Week 10/52 of Training – 2015

Happy Monday! So excited that this week will be in the high 45′s…which means I can run outside! Last week’s training was pretty decent. I know I need to keep ramping up my miles but towards the end of the week my shins started acting up again, so I need to take it slow. Here’s what last week’s training looked like:

Monday: 4 miles. I did this treadmill workout and really liked it. Not easy but not too challenging, and I always like a few sprints thrown in.

Tuesday: My usual treadmill “track” workout – 1:50 at 8.2 speed, with 2 minute walk rest, repeat 6 times (after 1 mile warmup).

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Off…snowed in.

Friday: 5 mile treadmill workout, which I posted about last week! And posted this video to get some feedback on running form. Do you think pronation really plays a role in injury prevention? I read a few articles stating that it’s natural and other biomechanics issues and weaknesses are much more important to focus on…and that you should get sneakers based on feel, not necessarily your pronation.

For example, I’ve been told to wear stability shoes but those are not comfortable at all for me. What do you think? Here’s a slow-mo video of me running from behind…what I do know is I need to strengthen my hips and fix how my legs kick back at an angle and not in a straight line.


A video posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

Saturday: 3 mile treadmill run. Was supposed to do 6 but my calves were really tight and I was just so bored. I CAN’T TAKE THE TREADMILL ANYMORE. So I got off and did a battle ropes workout and some box jumps for an added 15 minutes of cardio. Also working on my crow pose and my sister captured my fall on film :)



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Sunday: Off

Oh also check out my new YouTube video! I’ll be doing more videos and getting back into that…hopefully once a week. This one is just a quick 1 minute video showing different bodyweight cardio exercises you can throw in your routine.

Which of those exercises do you do regularly?

What do you think of the pronation/running shoe thing?? Advice and info welcomed!!


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5 Mile Treadmill Workout

I’ve been doing this treadmill workout recently because I cannot do steady pace runs on the “dreadmill” for the life of me. I GET SO BORED. Props to all you training for a spring marathon on the treadmill. 5 miles is about my limit.

So I made up an interval type run that focused on speed with some hills thrown in, which really helps pass the time. I actually had a really good 4 mile treadmill run yesterday thanks to this workout.

Anyway, here’s my 5 mile treadmill workout:

5 Mile Treadmill Workout
Something I like to do on the hill intervals is speed up for 15 seconds at the end. So if I’m running 45 seconds at 7.0 speed, in the last few seconds I’ll lower the incline back down but then crank it up to around 7.5 and run that for 15 seconds before I take that one minute break. I think that helps with feeling stronger on hills in races, because you’ll be trained to speed up at the top once it flattens out as opposed to slowing down or walking.

You can play around with how many of those 2 minute intervals you want to do or at what pace. Same with the hills. With the hill intervals, just pick something you can hold for 1 minute for the first one (challenging but not TOO challenging), and that last interval should really be killer for 30 seconds.

Let me know if you try this out, I always like hearing feedback!

What types of treadmill workouts do you do? Are you able to just do steady state runs?

Some of you have suggested podcasts instead of music…if you listen to podcasts please leave me some suggestions!


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Week 9/52 of Training – 2015 + Workout Playlist 14

Last week’s training wasn’t the best so I’m not even going to go through day by day haha. I ran twice. It was just a busy week and the weekend was also packed, so it just didn’t happen. Oh well, this week will be better!

I did a track workout (well, on the treadmill) Tuesday, which was 6×400 meters at 8.2 (7:19 pace). This is slowly getting a bit easier…it’s still super challenging but the weird thing is that now when I run at my 5K race pace (8:20ish) that feels so much slower! I guess that’s a good thing :) I’m running a 5K on March 14 so we’ll see what kind of shape I’m in.

I also did a tempo workout on Thursday for 5 miles. I’ll be sharing that treadmill workout this week because it really helps the time go by faster. It’s a mix of intervals and hill runs. 

Anyway, today I wanted to share a new workout playlist! I’ve been obsessed with “Honey, I’m Good” by Andy Grammer. I probably play it once every day lol. Listen to it! It’s so catchy. The rest of my picks are typical top 40 songs, but those are the ones that pump me up the most during runs.


