My First DNS – Long Branch Half Marathon

Welp…I had my first DNS (did not start) this weekend. I was all registered to run the Long Branch Half Marathon (part of the New Jersey Marathon) with my mom yesterday, but it just did not pan out as planned. This might be a long one…

I started feeling sick last Tuesday, and each day I felt progressively worse. On Thursday I came down with a fever, though it went away in about an hour or so. I tried to convince myself I would feel better by Sunday. Usually I am quick to recover from colds…I came down with a cold before NYC Marathon in 2013 and ended up being fine by race day. 

Well, Saturday I woke up feeling achy, congested and just awful in general. Have you ever gotten a sore throat from that post-nasal drip? Yeah I’ve had that all week. I finally went to the doctor Saturday morning because I had no clue what was going on that I felt so crappy. I was feeling really upset Saturday morning because I knew that my chances of running Sunday were slim.

When I walked into the doctor’s office and he asked me to explain what was wrong, it all came bubbling up. What did Cady Heron call it in Mean Girls? Word vomit? It was like word/emotion vomit. I’m embarassed to say I cried a bit while explaining my symptoms and that I was upset because I had registered for a half marathon and now would probably not run. I’m pretty sure he probably thought I was crazy lol. He prescribed me antibiotics and told me I could run if I felt better. 

I was really, really hoping I’d magically be better by Sunday but I wasn’t. I woke up in the middle of the night and threw up, probably because of the antibiotics (he had warned me it could cause nausea), and that’s when I knew I wouldn’t be able to run. I got up at 4 am (because I was still going to go cheer on my mom no matter what), and figured I’d make a last minute decision. Well, my body was still achy, my throat was still sore, my nose was like a faucet, and I had thrown up a few hours ago. So I decided not to run.

Guys, it was such a hard decision. 1) I really wanted to run this race with my mom. It was where we ran our first half marathon together. 2) We had our shirts made and everything (did I jinx myself by putting the race on the shirt before I ran it? Probably). And 3) these races aren’t cheap! I felt like I was throwing money down the drain. My mom and sister both told me to not worry about the money…health is more important. I know that…but still.

PS – Here are the shirts my mom and I made to wear. I can’t believe we’ve been running together since 2010! (2011 was the year we upped our distances from 5k to half and full marathons).


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

I posted in the Sweat Pink group online and got a bunch of stories and words of encouragement. I know many have gone through this but I just needed to hear from other runners, especially because I don’t have many runner friends in real life that I can vent to. Someone really gave me perspective and basically commented that in the grand scheme of things, I am lucky to even have the opportunity to run a half marathon or multiple half marathons, especially with my mom. I know that we have many more races to run together.

The fact that I couldn’t run didn’t stop me from cheering like crazy for everyone! I was at mile 5.5ish waiting for my mom and in the meantime had my “I don’t even know you but I’m proud of you” sign and was cheering my face off. Probably didn’t do my throat any favors ;)

I got a lot of compliments from runners on my sign…good to know you all like it! Will definitely be my go-to race sign. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.51.38 AM

I saw my mom at 5.5ish, 10ish and right before the finish. It was cool to be a spectator for once and see it from the other side. I loved cheering for her with my sister and seeing how happy and strong she looked. It really is a blessing that we are able to run all these races together, and this set back just makes me more ready and excited to begin marathon training with her.

Here we are post-race, and her getting her medal at the finish!

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.50.20 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.50.43 AM

I suppose there were a few pros to not running:

  • I can continue my training without having to take a week off from running.
  • I can keep building up my weekly mileage and work on speed for my 10k on May 30th.
  • I can go up and down the stairs no problem :)

I know that if I had tried to run there was a good chance I wouldn’t have finished, but it still doesn’t hurt any less. I’ll get over it…”on to the next one” right?

Have you ever had a DNS? Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated!

Anyone else ever cry at the doctor’s office over not being able to run? No? Just me? #runnerprobs


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6 Tips For Choosing Your First Half Marathon or Marathon

Spring race season is (sorta) close! I can’t wait until it gets warmer and I can start running 5Ks. Spring weather and fall weather are the best for running. I will be doing a spring half marathon, just not sure which one yet.

