Chicago Marathon Training Week 17 – It’s Marathon Week!

Marathon week is here!! Honestly though, I really don’t feel like I’m running a marathon this weekend OR even leaving for Chicago on Thursday. It probably won’t hit me until we actually land in Chicago.

This will be me and my mom’s first time in Chicago AND first time running a race outisde the tri-state area. I have had my doubts (still do) but I keep telling myself that the training is done and to think of Sunday as just another long run I need to do this week…a 26.2 mile long run :-O

Here’s what we did last week:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: Last real workout. 1 mile warm up, 1/2 mile in 5:05, break, 1 mile in 10:30 (was supposed to be 10:20 but we ran on the roads and this part was hilly), break, 1 mile in 9:50 (was supposed to be 10:00 but felt good!). 1 mile cooldown.

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: 8 miles. Last long-ish run. Goal was 10 but we were outdoors and it was raining/cold. Coach Marc had 8-10 on the plan so 8 was ok…would liked to have done 10 but oh well.


A photo posted by Patty Rivas (@pattyrivas13) on

Friday: Recovery 3 miles

Saturday: Off. Meant to run 4 miles but was up at 5 am for an XC meet in PA, didn’t get home until 4 pm, and was exhausted. Figured if I want rest, taper time is the time to do it! ;)

Sunday: Easy 3 miles. I actually felt really good on this run. I know it’s because of the tapering but felt like I could run forever! Averaged 10:19 pace for this which would be nice if I could do that in a marathon, but definitely will be starting off much slower on Sunday.

As you all know, I have had my doubts this whole training period. Many weeks I wanted to hit 40 or so miles but I never did. Closest I got was 37. I felt like I wasn’t running enough BUT I also did not want to force myself because the reason I would take days off or run less was because of shin pain.

My longest run was 17 miles, and most of my runs were in the 13-15 mile range. I believe you don’t need to run 20 miles in practice. I ran 18 as my longest before NYC Marathon in 2013 and PRed by 30 minutes. I prefer running until I hit 3 hours. I did not hit 3 hours this training round (I did hit 2:45), so who knows. I  mean 2:45 is not that far off from 3 hours right?

Here is what I’m afraid of:

  • Really struggling the second half. I mean we all struggle, but just feeling like I did in 2011. I NEVER want to feel that way in a race again.
  • My shin pain getting to be too much or hurting right when we start the race.
  • I’m not afraid of not finishing, I think I can finish (KNOCK ON WOOD) so I’m just keeping that in mind right now. I WILL finish – time doesn’t matter. Well, it does matter but I will be happy just finishing.

Here is what I’m telling myself to boost my confidence:

  • Thinking of it as “just” a 26.2 mile long run this weekend that needs to get done.
  • I trained for 18 weeks and although my mileage was lower than I would like, I would say I was consistent with running 5 days a week.
  • Just taking it mile by mile and enjoying the crowds and scenery. Courtney of Eat Pray Run DC made a good point on her blog which resonated with me: I am lucky to even be able to run 26.2 miles. THAT is what matters most…and the fact that I am able to do it with my mom!

If you’re running Chicago this weekend or a race in general good luck! If you have any words of wisdom or pieces of advice on the course, racing, mental strength, please leave a comment!


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Chicago Marathon Training Week 15

What was supposed to be peak week, but wasn’t. Almost but not quite.

Guys, I know I keep saying how nervous I am but I AM NERVOUS. I know that I’ve been running consistently for the past 15 weeks, and haven’t really skipped days or anything (minus those 3 days where I was REALLY fatigued)…but I just feel like mileage wise I should have been higher. 

My peak was 37 miles…then I found the Chicago Marathon training plan written by Nike from last year for beginners and they had them going up to 50, which is what I did in my 2013 NYC Marathon training cycle. 

Lately, I have had this nagging pain in my shin and I’m not sure what it is. It has been bothering me for the past 2 weeks, which is why I cut my long run short this past week from 18 miles to 13 miles. I have been talking to the athletic trainer at my job and she thinks it is just muscle tightness and (hopefully) nothing serious like a stress fracture. 

