Gentle Morning Workout

Sometimes you want to get up and be a bit active before heading to work, but an all out workout right when you wake up might be a shock to your body. You could wake up even earlier to take time to be more alert and do a long warm-up, or you can do this gentle morning workout I created.

I don’t know about you but when I exercise in the morning (the very few times I do), I just feel so stiff and not ready to workout at a high intensity. This routine combines a warm-up with low impact exercises and a little bit of cardio. You can do it once through just to get the blood flowing, or do it a couple times to really wake up in the AM.

Gentle Morning RoutinePhoto Credit: aye_shamus via Compfight cc

The only exercise you will need dumbbells for is lateral raises. You can also add weight to squats if you feel up to it.

Do you prefer to exercise in the AM or PM?

If you’re a morning exerciser, do you get up and go, or budget time to gradually wake up before working out?


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