If you’re just starting on your running journey, or even just thinking about doing your first longer distance race, here are a few tips that may help you in deciding which to pick. Your first half marathon and/or marathon will be one you won’t forget. It takes months of training to get there, and whether that day goes awesome or horrible (like my first marathon), you’ll always remember it. So finding the right race for you is important!

Tips For Choosing Your First Half Marathon or Marathon


I won’t say that you should pick one close to you, because a destination race could be just as fun. My first half marathon and marathon were both close to where I live, but I wouldn’t have been opposed to a destination. I think it would have both positives and negatives.

Positives: your first race is somewhere new, it’s wrapped up into a vacation and it’s going to be an awesome memory. Negatives: Traveling could create more stress, logistics could be more complicated, there could be jet lag issues, and you’ll have to fly home with sore legs ;)

When there’s a race close to home, you have less to worry about and you might be able to get more sleep the night before – both because you may have extra time to get ready, and because you’ll be sleeping in your own bed and have less stress. Last year, it was so nice to be able to sleep in my own house and wake up and drive into NYC for the NYC Marathon. Just something to think about…

Course Built For Your Strengths

For me, I know that I don’t prefer pancake flat courses. I train on pretty hilly terrain, so I’m more comfortable with a few hills (nothing crazy), like the NYC Marathon course. If you train on mostly flat ground, you’ll probably want to find a flat race. HalfMarathons.net is a great resource and gives you course info, elevation maps and average temperatures. Running In The USA is a great place to look for half races and marathons. Definitely make sure to look at elevation maps before registering! I’ve decided against certain races because of crazy hills ;)


Do you imagine hundreds of people cheering you on and screaming your name? If that thought pumps you up, go for a bigger race. I have yet to run another marathon besides NYC and I’m honestly kind of nervous to! I loved the huge crowds and am scared another race just won’t compare. Though, at the same time, I ran the Philly Half in November which was a bigger race and kind of regretted it. It was packed on the course which can get frustrating.

So I would suggest deciding on your two options: a crazy spectator crowd or perhaps less of a crowd and less people on the course (no worrying about dodging runners or delayed starts). I personally would say go with the bigger crowds. As a first timer, there’s nothing like having people screaming for you, high-fiving you and cheering you on. That’s what got me through every mile during both my marathons. My first half marathon (Long Branch Half, NJ) had less spectators but still had good support throughout the entire race. It was more suburban, so people were outside on their front lawns cheering the runners on.

Team Up With A Friend

I’m so inspired and impressed by people who run half marathons and marathons alone…I really can’t imagine running one without my mom! If it’s your first time, finding a running buddy who will join you can serve as motivation and support. You have someone to talk about training with, and vent about the bad runs, injuries, etc. You’ll also have someone there on race day to share your nerves and run with you. Even if you decide to both run your own races, it’s great to have someone there before the race…and after!

Read Race Recaps

Reading race recaps helps you get a perspective from another runner. I’ve been searching for a spring half marathon and fall marathon and have read a million race recaps. No matter how small the race, I bet you’ll find a recap. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment or tweet them with any questions you might have – runners love that!

Weather (Not Just Race Day)

Sure, race day weather is an important consideration (do you want to run a race on the east coast in December?), but I’m more focused on the weather during your training. A fall race means summer training, and a spring race means winter training (which is why I have yet to run an early spring race). I prefer summer running, but many enjoy running in the winter. I know I will not be running much in Dec.-Feb. so my spring half will probably be in May.

Another thing to consider is Daylight Savings. During the end of my training for both NYC Marathon and the Philly Half, training got tough because it was getting dark around 4:30 – 5:00, which was when I would get out of work. I don’t live in a well-lit area, so it wasn’t easy to run at night….though I then figured out that going to my local college campus where it WAS well-lit was perfect for long run days. No need to wear a headlamp or anything.

This post just got me excited for half marathon training to begin. One day, my spring race will be the Boston Marathon…though that’s a looooong ways away ;)

What tips would you add to this list?

