Hello 2015!

In November, I recapped how I was doing on my 2014 resolutions. I haven’t made much progress since then which is fine. I’m proud of myself for getting close to my 5K PR…I know I can break that in the spring with the help of Coach Marc again.

I love New Year’s. Dan makes fun of me because it’s one of my favorite holidays – but what’s not to like? You celebrate with your loved ones and have a whole blank slate ahead of you. Anything can happen within the next 365 days…and I like the thought of that.

So I guess it’s time to talk about 2015 goals?? I’ll outline just a few and how I plan on achieving those goals.

  • Spring 5K PR – I’m thinking an April 5K. We’ll see. How? I need to start running more. I’ve still been running since Philly Half but not more than 3 miles at a time. However, it has been at faster paces. I’ve been doing more tempo style running on the treadmill and adding in faster sprints. Getting “comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Plus, the treadmill is SO boring that I need to do workouts like this or I’ll never run haha. But yes, I will begin to run longer distances to train more.
  • Spring Half Marathon – I don’t want to say I will PR because I said that before Philly and it was a major bonk. Instead, my goal will be to run a strong half marathon and NOT bonk. I went out too fast at Philly and it cost me.
  • Suck it up and run outside. I hate running in the cold, but I know I won’t be running over 3 miles on the treadmill, so it’s time for my to get my @$$ outside. I always see people running in the cold and think that’s awesome…now I just need to do it myself! I have all the gear I just hate being cold!
  • Bench press & squat PR – I haven’t lifted regularly in a looong time. I really loved the Get Swole program and think  I will restart that. It got me to be the strongest I ever have been. My squat PR is 100 lbs and bench is 60 lbs. I need to break both of those!
  • Fall Marathon PR – No clue which one yet but I do know I will be after a PR. I should start running more asap now that I think of it…I want a solid base by the time that training starts!
  • 4 Mile PR – lol I said I’d only list a few and as I keep writing more and more goals come to mind. My mom and I will be doing the NYRR 9+1 program again this year, which means lots of 4 mile races in Central Park. I can’t even think of my PR off the top of my head right now but I think it’s around 36 minutes? This just reminded me that I need to start registering for those raceS!
  • YouTube Videos – This was my 2014 resolution and I went strong for about 2 months! I uploaded a new video each week on my YouTube channel…I’m going to try to get back into making fitness and health videos. Make sure to follow my channel for updates!
  • Volunteer - Lastly, I’d like to do more volunteer work in 2015. Not sure what yet…but there are many causes I’m passionate about. Both here and in my country Paraguay. I’ll keep you posted on what I choose!

Tonight we’re just going to a friend’s house party which I’m excited for. It’ll be nice to have a nice, chill place to drink and have fun with friends as opposed to a crowded bar where people bump into you and you spill your drink everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out to bars and clubs and dancing the night away but New Year’s is just too packed.

I’m still dressing up though and hope I’m not the only one! I NEVER get to dress up considering I’m in workout clothes 99% of my life (at work, and then I leave work to go to the gym soooo…). So when I get the chance to dress up, I love wearing a dress, and doing my hair and makeup.

Thank you all for reading in 2014! I read all your comments and love hearing your thoughts, advice, etc. The fitness blogging community is awesome!

What are you doing to ring in the New Year? What’s one main resolution you have?


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Checking In On My New Year’s Goals

Can you believe it’s almost November?! The holiday season is upon us. I really need to start Christmas shopping early this year. I always end up getting stuff days before Christmas…anyone else?

Since it’s almost the end of the year (feels weird saying that), I wanted to check in on the goals I had set in January, (here are my race goals too) and see what I’ve accomplished and what is still left to accomplish. After all, we still have 2 more months of 2014!

Here are some goals I had laid out, and which ones I have accomplished so far!

fitness goals

While I can’t do 3 unassisted pull-ups in a row, I can do 3 unassisted…just with a little break in between ;) I will work on doing 3 continuous pull-ups between now and December 31.

I also was able to get to a 100 lb. squat this year! I know for many of you that may be easy but I worked up to that and felt awesome afterwards. I can’t do that now, since I’ve mainly been running, but I know that I can build back up to it.

Obviously I’m also still working on that 5K PR…which better happen in 2014!

Mini triathlon? lol maybe next year. I really do want to do one but I’m also afraid of the swim portion. I’m not a great swimmer…also, I’m pretty sure I need a bike in order to train for a triathlon.

You can see I put “1/2″ on the gain muscle and get leaner. While I have gained muscle and strength, I’m still not as lean as I would like to me. It is my own fault, since I know that diet plays a huge role and you can’t “out work a bad diet.” I am hoping I can lose at least 5-10 lbs. within the next 2 months.

And lastly, I was able to get stronger at bench press earlier this year too. Remember when I was doing the Get Swole program? I was lifting the heaviest I  have been in a while. I plan on getting back to it once I’m done training for this half.

And here are a few other goals I had talked about, non-fitness related:

  • Blog re-design & transfer to wordpress.org - check!
  • Finish online training plans to offer through my website - oops, not yet.
  • Read a minimum of 5 books - check! I think I read 4 in Paraguay alone.
  • Make more YouTube videos - I set a goal of doing one every week which I did for about a month and then slacked off. This will be a 2015 goal too!

Have you thought about your 2014 goals? You may be surprised when you look back on them and see what you’ve accomplished!

What are some goals you’re still working on?


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Motivational Monday!

Happy Monday!