Check out this dance crew dancing to 7/11. I wish I had moves like that! One of my 2015 goals is to take a hip hop dance class…we’ll see how that turns out ;)

What songs are on your current playlist? Please share in the comments so I can add it to mine!


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Training week 8/52 – 2015

And just like that, it’s already the last week of February. Is it spring yet??

This past week was pretty good workout wise. Ran 5 miles for the first time since November and felt great. Also ran outside for the first time all winter! Sunday was a nice 40 degrees – perfect for running.

Here’s the week in training:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 3 mile treadmill run. I wanted to run a 5K the weekend before but didn’t end up doing it because it was cold and snowing. So today I figured I’d try to see what pace I could hold for 5K. Well I held my 5K pace for a mile and a half and then had to turn it down to 9:15 pace. Running workouts on a treadmill is so hard for me mentally! I just can’t wait until I can get back on the track. I also wore my new TrainWithMarc shirt – I love the color and logo! If you want to order one, check out Coach Marc’s website. Also did a short lifting session post-run.

Thursday – 5 mile treadmill run. Did a speed/hill workout which I’ll write about this week because it really helped those miles fly by.

Friday - Spin class. I almost didn’t go because I was feeling so tired in the morning but dragged myself there and felt great after. That quote, “I really regret that workout said no one ever” is so true. Tough class with a lot of hill climbs but I biked 20 miles this time – 2 more miles than last week!

Saturday - Off

Sunday – 4 miles…outside!! It’s funny how 40 degrees feels warm after weeks of single digits or sub-zero temps. My mom and I ran outside and felt surprisingly good for not having ran regularly in months. I think the speed workouts we’ve been doing on the treadmill have really helped.


This was our first real week back to running…I know it’s not crazy miles or anything but I like building up slow so as to not kill my shins. 12 miles of running plus “6 miles” of cross training (spin). Not bad I say! My shins are feeling a bit sore but that’s expected since I really didn’t run more than 2 times a week (and only 2-3 miles) from November-January. Still not 100% sure of my spring half plan…but I do know I want to enter the lottery for the Chicago Marathon this fall!

How’d your last week of training go?

Have you ran Chicago Marathon or Marine Corps Marathon? Thoughts? Please share!


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Training Week 7/52 – 2015

Happy Monday! Who’s off today? If you are, I’m jealous. Just sat down at my desk after a 5 min. walk from my car in sub-zero temps…my fingers are numb!

Anyway, I wanted to talk about my training today. I got the idea from at a fellow runner I follow on Instagram, Melissa. Check her out for some runspiration, she’s awesome!

She posts weekly updates on her training, whether or not she’s training for something specific or not. I want to start doing the same in order to hold myself accountable, and get feedback from you all if needed. I’m not training for a specific race YET, but I know I want to do an April and/or May half marathon. Therefore, my training is kind of all over the place and not very scheduled, but I’ve been trying to make it to the gym at least 3 times a week.

So  here it is!

Monday: 3 miles. I’ve been doing this treadmill speed workout once a week to try to get faster/comfortable with a challenging pace for me. I warm-up for a mile, then do 1:50 at 8.2 (which equates to one lap on the track at 7:19 pace). The first time I did it I couldn’t finish the workout (you’re supposed to do 6 reps, I did 3 or 4), but now it’s started to feel easier! Well, it’s still really tough but I no longer feel like I’m going to pass out ;)

Tuesday: Strength workout. I had shared a 30 minute strength workout I’ve been doing (part of a workout plan I’m creating for an ebook), so that’s what I did today.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: My first 2-a-day workout! I actually enjoyed it. Well, I didn’t have to get to work until 1 so my morning workout started at 9:30 am (perfect time for me, I wish I could do that everyday). I did a 4 mile treadmill workout (2 minutes at 5K pace, 1 minute walk). After doing that 7:19 workout from above, my 5K goal pace (8:20) felt surprisingly easy! I hope this bodes well for my first 5K race once it gets warmer. PM Workout: Warmed up with 1 mile (so total 5 miles for the day), then did one of my 30 minute strength workouts.