What was your first half or full marathon?  Or will you be running your first this year?


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Philadelphia Half Marathon Race Recap

Feeling pretty bummed out today. Not only did I not PR, but I ran my slowest time for a half marathon. But not all races can be PRs and the best race ever right?

This one might be long, but here are the bullet points in case you don’t want to read ;)

  • Finished in 2:12. 3 minutes slower than my PR.
  • Felt great until around mile 7. My legs just started feeling heavy. Put in my headphones (First time I’ve ran a half with music).
  • Lots of weaving and sudden stopping due to narrow roads.
  • Feeling bad that I held my mom back and she probably could have PRed but decided to stay with me.
  • I probably wouldn’t run this race again due to how packed it was the entire 13.1 miles.

Alright, let’s get into the details.

The race started at 7am, which meant we had to be up at 4:45 to leave the hotel by 5:15. We stayed on the NJ side, about 15 minutes out. I didn’t get much sleep because my dad snores so much, but I knew that wouldn’t affect me much since the sleep you get the week leading up to it is the most important. So we got up at 4:45, got dressed, ate our oatmeal and drank our coffee, and were ready to go!


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

We got to the start area around 5:45, and went to the lines for the port-a-johns. This is one of my few complaints I have about this race. There were a lot of them, but signs said to form one line in front of each one. This meant there was a HUGE line of people waiting, and it wasn’t moving. I like how NYRR has just a few lines that go to multiple port-a-johns, so that if some are faster than others, you have a few options, as opposed to waiting for just one. This just really annoyed me.

We waited in that line from around 6:10 until 7:00 when the race started. The gun went off and we were still in the line. As we finished though, we saw our corral color was running by, so we just hopped in (we were in the line for corrals ahead of ours). The timing was fine, but I think there could be a better system for that.

Anyway, we crossed the finish and of course as I cross my Garmin screen goes back to the main screen as opposed to the timer screen. So I had to reconnect to GPS etc. once I started running, so I figured it would be a minute off the whole way. Who wants to do math while they’re running 13.1 miles?! :) I think I might have gone out too fast, because around mile 3 I was like “Hmm…did I go out to fast?” So yeah I probably did haha. But I really did feel fine until mile 7. I actually ran a 10K PR on the course! 1:01.

I don’t know my splits or anything since my watch was all weird, but the course was decent. There was one long stretch around mile 5-6ish where the road got really narrow and it was hard to run. A lot of people were hopping up on the sidewalks to run. The upside was that on that same road it was like running through a tunnel of people. Since it was narrow, the spectators were right on top of you, which did pump me up when I was starting to feel the fatigue.

Around mile 7ish we hit our first hill. I felt fine going up that one. Around mile 8-9ish, the second hill came in. This one was longer and a bit steeper…and also where I walked for the first time. I ran about halfway and just wanted to take a short 30 second break. My mom was ahead of me but stayed back and I told her to run ahead. She didn’t want to. So we kept going along.

At mile 11, “Work B*tch” came on, which is my motivational running song, so I thought to myself ok LET’S GO! ONLY 2 MORE MILES! I tried to speed up during the chorus of the song and easy run during the other parts, because my legs had just about had it.

Mile 12 I was done. My PR was way out the window and I honestly had a moment of thinking “What’s the point? I can just run/walk now since I’m going to get my worst time anyway.” I told my mom to just go on without me, that she might be able to get close to our PR time if she went. She said okay.  She left and I thought, no you know what, I WILL run this last mile as fast as I can and finish strong. I picked the 4:15 marathon pace group ahead of me as my target and tried to catch them. Who knows how fast I was actually running at that point haha. I didn’t see a Mile 13 sign so I had no idea how far I had left, but there was a huge crowd and I heard the announcer so I just ran it in as fast as I could. I passed a lot of people in that final stretch which felt good. I finished only 30 seconds behind my mom. I was sure glad that was over with!


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

How I’m Feeling

It just really sucks when you train for months for something and feel like you blew it. Last night I was searching for other half marathons coming up to see if I could find one and try again. I did find one in Brooklyn but I’m having a holiday party that day so it just wouldn’t be possible.

