Social Media Week + Blogging Concentrated NYC

It’s Social Media Week! I went last year with my dad and loved it. We only went 1 day, but attended a bunch of events. That’s our plan this year as well. We will be heading into NYC on Thursday, and have 2 definite events on our docket, and one that we are waitlisted for.

If you have a business, or work in social media, this is an awesome event to attend. There are paid events, and you can buy an all-access pass as well. But there are also free events. The ones we signed up for are free. Here’s what we plan on attending this year:

  • Start-Up Pitch Doctors – We want to go hear pitches and network with other entrepreneurs.
  • Go Ahead In Digital: Analytics – We are on the waitlist but I really hope we get in! Tracking analytics is so important, and something I’m still learning about.
  • Exploring Deep Creativity – It sounds cool and I’m always looking for inspiration for new ideas.

I’m sure I’ll be live-tweeting, so if you’re interested in what I learn, follow me on Twitter!

Blogging Concentrated NYC

I am really, really excited for this event in March. I have wanted to go to a blogging conference for a while, and found this one by simply looking up “blogging conferences nyc.”

I am in the process of redesigning my blog, and am working to continue to grow it. Health, fitness and writing are my passions. This is a 1 day event that will teach you a whole lot about blogging, monetization, and more. Here are some topics they will cover:

  • Image Marketing: The Formula
  • Anatomy of a Perfect Post
  • Ebook Strategy: Pricing, Empire building, and where
  • The Vital Connection Between Brands and your Audience
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • How to build a revenue stream, then grow it through measurement
  • …and much more.

Most of what I know has been self-taught…through Google :-P , so I’m really excited to go learn from other bloggers who have been successful, and learn more about things I have no clue about (eBooks, connecting with brands, etc.). They also have various events in different cities, if you’re not near the NYC location.

You can find out more about the event & register on their website.* Let me know if you decide to go, and perhaps we can meet in person!

*Disclaimer: This is a referral link provided to me by Blogging Concentrated. If you register, I do get commission. All thoughts and opinions are my own :)

Have you ever been to a blogging conference? Which one and what did you think?

What topic would you like to learn more about?

Anyone going to Social Media Week?


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Indoor Workout Perfect For Winter!

So it’s been pretty cold recently…and after snowstorm “Hercules” I really don’t feel like even stepping outside sometimes. Tomorrow’s high is 9 degrees…sweet!

That’s where I got the idea for this workout. No need to go outside (though props to all my fellow runners who are braving the elements!), and now no need to even step outside to go to the gym. You can do this workout at home, and you don’t need any equipment!

Check it out:

You can do as many circuits of this as you want, or feel free to add reps to each exercises to make it more challenging. Give it your all and no doubt you will be sweating by the end.

If you want to do this at the gym, I also made a handy-dandy printable for you!

Let me know if you have any questions, and what you thought of the workout :)

Do you incorporate interval workouts & bodyweight workouts into your routine?

What’s your favorite exercise to do if you’re limited on time?


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Scenes From The Weekend

This weekend my family took a trip down to Maryland because my brother had a soccer tournament. We were supposed to come back Sunday evening, but his games on Sunday got cancelled due to inclement weather.

My brother wanted me to go watch him and guilted me with, “Well, I woke up early to go watch your marathon…” ha!

The drive down wasn’t bad at all. Took us about 3.5 hours. I was excited about the fact that where we were staying was 20 minutes away from Baltimore.

Dan and I had gone to Baltimore a few summers ago, specifically the Inner Harbor, so I wanted to go show my family the area.

Inner harbor in the summer

I figured since it was winter it’d be pretty dead. We went to the Fells Point area and it was actually really busy! I hadn’t gone to this part of Baltimore last time, and I loved it. Cobblestone streets and a lot of cute bars and restaurants. I definitely want to go back in the summer!

But before we got there, we sat in 31 degrees to watch my brother play. I think he said there were some scouts there but I don’t know. I got to wear my new winter coat I got on Black Friday ($87 for a $255 coat!) and it kept my pretty toasty.

The game ended 1-1, but in the last few seconds my brother headed the ball towards the goal, and it went off the top post…so close! I’m pretty sure my parents and I would have been freaking out if he scored the game winning goal.

It’s a shame that he didn’t get to play his 2 games on Sunday, but we were glad not to have to drive back in snow and sleet.

Saturday night was when we went out to Baltimore. We had dinner at an Irish restaurant on Thames Street…obviously had to have some Maryland crab cake!

It was delicious.

Despite only being there only really for a few hours, it was a fun little road trip. Oh and Friday we celebrated my sister’s birthday! I can’t believe she is 20…1 more year until she is 21 which she is pretty excited about…

We went to Buffalo Wild Wings, which I’m honestly not a huge fan of. Anyone else? I think I’m probably the outlier here…

Anyways…that was my weekend! Pretty fun, and filled with delicious (albeit not healthy) food, so I’m ready to get back on track today!

