Thoughts You Have While Lifting

Yesterday I was reading this Buzzfeed article, 75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Out For a Run…so funny and so true! I have written my own version of what I think about while running, and figured I’d have a little fun today and write up my thoughts while lifting at the gym. Let’s see if you can relate to any of them!

  1. Okay, time to warm-up. I really hate warming up. I guess I’ll do some jumping jacks and arm circles or something. Maybe walk on the treadmill.
  2. First up is squats – oh look the squat rack is taken.
  3. Okay, I’ll just do bench press then. Oh look, the benches are all taken.
  4. Stop chatting with your friends and get your set done so I can squat or bench! (My gym is full of high school guys that come in groups.)
  5. *Waiting patientlty by the bench press until the person is done*
  6. Finally, I can get on it. 
  7. Okay, what weight did I do last time? I’ll add like 10 lbs.
  8. Crap, this is heavy. What if I can’t get it back up??
  9. *Pushing hard on last rep* Please don’t let anyone be watching my struggling right now.
  10. I did it, phew. Okay onto the squats.
  11. *Feeling bad@$$ doing barbell squats*
  12. Someone asks “How many sets do you have left?” “I just got on.” Now you have to patiently wait like I did!
  13. I hope my shorts/leggings aren’t see through when I squat…probably should have checked first
  14. I wonder what my form looks like…am I squatting deep enough?
  15. Okay, done with that. Next.
  16. Look at that dude doing deadlifts with a rounded back…hurts my back just watching him!
  17. Look at that girl running on 8.0 on the treadmill like it ain’t no thang…I wish…
  18. *Finishing workout*
  19. Time to stretch and foam roll…I probably look like I’m flopping around everywhere on this foam roller.
  20. Must. not. make. weird. face. in. public. (as foam roller hits all the tight and painful spots.)
  21. I guess I’ll do a few planks and then get out of here.
  22. DONE. Time to eat.

Does anyone have a lot of high schoolers go to their gym? They go and it’s so funny because the guys hang out in groups by the weights, and the girls sit in a circle “stretching” or “doing abs” in the stretching area (in reality they are sitting there gossiping and laughing).

What thoughts do you have while at the gym? Any of these? Or am I the only one holding in my pain while foam rolling? ;)

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