I’m running a 1 mile race this weekend, and a 5K on Dec. 6. If I can at least hit a PR for those and end the season on that note, I’ll be more happy.

What frustrates me is that nothing hurt while I was running. My legs just weren’t going anywhere. I don’t know if maybe I didn’t eat enough the day before or morning of? Who knows. I also feel bad that I held my mom back.

What I’ve been telling myself is that although this race didn’t go as planned, I have dropped my 5K time significantly since I started training. I haven’t ran a sub 28 minute 5K in about 3 years, and a few weeks ago I ran 26:46. So I’m getting closer to that PR. A big thanks to Coach Marc for helping me improve on that, and have a great training season!

I’m just feeling bummed. I really wish I could run another half. I also just wasn’t a huge fan of this race due to how packed it was. My knees are pretty sore and I feel like the constant stopping and running around people might have to do with it. Who knows. But I do know that I want my next spring half to be a smaller field. I was originally thinking RnR DC but will probably find a smaller race.

But I’m happy my dad and my mom’s friend’s family (who also ran) were there to watch. It was a fun weekend, and my dad was really excited to post his pictures of him running up the stairs of the museum like Rocky lol.

The night before we bought this doll thing with a long stick? Not sure exactly what it is but it helped my mom and I spot him as we ran by since who else is holding up something like that.

Philly Half
He always comes to our big races to cheer us on, even if he only sees us for probably a minute total :) Oh and here are the shirts we wore. I had talked about these in a previous post, and some of you wanted to see what the final product would look like. We used double sided velcro as opposed to pins, and we got a lot of compliments!

Philadelphia Half Marathon

So that’s that. I’d love to hear some advice from you.

Have you felt upset after a big race? How did you deal with it? Did you run a “redemption race?”


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Philly Half Marathon Training Week 6

Skipped some runs this week, not gonna lie, but had an awesome long run yesterday and am feeling good! Last week was incredibly busy for me so I did what I could.

Here’s how last week went:

Monday: Scheduled –> 35 min. XT + 25 min. strength. Actual –> Took off. 

Tuesday: Scheduled–> 3 mile fartlek run. Actual –> I took a 45 minute. battle ropes/tabata class as part of my SweatPink ambassadorship, so I counted it as XT…stay tuned for the review!

Wednesday: Scheduled –> Day off. Actual –> Obviously took off ;)

Thursday: Scheduled –> 3 mile run. Actual –> 2 mile run + lifting. Felt awful. The heat and humidity got to me AND I was not the best with nutrition that day. Let’s just say the night before I ate multiple cookies, and during the day on Thursday I had multiple cookies…what a horrible run. Can you tell I have a sugar problem? We did lift so at least that got done!

We did:

  • Bench press
  • DB squats
  • DB deadlift
  • DB reverse lunges
  • Cable tricep pressdown
  • One arm cable rows

Friday: Scheduled –> 3 mile run. Actual –> 3 mile run. Felt good despite the humidity. Actually felt really good. It was a later run (7 pm) so that might be why. I also had my first XC meet as a coach this day and it went well! So proud of my runners. Here is part of the men’s team warming up:

Saturday: Scheduled –> 35 min XT + 25 lifting. Actual –> 30 minutes of tennis with my mom (as XT). The tennis bug has definitely bit us after watching the US Open live! There was also a Rutgers game (season opener) so that’s where I was during the day…so pumped football season is here, and that Rutgers will be playing in the Big Ten!

Sunday: Scheduled –> 6 miles. Actual –> 6 miles. Felt awesome! I was kind of dreading this run but it turned out to be a great run with my mom. Kept it below 11 min./mile which for us, right now, means we are slowly getting back into shape!

I just checked my training calendar for the next two weeks that Coach Marc laid out, and I’m excited! Finally some tempo runs and track workouts. I love track workouts. Tempo runs…not so much…but I like that they make me faster and a stronger runner.

I’m still on my runner’s high from my 6 mile run earlier. Finally feels good to be running again, as opposed to trudging along hating the fact that I feel so out of shape.

Are you running any fall races?

