the go. Here’s another lunch container which would be perfect for these muffins, along with some hummus and veggies. It’s a stackable container available at Kohl’s for $14.99.

stackable lunch container

So those are just a few ideas for some great, quick lunches. I always pack my lunch box, which is the next thing I wanted to talk about. I love cute, patterned lunch boxes. I figure, since I’m using it everyday, might as well look good :) The one I have I bought at Rite Aid, and it’s Igloo brand. I found the exact one I have on Amazon, just different colors. It’s insulated and keeps my food cold for hours.

igloo lunchboxI totally believe in the quote, “Fail to prepare, and prepare to fail.” Packing your lunch has a ton of benefits, such as saving you money, and being healthier. Even if you have limited time or space, you can still have a healthy, quick lunch.

Do you pack your lunch daily? What are your go-to lunches/quick lunches? I love new ideas!

**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links…if you buy something I get a small commission, which can help fund my racing addiction ;)


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Collard Green Turkey Wrap + A Workout Challenge

I had the best lunch today…and it was something new for me to try.

I had never tried collard greens before but had always meant to try them in wraps. But I’m always hesitant trying new foods. Well, I finally got around to trying it today and it was delicious! What a great way to get in a serving of vegetables. Here’s how I made my wrap:


  • 1 leaf of collard
  • honey dijon mustard
  • hummus of your choice
  • all-natural turkey breast
  • 1 slice of cheese of your choice
  • alfalfa sprouts


  1. Spread 1 tablespoon of hummus on the leaf. You can use more or less. Then drizzle some honey dijon mustard.
  2. Place 4-5 pieces of turkey breast on the hummus, then your slice of cheese. I split my cheese in half to distribute evenly.
  3. Add a heaping amount of alfalfa sprouts (or you can chose another veggie of your choice such as mixed greens, cole slaw, tomatoes, etc).
  4. Wrap, cut in half and enjoy!

You can obviously make many types of wraps, and I definitely plan on experimenting with this more. Here’s the finished product (after I had already eaten half because I forgot to take a picture initially):

Anyway, today in NJ it’s a cold, dreary, rainy day. I posted on my Facebook page earlier about how this shouldn’t deter you from getting to the gym. If you don’t feel like driving in certain conditions, just work out at home! You don’t even need equipment.

Here’s my workout challenge for you today…if you complete it, let me know what you think! As usual, warm up before exercise (perhaps by doing my warm-up video?) and repeat the whole thing 3-5x through.

Good luck!