Friday: Tried a spin class at a studio near my apartment and really enjoyed it! It’s called Revolution Indoor Cycling for my NJ peeps. I want to try doing spin at least once a week as cross training. The instructor was awesome and really energetic. Runners, do you find that spinning helps your running? 


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Weekend: Off. Dan’s cousin got married Saturday so we headed down early. It was a blast! It’s the first time I’ve worn a long dress since senior prom (so…a long time). 


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

It was such a fun time and needless to say, the next day I did not have the energy to go to the gym :)

Overall, a great week of training. I am going to start running more to build my base. This training week was 8 running miles and 14 miles total including cross training. Now, can it stop being below zero so I can finally run outside again???

I’m linking up with Running Rachel and you should too! I love reading other people’s training logs, it really helps to motivate me.

Do you count your cross training miles into your weekly miles? How do you track your miles/training?


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6 Tips For Choosing Your First Half Marathon or Marathon

Spring race season is (sorta) close! I can’t wait until it gets warmer and I can start running 5Ks. Spring weather and fall weather are the best for running. I will be doing a spring half marathon, just not sure which one yet.

If you’re just starting on your running journey, or even just thinking about doing your first longer distance race, here are a few tips that may help you in deciding which to pick. Your first half marathon and/or marathon will be one you won’t forget. It takes months of training to get there, and whether that day goes awesome or horrible (like my first marathon), you’ll always remember it. So finding the right race for you is important!

Tips For Choosing Your First Half Marathon or Marathon


I won’t say that you should pick one close to you, because a destination race could be just as fun. My first half marathon and marathon were both close to where I live, but I wouldn’t have been opposed to a destination. I think it would have both positives and negatives.

Positives: your first race is somewhere new, it’s wrapped up into a vacation and it’s going to be an awesome memory. Negatives: Traveling could create more stress, logistics could be more complicated, there could be jet lag issues, and you’ll have to fly home with sore legs ;)

When there’s a race close to home, you have less to worry about and you might be able to get more sleep the night before – both because you may have extra time to get ready, and because you’ll be sleeping in your own bed and have less stress. Last year, it was so nice to be able to sleep in my own house and wake up and drive into NYC for the NYC Marathon. Just something to think about…

Course Built For Your Strengths

For me, I know that I don’t prefer pancake flat courses. I train on pretty hilly terrain, so I’m more comfortable with a few hills (nothing crazy), like the NYC Marathon course. If you train on mostly flat ground, you’ll probably want to find a flat race. HalfMarathons.net is a great resource and gives you course info, elevation maps and average temperatures. Running In The USA is a great place to look for half races and marathons. Definitely make sure to look at elevation maps before registering! I’ve decided against certain races because of crazy hills ;)


Do you imagine hundreds of people cheering you on and screaming your name? If that thought pumps you up, go for a bigger race. I have yet to run another marathon besides NYC and I’m honestly kind of nervous to! I loved the huge crowds and am scared another race just won’t compare. Though, at the same time, I ran the Philly Half in November which was a bigger race and kind of regretted it. It was packed on the course which can get frustrating.

So I would suggest deciding on your two options: a crazy spectator crowd or perhaps less of a crowd and less people on the course (no worrying about dodging runners or delayed starts). I personally would say go with the bigger crowds. As a first timer, there’s nothing like having people screaming for you, high-fiving you and cheering you on. That’s what got me through every mile during both my marathons. My first half marathon (Long Branch Half, NJ) had less spectators but still had good support throughout the entire race. It was more suburban, so people were outside on their front lawns cheering the runners on.

Team Up With A Friend

I’m so inspired and impressed by people who run half marathons and marathons alone…I really can’t imagine running one without my mom! If it’s your first time, finding a running buddy who will join you can serve as motivation and support. You have someone to talk about training with, and vent about the bad runs, injuries, etc. You’ll also have someone there on race day to share your nerves and run with you. Even if you decide to both run your own races, it’s great to have someone there before the race…and after!

Read Race Recaps

Reading race recaps helps you get a perspective from another runner. I’ve been searching for a spring half marathon and fall marathon and have read a million race recaps. No matter how small the race, I bet you’ll find a recap. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment or tweet them with any questions you might have – runners love that!

