Motivational Monday!

Happy Monday!

The weekend went by so fast. Dan and I headed down to southern New Jersey for my old college roommate’s wedding on Saturday – which was beautiful! We had a great time despite the fact that he was in a lot of pain from having bruised ribs…all from playing football at a BBQ with co-workers. We were in the ER Friday night but thankfully everything is okay, and we went just mainly as a precaution to make sure he didn’t break a rib.

But we made it to the wedding and even though he was in pain he managed to dance with me for a little bit! :)

10311279_253487041501500_95392355_nAnyway…I posted this quote on my Facebook page last week (you should follow me if you aren’t already!), and I wanted to post it again today because I love it:

elon-musk-quoteThis can relate to so many things in life. How often are we told that something is impossible? Or made to feel like our aspirations are merely dreams? But Elon Musk is right. If something is important enough, go after it. Do everything you can to achieve that goal, even if it’s something that won’t be achieved for years.

For me (and my mom), that is currently a Boston Qualifying time. We know that it’s far off…but we still are going to run a couple half marathons and another marathon this year and work on slowly chipping away time.

As Nike says, just do it.

What is a goal that you are working towards that seems “impossible?”

Or have you accomplished something that seemed so far off or “impossible?” Please tell me!


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Motivational Monday!

Another new week! I’m back at work today after 3 weeks off since I work at a college. As much as I love sleeping however late I want, it’ll be good to have some structure back.

Anyway, I found this motivating quote on one of my favorite runner’s Instagrams (@meretherunner14):

This really resonated with me because sometimes I worry that I’m not doing the same things others my age are doing. I am trying out some things because it is the perfect time for ME to do so. Others may not approve or understand, but I need to remember this quote when I doubt myself.

Don’t write your story according to how others are living their life. You don’t know their situation, if they are happy or not, or what their own goals are. Follow your own dreams and ignore what others may say!

Have you ever pursued something and someone else wasn’t supportive? How did you handle that situation?


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Motivational Monday!

Sorry for the delay in posting today’s Motivational Monday…it’s been a hectic and busy week or so, but in a good way!

Here’s today’s quote for you:

How many times have you said, “I’ll start tomorrow,” or “I’ll start Monday.” Hey, I’m guilty of it too! I started Whole30 last week but wasn’t fully prepared and stocked up with food, so I said I’d just re-start today. Sometimes it’s ok, but sometimes we get into the habit of starting all of our goals “tomorrow.” Or we wait until the “perfect time.” As this quote says, tomorrow never comes, and there will never be a perfect time! Whatever your goals are for this week, month or year, start working towards them today.

What goals will you work on TODAY?