The weekend went by so fast. Dan and I headed down to southern New Jersey for my old college roommate’s wedding on Saturday – which was beautiful! We had a great time despite the fact that he was in a lot of pain from having bruised ribs…all from playing football at a BBQ with co-workers. We were in the ER Friday night but thankfully everything is okay, and we went just mainly as a precaution to make sure he didn’t break a rib.

But we made it to the wedding and even though he was in pain he managed to dance with me for a little bit! :)

10311279_253487041501500_95392355_nAnyway…I posted this quote on my Facebook page last week (you should follow me if you aren’t already!), and I wanted to post it again today because I love it:

elon-musk-quoteThis can relate to so many things in life. How often are we told that something is impossible? Or made to feel like our aspirations are merely dreams? But Elon Musk is right. If something is important enough, go after it. Do everything you can to achieve that goal, even if it’s something that won’t be achieved for years.

For me (and my mom), that is currently a Boston Qualifying time. We know that it’s far off…but we still are going to run a couple half marathons and another marathon this year and work on slowly chipping away time.

As Nike says, just do it.

What is a goal that you are working towards that seems “impossible?”

Or have you accomplished something that seemed so far off or “impossible?” Please tell me!


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Motivational Monday!

Happy Monday! Sad the weekend is over, but excited a new week is here. Here’s today’s quote, which I have loved for quite some time now, ever since my brother showed me the whole video:

how bad do you want it

Here’s the video he showed me (though there is a full version, I’ve only seen this one).

Success, no matter what you’re going after, will only come after hard work. Whether you’re training for a 5K, or working to build your own business like I am, we all need to keep in mind that things don’t just fall into your lap. Sometimes we make excuses and don’t get things done. We care about other stuff, and put other things before our goals.

Let’s work out butts off and go after our goals this week.

What goals are you working towards right now?

What do you think of this quote?


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Motivational Monday!

I’m back on track today…with blogging, eating, exercising, etc. I apologize for the lack of posts last week, but I was enjoying having some free time with no marathon training ;)

After the marathon, I thought about what do I want to do next…it can be easy to get the “post-marathon blues” since you no longer have a training schedule to follow. But I’m really excited to make a new training schedule revolving around lifting. I can’t wait to get back into the gym.

In the past, after big races, I have taken at least a month off and done nothing. Then, I’d have to build back up from zero and that was frustrating…and my own fault! Now, 1 week after my key race of the year, I’m ready to continue building upon my foundation.

I will be getting back into lifting, while continuing to cross-train to maintain my cardio fitness. As the quote says, you need to put in effort day in and day out to achieve your goals. And I already have a few goals laid out for 2014!

Do you know what you want to accomplish before 2013 is over? Or in 2014?

How do you go about laying out goals and the steps you will take to get there?


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Motivational Monday!

It will be the hottest week of summer this week in NJ. Ughhhh. Guess that means I will have to either run in the morning or take my run indoors.

I’m starting Week 3 of Marathon training this week…whoa! I have been on point with workouts and have done each day as I should…hopefully I can keep this up when I go on vacation next week! Going along with this, I thought this was a relevant quote:


I will try to keep rest days when they are scheduled, and not make excuses! Sometimes it gets hard but so far I’m keeping up with it. Only 15 more weeks to go! :-P

Do you schedule rest days, or just go with the flow of life?


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Motivational Monday!

A new week, yet again. Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July weekend! Now time to get back to work ;)

Here’s a quote I found today that I love:

This resonated with me and marathon training. One day, I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon. It will take me a while to get to that point…but it is still a goal of mine. I have plenty of time to train and hit that goal one day! *crossing fingers*

What is a goal you have that you know may take a while to accomplish, but you work for it anyway?


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Motivational Monday!


Sorry for the delayed post today! It’s been a crazy day so far and as I write this I’m sitting in the DMV waiting for my number (29) to be called…and they’re only on 15. Awesome!

Anyways, this quote is currently my background. I love it. It reminds me that no matter what you want, you need to work hard. My friend and I are starting a healthy eating challenge today because our goals are to lower our body fat. As hard as it can be sometimes, you need to work at it to achieve your goals. Same with working out, running…whatever it is!

What will you be working hard on this week?


Motivational Monday!

I can’t believe it is already June! I hope summer doesn’t fly by but I have a feeling it will…

Here is a quote I found and it instantly resonated with me:

Whatever your dreams are (traveling, starting a business, getting fit, trying out Crossfit…aka ANYTHING!) go after them! It is an adventure and that is what makes life exciting. Sure, sometimes it can be scary to try something new (like I always get nervous trying new classes like spin or BodyPump) but after you dive in, you feel great and accomplished…and are one step closer to your goal, whatever that may be!

Have you tried a new class or endeavor recently? What was it??


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Motivational Monday!

I’m back! And officially have my Master’s degree :) I will post all about my crazy past week in the next few days.

Today’s quote is about the future, as I’ve been thinking a lot about it with graduation at all:

I love this quote. Commencement is about the future, and believing in your dreams. I’m so excited to start a new chapter of my life and pursue my goals and aspirations. We’ll see what happens!

Always believe in your dreams no matter how big or small they are…no matter what they have to do with. We each have dreams that we may share with others, or may hold to ourselves, but life is about pursuing them without fear of failure. You never know what will happen, good or bad, but I’d rather try than live with regret.

Have any of you graduated or are graduating in the coming days? Congrats to the Class of 2013!!


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