What is your college alma mater? Any RU alums reading? :)


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Half-Marathon Training Has Begun!

Tuesday was my first run in who knows how long. I mean, I ran while in Paraguay (once), and probably a few times in the past couple of months since the New York City Marathon, but I really haven’t been consistently running at all.

Therefore, those 3 miles on Tuesday were tough. My sister and I ran together, and if she wasn’t with me, I probably would have taken a few walk breaks…but my competitive spirit got the best of me ;) The first mile was all uphill, and I felt so out of shape most of the time. But hey, my own fault for not keeping up my base!


After the run, we went to the gym for leg day. We did barbell squats, leg press, leg curls, and I attempted to do 45 lb. weight hip raises…


Turns out the plate was way too big. Oops :) Will use the bar next time.

Here’s my running schedule for the rest of the week:

Today: 3 easy miles + upper body workout

Friday: 3 easy miles + lower body workout

Saturday: 35 min. XT (probably will swim)

Sunday: 4 miles

I’ve probably said this a million times, but I’m so excited to be back to training with Coach Marc of TrainWithMarc and getting back on track. My 5K PR was with him, so I’m hoping I can break that this fall ;)

Speaking of Marc, I will leave you with a quick message, and exciting opportunity, from him…check it out!


Hi RYP fans!  I wanted to share a great offer with you – and it doesn’t last long, so you’ve got to move quickly.

I have a discount on “blogging for coaching” that helps runners like yourself set your next half marathon or 5k PR. If you’re ready to run your fastest, this might be the opportunity you’re looking for. Find details on the offer below:



Are you training for a fall race? Which one? Tell me in the comments below!


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Why I Needed A Break From Running

I love running. I do. But after the Brooklyn Half Marathon, I needed a break from running.

Towards the end of half-marathon training, I wasn’t looking forward to runs anymore. It was more of a task than fun, and that’s how I knew. I wanted the half to be over so I could take a break and go back to lifting. I knew I needed to start marathon training towards the end of July…and I could have and probably should have kept running a little bit to keep my base, but I just needed to get away from it.

I love running and I want to feel excited for runs, and I just wasn’t there anymore. So I took a month and a half off and did other things, like cardio/strength workouts that focused on different forms of cardio, like burpees (hate). I loved seeing my improvement in lifting and reps.

Then, once I picked out my half marathon training plan, I started getting excited about running again…and all of a sudden, I couldn’t wait for training to start again!

I’m only in week 2 of training but I am excited for each run so far. My goal is to PR at the New York City Marathon, so that will fuel my runs as well.

I definitely needed that time away from running to feel this excitement again. Because, honestly, after the half I was like ugh I have to start MARATHON training now?!?

Isn’t it funny how it almost sounds like a relationship? ;)

Marathon Training

Speaking of marathon training. I started my day off with an easy 3 mile run today. Well, it was certainly at an easy pace (slow) but it did not feel easy considering it was 80% humidity. WHYYYY??? Can this go away anytime soon? I had to stop and walk a few times because I just felt so out of breath, but I felt good finishing the run. I also ran in my Pro Compression socks for the first time…not bad! And I love this color…and I swear I didn’t mean to match my outfit :)

Then I made myself a nice breakfast…egg white scramble with mushrooms topped with salsa, and an apple with almond butter. Yum!

This is the first week I will be running Thursday-Sunday! Hopefully it goes well and my body adjusts to running in the heat.

Have you ever needed a break from running? Or any sport? Or can you run all year round?


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Brooklyn Half Marathon Race Recap

Ok, I have finally gotten around to writing this recap! Let’s just jump right into it.

So we woke up at 4 am on Saturday morning, which was the earliest I have ever been up for a race. I went to sleep at 9:30 the night before, but was tossing and turning a lot thinking about this race. Do you get actual sleep before race day?

My dad drove us in and we got there around 6:15. Here’s the pretty sunrise we saw on our way in:

We used the restrooms and then basically just hung out in our corral. I really liked that each corral had their own set of bathrooms. It didn’t get too packed or have crazy lines which I was expecting if they just had a long row of them outside of the corrals for everyone.

