Health/Fitness Links To Get You Through The Day

Hope your week is going by fast! Mine certainly is. My sister comes home tomorrow for the weekend which will be fun and exciting! We have a family wedding on Friday night, so I’m really looking forward to that.

This week I actually discovered a few new blogs. I found some awesome recipes and other links I’ll share in the coming weeks.

Anyways, here are your links!

Poll: Do you use a crock pot? How do you like it? I’m thinking of getting one so I can come home and have dinner ready. I usually get home, my mom and I go to the gym, come back around 7ish, and then start cooking. Hmmm…


Health/Fitness Links To Get You Through The Day

Some of you may be bored at home this week since many schools and workplaces have declared the day off (on the East Coast at least). If you have power, check out these great links I found this week!

  • What to Toss and What to Keep After a Power Outage (Huffington Post) – Good info for those of us experiencing power outages. Thankfully, we have a power generator, but if you don’t, definitely read this!
  • Light Banana Latte Frappe – (Undressed Skeleton) This looks delicious! Absolutely need to try this. Only thing I would add is peanut butter or protein powder for some protein.
  • 15 Tips to Be Healthy and Fit in College (Fit Bottomed Girls) – Being in college can sometimes make being health tough. Dining halls have healthy options, but there is so much other stuff you want (um, hello unlimited ice cream?). Here are some great tips for you if you’re in college…and even if you’re not!
  • Healthiest Fast-Food Options (Fit Sugar) – Stuck out with no packed food and your only option is fast food? Choose one of these healthier options!
  • Reneging on Egg Yolks (Tony Gentilcore) – Another great post by trainer, Tony Gentilcore. Eat those egg yolks people! Eggs are packed with nutrition and protein. I love eggs. They are so versatile too…have them for breakfast, put them in salads, etc.

Do you eat eggs/egg yolks? 



Health/Fitness Links to Get You Through the Day

I found some really good stuff this week! Let’s get right to it…

  • How to grocery shop to lose weight – I found these tips on a new blog I’m following, Fitness Wayne. These are great tips to remember when you go grocery shopping. Main thing I’d follow: Shop the perimeter of the grocery store, that’s where the healthy stuff is!
  • Healthy tailgating tips – Fall = going to Rutgers football games and tailgating with friends. We all have our favorite team and have our school pride. But don’t let tailgating derail your efforts!
  • 5 ways to eat sweet potatoes – Like sweet potatoes? Here are 5  variations for ya! I still have to try making some sweet potato fries, I hear they’re great!
  • Total body tabata home workout – Another great workout by Blonde Ponytail. I’m all about at-home, minimal equipment workouts!
  • “Therapy Thursday: Shin splints” – A blog post by another blogger I just started following! Steph, author of The Friendly Runner, writes about the woes of shin splints and how to fix them. As a sufferer of shin splints, I loved this post and am happy to say I do all of these =) Maybe not consistently…but that’s another story.

Which link did you find the most useful? Let me know if you implement any of the tips, workouts or recipes!