Motivational Monday!

I apologize I have been MIA…I have been swamped with school work this week. And have been a tad bit stressed…which leads me to this quote:


I have a 20ish page paper due Tuesday, a 6 page paper and a presentation due tomorrow. Needless to say I didn’t do anything exciting this weekend (unless doing homework on my couch with my cat counts as exciting). But this quote reminds me to not stress out! Tough times always pass you right on by. Soon enough, for me, it will be winter break and I can relax and read :)

Whether you are stressed out or going through something, just remember the above. My favorite mantra is by good ol’ Bob Marley, “Don’t worry about a thing…cuz every little thing gonna be alright.”

What do you do to de-stress?


Motivational Monday!

It’s a new week! Can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here? I swear this year has been flying…

Since it’s the end of the semester, stress is starting to set in. So this quote really stuck with me:

How you handle everything is your choice. Always. You can stress out, freak out, be miserable…or be motivated and take everything in stride. I have a lot of assignments and projects coming up, and when I start to think about them, it stresses me out a bit. But my choice will be to make a timeline tomorrow, map everything out, and be motivated to finish out the semester strong. I can do this!

Same with my running and working out. I haven’t strength trained in two weeks. UGH. I’ve just been busy and with the hurricane, my gym didn’t even open until a few days ago. Today, I will go back. I will be motivated and do the best that I can. Same with my eating. I made Blonde Ponytail’s no-bake peanut butter protein bars yesterday as a snack for this week. I brought healthy snacks and salad ingredients. I can complain about how I haven’t been losing body fat, or I can do something about it…which is what I am choosing!

What will your choice be this week?


Motivational Monday!

I head back to work and class today after a crazy week due to Hurricane Sandy. It definitely feels like it’s been longer than a week, but I didn’t mind having days off to really focus on working on my blog ;)

Today’s motivational quote is a perfect way to start your week, and it really speaks to me. This past week I have slacked with eating and exercising due to being without power and the gym being closed. I will start anew this week!

I also have one month until my last 5K of the year. It’s time to dedicate myself to my training and not skip just because I don’t feel like it. And if I feel like it…I’ll come back to this post and read the quote ;)

What are you committed to?


Motivational Monday!

A good mantra for you this week. Many times I catch myself thinking, “I wish…” such as “I wish I could be better at running” or “I wish I could do pullups.” Turn those into “I WILL.” I was able to work hard at assisted pullups and finally am able to do 1-2 unassisted pullups. It took over a year, but I did it. Pick one of your “wishes” to work on this week. It may not be possible to accomplish in one week…or even a year, but start by taking one step towards your goal. I did different pullup exercises daily in order to achieve my goal, knowing that it would take a while. In a world of instant gratification, patience is key.

What will you work on this week?


Motivational Monday!

Remember this quote throughout this week. It’s OCTOBER 1! New month, clean slate.

My goal this month is to get back to eating clean AND to drink more water! Some days I only have a bottle of water…and some days maybe only 1 glass of water. I know, I know…horrible!

Also, at my university, they are starting body composition measurements this week. I plan on getting my body comp. taken and then comparing at the end of the month. Now that’s motivation! ;)

What do you want to accomplish this month? Set small, attainable goals…and get cracking!