Weather (Not Just Race Day)

Sure, race day weather is an important consideration (do you want to run a race on the east coast in December?), but I’m more focused on the weather during your training. A fall race means summer training, and a spring race means winter training (which is why I have yet to run an early spring race). I prefer summer running, but many enjoy running in the winter. I know I will not be running much in Dec.-Feb. so my spring half will probably be in May.

Another thing to consider is Daylight Savings. During the end of my training for both NYC Marathon and the Philly Half, training got tough because it was getting dark around 4:30 – 5:00, which was when I would get out of work. I don’t live in a well-lit area, so it wasn’t easy to run at night….though I then figured out that going to my local college campus where it WAS well-lit was perfect for long run days. No need to wear a headlamp or anything.

This post just got me excited for half marathon training to begin. One day, my spring race will be the Boston Marathon…though that’s a looooong ways away ;)

What tips would you add to this list?

What was your first half or full marathon?  Or will you be running your first this year?


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Last Week Of Philly Half Training!

Last week was the last week of training..woohoo! This week is taper time. I can’t believe it’s finally here. Although these past 15 weeks haven’t been specifically training for a half marathon (it’s been training to break a 5K PR), I have prepared to run a strong half marathon as well by doing long runs and tempo runs. 

When I started working with Coach Marc, I told him “I want a 5K PR this season…but I do want to run a fall half too. But the PR is most important.” So that’s what we’ve been working on. And hey, I’m only 1 min. away from that PR! I’m running a 5K Dec. 6 and Dec. 20 so it has to happen at one of those…right??!

Anyway, here’s last week’s training:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 2 mile warm up, 10×400, 1 mile cooldown. I did this at my local park again and it was tough. For some reason felt harder than when I did 1000 meter repeats here! Last track workout before the half.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Off. I was supposed to run 3 miles but was feeling SO tired that day. I said I would run the 3 miles on Saturday instead. Spoiler alert – I didn’t.

Friday: 8 miles. Last long run! I always feel so sluggish the first 2 miles, anyone else? After that I felt great. Finished in 1:21. Though I learned not to wear shorts when it is below 40 degrees out. My legs were totally numb when I finished, and I think that’s why the last mile was so hard. I ran with my mom and her friend who is also training for Philly. It will be her first half marathon! She is faster than me and my mom so I predict that she will finish before us. Maybe we’ll use her as a pacer ;)


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

Saturday: Oops didn’t run. Dan and I were at the Rutgers game, which is always an all day affair. No I did not wake up early to run. I was going to but let’s be real, I just don’t do morning runs.

Sunday: Easy 3 on the treadmill. Threw in some hill repeats at half marathon pace and 2 400 repeats at 5K pace. Then did some lifting. 

So that’s a wrap! I will be writing a post on my thoughts on this training cycle soon, but I have really enjoyed working with Marc. It provides me with accountability, and it’s nice having someone to answer all your random running questions :) 

I think I’m as prepared as I can be for the half. I really didn’t skip many runs this cycle (except for last week, let’s ignore that). One thing I know I can improve on is cross training. I do lift, but I know I should do more cardio based cross training as well.

Anyone else running the Philly Half??

What is your favorite way to cross train? If you’re a runner and love spinning, have you found it improves your running?


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Philly Half Marathon Training Week 14 + 5K Recap

It’s almost here! My training has been going well and last week was probably my “peak week.” I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do in Philly. My PR is 2:08, and if I DO PR I’m not expecting it to be by a lot – but any PR is good! This week is my last week with workouts, and then my running coach has be going in to taper mode…yes!

Here’s last week’s training:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Easy 4 miler. Ran naked! Without a watch that is ;) Felt good to run by feel and not worry about pace.

Wednesday: Long run – 10 miles. This is our last double digit run before the race. I wanted to throw in some tempo miles, so we did a 3 mile warm up with 5 miles at tempo, then 2 mile cooldown. Tempo pace was average 9:40-9:45. Felt really good!! I was nervous about trying to run around half marathon pace but surprisingly I felt really strong.


