Getting Back Into Running

So my dad and I are on week 3 of our half marathon training. We both are also getting back into the groove of running, since during the winter we didn’t run more than 2 miles, and probably only ran like 5 times. Currently, we are running 4 times a week, lifting 2 times a week, and 1 full rest day.

The first week I felt so out of shape running. But surprisingly, it does come back pretty fast. We were up to 45 min runs in a week or so. I haven’t done a run longer than that yet but he has. He has ran 60 minutes, which is the longest he’s ever ran! I’m proud of him and love that he is getting into running. My mom has been out of commission due to injury, but should be able to run within the next two weeks. Oh, we’ll (my mom and I) be running the Oakley Mini 10K in June! My first 10K ever…I’m nervous! Anyone else running it?

It’s been fun running with my dad and using runs to catch up and talk about ideas. He doesn’t like running on the roads though, so we have to go to local parks or trails. But I’m okay with it because of the views:


Currently this is our training routine:

  • Mondays: lift
  • Tuesdays: speed or hill workout/intervals
  • Wednesdays: lift
  • Thursdays: tempo run
  • Fridays: easy run
  • Saturday: off or long walk
  • Sunday: long run

He wasn’t able to run with me yesterday, so I did intervals with a friend. 3×3 min. run with 2 min. recovery, then 4×1 min. run with 2 min. recovery. It was fun to run with a friend! Though my shins are pretty sore today. My calves are super tight, so is that why my calves are tight?

Thankfully today is a lifting day, so no running. Doing legs and will probably warm up with some biking. 

This is a new type of routine for me since I’ll only be running 4x a week and incorporating lifting (which I never can do for some reason). So we’ll see how it goes. I want to see if it helps my shin pain. Some people say running less can help with shin pain, but others say running more helps because your body gets used to it and adapts, so the pain goes away. So we’ll see I guess!

This is me and my dad after a 45 min. run:


Do you run with friends or family? Or do you prefer to run alone?

Have you found that running 3-4x a week is better for you? 


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