10 Coffee Recipes For Coffee Lovers

By now, you probably know I’m a coffee addict. I mainly enjoy hot coffee, but now that it’s summer I have been drinking more iced coffee lately. I want to try to make my own iced coffee, which was the inspiration behind this post.

I gathered up 10 coffee recipes, both hot and iced, for you to try. I definitely want to try the mocha coconut iced coffee…how good does that look??

If you have a coffee recipe on your blog, please leave it in the comments so I can see it!



Perfect Iced Coffee (The Pioneer Woman)
Homemade Mocha Coconut Iced Coffees (How Sweet Eats)

Photo Source: How Sweet Eats

Cappuccino-Chip Frappe (The Kitchn)
Vietnamese Wild Blueberry Iced Coffee (Cooking With Books)
Cold Brewed Iced Coffee (Smitten Kitchen)
Vanilla Cinnamon Iced Coffee (The Novice Chef)


Fancy Vanilla Latte (A Cozy Kitchen)
Vanilla Honey Chai Tea Latte (Back To Her Roots)
Homemade Pumpkin Spiced Latte (Farmgirl Gourmet)

 Photo Source: Farmgirl Gourmet
Do you prefer hot or iced coffee? What’s your favorite flavor?


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What it’s like to quit coffee

Last week, I quit coffee cold turkey. *gasp*

I was a major coffee addict, and plain ol’ regular coffee didn’t even do the trick for me anymore. My favorite drink was Americanos because they were just pure espresso shots.

I decided to experiment with myself and cut coffee out. Instead, I would drink green tea, and teas without caffeine in the afternoons. The reason I wanted to get myself off coffee is because there have been studies regarding the hormone cortisol, and it’s effects on body fat %, belly fat, and storing fat in general. Caffeine can make cortisol kick in, and therefore make it harder for your body to lose body fat. I tend to store fat in my belly area, so I suspect that I may be sensitive to cortisol. Therefore, I decided to cut caffeine and see what effect it has!

The first day was hard. I felt foggy and sluggish all morning and into the afternoon. By 8 pm, I was exhausted and was ready for bed. I couldn’t believe I felt so tired! BUT that night I got the best night’s sleep I have gotten in a very long time. This made me want to continue the experiment and see if it was related to my cutting coffee.

Seriously slept SO well.

The second and third day I got headaches in the afternoon (usually I hit an afternoon slump and drink a second cup of coffee). But again, I was sleeping so well, that in the mornings I was waking up with energy.

By the end of the week, I didn’t feel those withdrawal symptoms anymore…only the occasional headache. All week, I seriously slept like a baby. I had absolutely NO idea that I wasn’t sleeping well until this. I just thought I was a light sleeper and it was normal for me to toss and turn and wake up a few times throughout the night. This past week I did not wake up at all. I even woke up BEFORE my alarm some mornings, which never happens. But obviously fell  back asleep because I love my sleep ;)

I’m pretty sure I will not be going back to coffee. Even if there are no measurable effects in terms of body fat %, the effects it has had on my sleep are amazing…and if you know me you know how important sleep is to me!

I would challenge you to try it and see if there are any changes. You may think you are sleeping well or doing fine, but turns out the caffeine is effecting you on a small scale you may not even notice!

Now, every morning I have been drinking green tea. I just bought Bigelow’s green tea with peach (delicious), and decaf chai tea for afternoons when I want something “coffee-like.” I also bought ginger-coconut tea from Teavana to drink at night after dinner to help with digestion.

Have you ever quit coffee? Do you think you could do it?


Tea or Coffee?

I am definitely a coffee addict. I have a morning cup of coffee every day, and most days an afternoon cup before my evening workout. This weekend, I was in Teavana and decided to pick up some tea to try.

I have bought tea from there before, mainly their Mate teas because they have the same caffeine content as coffee. This time I decided to buy something to drink at night and with health benefits. I wanted something to help with digestion/bloating/stomach health. So I got their “Zingiber Ginger Coconut Rooibos.

The description sounds pretty good:

“Set sail for a sensuous exotic journey to India. This Ayurvedic red rooibos wonder has a ginger, toasted coconut and black pepper zest smoothed over with the sweetness of cinnamon, golden delicious apple and almond. A sensually sublime and luxurious voyage of deliciousness. Sweet Coconut with slightly spicy ginger undertones.”

I plan on drinking this at night after dinner to satisfy my sweet cravings. I want to drink more tea, and different teas, since they have so many health benefits. The next tea I buy will be another one of their Mate teas, so I can swap out my afternoon coffee for a caffeinated tea.

Do you drink tea or coffee? What is your favorite kind of tea?