What did you do this weekend?

Were you affected by the snow and ice? If not, where are you from? Please don’t tell me it was 75 where you are ;)


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Fun Fitblogger Survey!

I wanted to switch things up and do a fun survey for today. If you have a health & fitness blog, join in and write up your own post! I love learning more about other bloggers :)

1: What is your favorite snack? Healthy: apples or a banana with PB Unhealthy: Cookies and milk, or Honey Bunches Of Oats cereal ;)

2: Favorite work out move, and what does it target? Squats. Although it mainly targets your glutes, it’s definitely a full-body workout and will get your heart rate up!

3: Least favorite workout? Any sort of cross-training. It is so boring to me.

4: When do you feel your best? After a particularly hard workout or run, when I’m drenched in sweat and out of breath, but can say, “Wow, I finished that workout and I feel awesome!”

5: Describe your “perfect” breakfast? My favorite is oatmeal with PB stirred in, sliced banana, and a drizzle of honey. Along with 2 hardboiled eggs.

6: Favorite splurge meal? Meal: Cheeseburger and fries, Snack: Half Baked Ben & Jerry’s :)

7: Best advice for a beginner? Be patient. You won’t see results immediately, but just keep at it. Even when you’re so sore in the beginning, it goes away and the next time you workout you will feel stronger.

8: Favorite one liner for motivation? It never gets easier, you just get better.

9: Best place to by workout clothes? Modell’s, Macy’s sale rack, TJ Maxx, and if I want to splurge-lululemon.

10: Favorite workout/running shoes? Currently, Saucony Mirage. I used to be a Mizuno girl and ran in the Wave Inspires.

11: What is your ratio of clean vs indulgence? Probably 70% clean, 30% indulge. I could be better but right now I don’t really feel the need to be really strict. I want to lower my body fat and all that, but I’m also at a place where I have accepted my body. I love working out, and eat healthy for the most part, so if the results come, they come..and of course I’ll be happy!

12: Best way to feel confident? In the gym: getting a PR (same in a race) and knowing how hard you worked to build up to that. Other: buying a top or pants that makes you feel good!

13: Number 1 tip for beating cravings? Find healthy alternatives. If I want a sweet treat, recently, I’ve been having these protein bites instead. I also like Larabars. If you like more salty, try making kale chips!

14: Describe your “dream” day of fitness? I’d love to go on some sort of fitness cruise or vacation. Where you can explore the terrain but in active ways (trail runs, hikes). But also relaxing on the beach would be necessary ;)

I wouldn’t mind working out in this gym.

15: What is your “power” song, the song that keeps you going? Hm…there are so many! Probably “One” by Swedish House Mafia. I have powered up hills many times listening to that song.

16: Favorite fitblogger? I definitely can’t pick one, but I will list a few of the bloggers I love reading: Cori-Olive To Run, Theodora-Losing Weight In The City, Alyssa-See This Girl Run, Gia-RunGiaRun, Sarah-Sweet Miles, Sarah-SarahFit…and really so many more. I think you can see who I follow if you go to my BlogLovin?

17: What do you wear to workout? In the gym: shorts (spandex or normal), or capris, and a tight fitting top. Running: spandex shorts, capris or pants. Always a dri-fit top.

18: What is your biggest accomplishment? Running a 33 minute PR in the 2013 NYC Marathon with my mom :)

19: What is your fitness goal? In the gym: Upping the amount I can squat, and doing 10 unassisted pullups. Running: One day qualifying for Boston, but first I’ll take a sub-2 hour half marathon.

20: What is your next fitness challenge? Right now I’m just working on getting stronger, but my next goal will be a sub-2 hour half marathon. I’m looking into spring races.

Please fill it out! I’d love to hear about your fitness & running motivation and goals! Let me know if you post it on your own blog :) Here are the questions for you to copy & paste:

1: What is your favorite snack?

2: Favorite work out move, and what does it target?

3: Least favorite workout? 

4: When do you feel your best? 

5: Describe your “perfect” breakfast? 

6: Favorite splurge meal? 

7: Best advice for a beginner? 

8: Favorite one liner for motivation? 

9: Best place to by workout clothes?

10: Favorite workout/running shoes? 

11: What is your ratio of clean vs indulgence? 

12: Best way to feel confident? 

13: Number 1 tip for beating cravings? 

14: Describe your “dream” day of fitness? 

15: What is your “power” song, the song that keeps you going? 

16: Favorite fitblogger? 

17: What do you wear to workout? 

18: What is your biggest accomplishment? 

19: What is your fitness goal?

20: What is your next fitness challenge? 


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Health/Fitness Links To Get You Through The Day

Found some great info for you all today. I really liked reading the sleep article. I definitely think I have a phobia of the dark! I also sleep with a pet sometimes which definitely leads to worse sleep…anyone else?

Here are your health links for today:

What do you think is the most underrated exercise?

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