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

Thursday: Easy 3 mile recovery run. I used to take the day off after a long run (still do sometimes if I have a nagging pain), but after using Hansons Marathon Method, I really liked the idea of doing a recovery run after a long run. Helps you get used to running on tired legs and also does help your muscles recover.

Friday: 6 miles total (track workout). We did this run indoors on the treadmill and it was tough! Not so much physically, but mentally. Time goes by so slow!! We did 8×800 repeats after a 1 mile warm up, then a 1/2 mile cooldown. The 800s were done at “threshold” pace, which was 8:40. 

Saturday: Off

Sunday: 5K race! And season best time! 26:46. I ran this course last month and ran it in 28:35 with 2 walk breaks. No walk breaks this time! I knew going into it that I could probably run around 27 minutes. But I was nervous about this one huge hill in mile 1. No joke it’s a 12% incline – I checked on Map My Run. But I got over it and tried to get my pace back down.

I  missed all of my mile splits because I didn’t look down at my watch on time. I also haven’t figured out yet how to upload from my Garmin to my computer (and I’ve had it over a year now haha).

Mile 1 was probably average 8:10 until the hill. Once I got to the top of the hill I saw my pace dropped to around 10:00. I thought crap. I wanted to stop and walk so bad but I talked myself out of it. My thoughts were, “Shut up. You’re not actually tired. Your brain is just trying to convince you to walk. You’re breathing is good. You’re legs feel great. No shin pain. LET’S GO!” And I sped up.

My pace was continuing to drop according to my watch and by mile 2 I was back down to 8:20-8:30ish pace.  Mile 2.5 – mile 3 is a steady incline. Which is tough after going back down that 12% incline hill. My legs felt like jelly but then Work, Bitch by Britney came on my iPod and that motivated me. So corny I know but I was like YES YOU GOTTA WORK BITCH! I was running next to this girl the whole time and then imagined I was Shalane Flanagan and tried to “surge” ahead of her. I did for a bit but then she caught me and passed me right before the finish. I tried to keep up but my legs were going as fast as they could. Whatever, I still finished 2 min. faster than my last race on the same course, and 1 min. faster than my last 5K!


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

I’m feeling really good going into this half marathon, but as I have said a few times, getting a 5K PR is my real goal. I will try one last 5K on December 6 and hopefully drop 1 more minute to get that PR. We’ll see though ;)

It was also my friend’s first 10K. She did great and finished in 1:07. She had told me she thought she would finish close to 2 hours – I was like no way! I almost did the 10K because it’d be good practice for the half, but I really wanted to test my 5K fitness. 

Did you race this weekend? Any upcoming races?


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Philly Half Marathon Training Week 12 + 5K Race Recap

I’d say last week was a good week of training minus the fact that my shins were (and still are) killing me. I don’t get what’s going on but I know the culprit is extremely tight calves. I’m hoping having today off from running will help a little bit…but we’ll see. Okay here is last week’s training:

Monday: 2 easy miles. I wanted to test out the Nike Lunarglides but didn’t end up liking them. Too stiff for me.

Tuesday: Track workout. 2 mile warm up, then 2×1 mile repeats at 8:45 per mile. Was supposed to do 3 repeats but it started downpouring. Well it was downpouring in the beginning which was fine (I felt pretty hardcore!), but then thunder and lightning started so that was my cue to leave.


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

Wednesday: Off Thursday: Since I knew I was running a 5K over the weekend, I did my longer run here. I was supposed to run 10 miles this week but opted to do 7 because I wanted to be fresh for the 5K. As I’ve mentioned before, my main goal during this training is to beat my 5K PR…the half marathon is just a bonus! We did a hilly 7 mile run but felt pretty good. I love running in the fall!


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

Friday: Easy 4 miles. Shins were hurting a bit. Slower pace – nothing great about this run, just getting it done.

Saturday: I was supposed to run 3-4 miles but I knew my body and shins needed a break. I was EXHAUSTED and my legs were just in pain. Always listen to your body. If you need a rest day just take it!

Sunday: 5K race. Ran it in 27:47! My last 5K about a month ago was 28:35. Slowly improving and slowly getting back to where I want to be. 