Our corral was set to start at 7:30 am. As the time got closer, I got more and more nervous. Not necessarily because I wanted to PR (which I did) but because I just wanted to finish and not have to stop because of shin pain.

At 7:30 we were off, and the first 3 miles were great. We felt good. and from what I remember our splits were:

Mile 1: 10:15

Mile 2: 9:18

Mile 3: 9:25

My plan was to do the first 5 in 9:30 pace then pick it up to 9:20 pace. Well, I thought I could do this during the first 4-5 miles. Then Prospect Park happened.

I was expecting hills, and I train on hills but for some reason these hills just really slowed me down. One in particular was super long, like probably half a mile (maybe a little less). Once we got out of Prospect Park we were at Mile 7 and it was pretty much flat but the damage was done. I was beat, it was hot and humid, and I was sweating A LOT aka losing a lot of water and salt.

photo 3

Running in the park

photo 2

Finally leaving the park onto Ocean Parkway

Isn’t my shirt drenched with sweat so attractive? :-p The humidity definitely started slowing me down. I was glad we were on the parkway heading straight to Coney Island, but personally, I thought it was pretty boring. It seemed as if it lasted forever. But, at the same time, the miles did tick by quickly. I don’t know how to explain it haha. I was glad that we were at Mile 7 after the hilly park, because if it was Mile 4 or something I would definitely feel defeated.

Anyway, so yeah the parkway stretch was boring. At mile 9 we had to stop and walk to fuel and just take a break. My mom’s knee was bothering her as well. Once we started running I made a pact with myself that I would run until the next mile, then walk a short break, then run to the next mile again. I kept telling myself it was just a treadmill working. Just hold on for a few more minutes then you get a break.

At mile 11 I knew we had only 2 more miles. I WANTED to run the whole way but I just couldn’t catch my breath with the humidity. What is so frustrating about this race was that my legs and shins felt great. But I just couldn’t get my breathing right. Also, at Mile 8ish we knew we wouldn’t hit our time goal of around 2:05. I would be happy with anything around our original half marathon time. At Mile 11, I really thought we’d finish 2:15.

RANDOM NOTE: There were NYPD officers around Mile 10 who were cheering on runners and yelling out, “DO NOT WALK. YOU WILL GET A SUMMONS.” That gave me a little pick me up. I love spectators.

So then we finally made it to Mile 12. There were a ton of spectators on the road entering Coney Island which really helped me speed up a little bit and not walk at all in the last mile. I saw the sign that said, “800 Meters To Go” and was pumped. I thought, ok just 2 laps on the track. I can do this. I always break things down into laps on a track when my mind needs a little help.

Then, I saw the ramp up to the boardwalk. SO CLOSE! This is another complaint, however. The ramp was not big enough for how many runners there were, so we had to all slow down A LOT. Like, almost walking. I got to the top and my mom and I sprinted as hard as we could to the finish. We also FINALLY remembered to raise our arms up for a posed finish picture. In the 3 halfs and 1 full we have done, we always have forgotten to do this.

Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 10.34.06 AM

And then, we finished! My mom’s stopwatch said 2:11 and I was honestly shocked. I thought we finished around 2:15 because of how our pace slowed. Our official finishing time was 2:10:56 which was basically our 1st half marathon time from 2011, which was also way flatter (2:10:58). I’ll take it!

So happy to be done!

We got our medals then kept walking. My dad and brother were at the finish and took a lot of photo and video of us. I love when our family comes to support us!

photo 1The good thing about the day was that it was cloudy the whole time. The bad thing was the 70% humidity. But what can you do, race day is always a toss up of whether you will get perfect conditions or not.

We had to leave right after the race so we didn’t get to experience any of Coney Island. Sad. I put on my new compression socks by 110% and iced in the car. I will be writing a review on this product very soon!

I had a few stomach cramps for a few hours after the race, but made sure to get in some protein in the car and ate some eggs. Other than that I couldn’t really eat until dinner that night.

But good news, very little shin pain after! In fact, my legs were just stiff and tight. I took a 4 hour nap while having my legs raised that helped too :)

The next day, I was a little bit sore but not much, and the third day I was perfectly fine! Best I have felt after a half marathon. So, at least my body has gotten used to the long distances!