Here’s the full recap:

The 5K was called the Rutgers Against Hunger 5K and was held at the football stadium at Rutgers. I expected a pretty flat course but there were a few inclines thrown in there, but nothing crazy. Both my mom and dad ran it as well!

I didn’t have a lot of time to warm up so I jogged for about 10 minutes then did some dynamic drills. And then we were off!

According to my mom’s RunKeeper, we hit mile 1 in 8:22. After that, I don’t know my splits because I forgot my watch and there were no clocks on the course, and my mom was behind me after mile 1. I was totally running by feel, which was…interesting :)

A little before mile 2 I started struggling a bit. I was feeling tired but told myself I could do it. That the 5K is meant to be challenging. To push myself. So I kept going. I actually ran most of the way with this other man, and then I backed off a bit. But once I gave myself a pep talk I caught back up to him and he was like “There’s my friend!” So we stuck together until about 1/2 mile to go, when he said, “I’m trying to figure out when to empty the tank!” to which I said, “Same!”

With 1/2 mile or so to go I tried to pick it up, and with a 1/4 mile to go I gave it all I had. Once I saw the finish line I sped up as much as possible, and someone yelled out, “Way to go!! Keep that pace!”. It was pretty cool because as I finished, there was no one really around me. So it felt like everyone was cheering for just me. That’s what it must feel like to win a race! lol :-P


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

Right after I finished, the man I ran with finished too and came over to high five me and say good job. As I always say, this is why I love the running community!! Oh let’s talk about my dad for a second. He finished in 24:45 or so. His fastest time ever!! I was really proud of him. He hasn’t been running regularly, but he has started lifting most days and doing hill sprints. I think that has really helped him. My mom finished in 28:20ish and got 3rd in her age group! All around a great day for running.


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

I’m really hoping that by the time my last 5K rolls around in December that I will be able to break 25:42!! We’ll see!

Did you run a race this weekend? Leave a comment if you’re running NYC Marathon this weekend? I can’t wait to go watch!!


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Philly Half Marathon Training Week 12

Another week down. I actually had a decent week of training minus 2 days missed due to some pain which I’ll get into below. Here’s how things went last week:

Monday: Lifting. I hadn’t lifted in like 2 weeks so after this session, I was SORE. My glutes were sore for days. I did this leg workout.

Tuesday: Track workout! I really do look forward to “Track Tuesdays.” I love running on the track and feeling fast (well, fast for me). My mom and I warmed up with 3 miles, then did 6×400 at 2:00 min. per lap. That was the goal, we actually did: 2:01, 2:00, 1:56, 1:54, 1:57, 2:01. I think I could have gotten the last one in sub-2 as well but it got dark out fast so I actually was just following the white lines and also didn’t want to sprain an ankle. It’s the first time I have consistently been able to do several 400s under 2!



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Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 3 mile group run at FitBlogNYC. This event was put on by Fitness Magazine and was awesome! So many goodies given to us bloggers, including sneakers. Will definitely be going back next year. We ran 3 miles along the West Side Highway. It was great meeting a bunch of new fitness bloggers!

Friday: 9 miles. This was a decent run. Didn’t feel amazing but didn’t feel awful. Just felt tired starting mile 5ish. Average pace was 10:33 per mile. I’ll take it.



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Oh yeah, so the pain I told you about…that’s the reason I didn’t run Saturday and Sunday? Well, after my 9 mile run, I walked around to cooldown, then sat down to stretch for 10 minutes. When I got up, as soon as I took a step with my left leg, there was this really sharp pain on the side of my foot. I couldn’t put weight on it. I was kind of scared I broke a bone in my foot or something. I took a shower but it wasn’t going away. Took some Tylenol and then after an hour it subsided a bit.

Now it is not hurting me when I walk around but it hurts when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom or something, and hurts when I first wake up. I decided to give myself two days off to rest it and hopefully it’s nothing. Has anyone experienced anything like this before?? I wear orthotics in my left shoe (it’s my left foot), and sometimes the outside of my foot hurts a bit, I guess because of the arch support – but it has never hurt that bad. Hmm…

Anyway, tomorrow is another track workout so I hope my foot is fine by then!

How’s your training going? Have you ever felt pain and immediately assumed the worst?


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