So that’s pretty much it! I would rate this race a B. The route wasn’t anything to write home about, but the finish on Coney Island was pretty cool. I was disappointed with my time, but then realized, hey, my body just ran 13.1 miles and feels mostly fine after. I need to give myself credit. Plus, I didn’t even get my worst time ever which was what I was expecting.

Overall, it was a good day, and I’m happy I felt so good afterwards, as opposed to how horrible I felt after NYC Marathon.

Who else ran Brooklyn? What were your thoughts on the course? In general, are you disappointed when you don’t hit a time goal?

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Busy, Busy, Week

Hi everyone…sorry to be MIA! I know today I usually post my “Health/Fitness Links” but I have been so busy. I was at a digital summit all day yesterday with my sister, so I had no time to write anything. I will be in NYC again tomorrow, have a reception Friday, my HALF MARATHON Saturday (!!), and graduation Sunday.

Needless to say, I will be happy when this week is over lol.

Here’s a pic of us from yesterday…it was a great day and we learned so much to start expanding and improving our business!

I will be back to our regularly scheduled programming next week, I promise!

Plus, I’m sure I will write a nervous post leading up to my race ;)

Have a great week!


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Last 10 Miler Before the Brooklyn Half!!

I can’t believe this was me and my mom’s last double digit run before the half. It was a really good run overall, and I felt really strong. My coach said to do 5 miles normal pace, 3 miles at 9:15-9:30 pace, and 2 miles normal as cooldown. Because of how I spread my water on the course, I ended up doing 6 miles normal, then started the 3 miles.

I thought the 3 miles at that pace (which is around my half marathon goal pace) was going to be tough. After all, last week I did 2 miles at 9-9:15 pace and I could barely finish the second mile, I was dead! Surprisingly, the 3 miles yesterday felt fine. It was “comfortably hard.” I even did the third mile in 9:06! I felt like I was cruising.

Here are the splits…I’m happy we did kind of a progressive run too because we kept getting a little faster:

It was pretty warm out and my water bottle with my Nuun was leaking so I had to drop it. I was nervous because I was sweating a lot but I ended up being fine with my Honey Stingers and just water. Though once I got home I had a ton of salt on my face, and was so sweaty!

Hot right? I hate that I sweat so much and my mom barely sweats!

Anyway, I had a nice long stretch post run while I drank a recovery protein shake. Then relaxed and watched 90210 with my sister before going to bed. Feeling great today!

I just hope I feel strong on race day like I did yesterday, and have no issues with my shins or calves!

The half is May 18, and I’m 3 weeks out…I really hope I’m not “peaking early” or anything like that. What do you guys think??


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11 Mile Run Recap

After being glued to the TV all afternoon yesterday, I needed to go out and complete my 11 mile run with my mom. I ran with a heavy heart, and my mom and I talked a lot about what happened and how we couldn’t believe it. As I ran, I just thought of those runners who were at the marathon, so excited to be running Boston…or if it was their first, excited and nervous…and how now that memory is marred. I just feel so sad…

But anyway, I was glad I was actually able to finish my 11 miles after 2 weeks of not being able to do a long run due to my calves burning (wtf??). We did a large 6 mile loop that ended back at my house, and I stopped for a few minutes there to change my shoes. Then we did another 5 miles at our local park. I love running there, it is so scenic!

We finished in 1:55, so average pace about 10:27 per mile. We also did 2 miles in the middle at goal half marathon pace, around 9:15 per mile. Those were TOUGH! But I pushed through it, and envisioned the elite women at the marathon I had been watching earlier for inspiration. Then we finished with 3 miles at normal pace. I felt great! Though today my left knee/side of knee/IT band is super tight and hurting, and I can’t bend my knee when I walk, but other than that I felt good =)

I have my half marathon training class today and was planning on just walking or doing an easy 3, but I forgot my sneakers and my knee is hurting anyway, so I won’t be running.

So happy I got my 11 miles in! 12 miles up for next week.

Are you running today??

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