Anyway, here is this week’s training:

Monday: off

Tuesday: 4 miles. UGH this run made me so angry. I was supposed to do 6×800 repeats but barely finished 4. My legs felt like cement and I was supposed to run the 800s in 4:40, yet the last one I eeked out a 4:57. I called it off after that because I didn’t want to force it too much since I knew I had a long run in 2 days (Thursday). Was feeling annoyed and frustrated, but coach Marc reminded me that I ran the 5th Avenue Mile Sunday and it is normal for your legs to feel that way. I created this image for Instagram that night because sometimes, we all need to remember this!

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 10.16.57 AM

Wednesday: 6 miles. Just an easy paced run.

Thursday: 13 miles. This was supposed to be my last LONG, long run, and supposed to be 18 miles. I wanted to quit after the first 6 and was SO CLOSE. But I knew I had no other time to do it. I contemplated quitting and somehow finding the time to do it Friday night (I was going to be working late), but sucked it up and told myself, I will complete this no matter how slow I have to go.

I just felt off from the very first mile. Isn’t that the worst feelling? After 6 I didn’t think I could do it. But then I rallied and told my mom, look I feel like crap, I’m going to have to do run/walk intervals and see if I feel any better after a while. So I would run for 2 minutes then walk for 1 minute. After the next 3 miles, I started feeling better so I changed it to run 6-7 minutes, walk 1 minute. My shin was hurting and I just did not feel 100% so I was ok with taking it slow. 

By 8 pm we had finished 13 miles, but I decided to stop there. My shin was hurting with each step and it was now really dark, despite having a flashlight. We ran for 2:40ish minutes, and I figured that was good in terms of  “time on your feet.” Now though, I am kinda wishing we were able to finish those 18…


A photo posted by Patty Rivas (@pattyrivas13) on

Friday: Sloooow 5 mile recovery run.

Saturday: 3 miles. Another crappy run. Needed to do 5 but legs just felt like cement again. Every run this week was crappy. I ended up walking at 2.75 until mile 3 and called it a day.

Sunday: 4 miles. I did this on the treadmill and did some intervals. After yesterday’s slog, I wanted to try to do some faster pace stuff and knew the treadmill would help me. Honestly, I did NOT want to run considering the day before we had been tailgating for hours and then didn’t get to our hotel until 1 am, and THEN had to drive 2 hours home…but got it done anyway.


To make myself feel somewhat better, I went back to my 2013 training log and calculated my average weekly mileage. Despite peaking at 50 miles one or two weeks, my weekly average miles was 32. Currently, my weekly average is 30. So not too far off.

What do you do when you have a whole week of bad runs?

Do you think that a 20 miler is necessary in marathon training? I personally think 16-18 is good depending on your weekly mileage. I like Hansons Marathon Method because of that. They calculate your long run based on the percentage of your total weekly miles. Your long run, according to them, should never be half of your total miles.


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Chicago Marathon Training Week 14

I really can’t believe the marathon is so close! I have zero clue what to expect out of this race…but my mom and I will be shooting for a PR (anything below 4:50). 

I know last week I said I would try to hit 40 miles this past week, but I actually ended up changing my plan for the week. Originally, I would be doing my last longer run (18 miles), but since I had done 17 the week before, I decided to take a down week and do 10 instead, and move the 18 miles to this week. So with the shorter run, it made for less miles on the week.

I was feeling pretty fatigued so some runs also ended up only being 3 miles instead of 5-6. I figured a down week would be ok before going into this peak week.

Here’s last week’s training:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 5 miles

Wednesday: 3 miles. Ever have those runs where you feel tired and out of breath from the start? This was one of those runs. It was also hot and humid (yet again), so instead of going for 5-6 I just turned back at 1.5 miles. Blah.

Thursday: 10 miles. It’s so funny how after a bad run you can have a great run. I was thankful for the rainy day because it meant less heat. Since it was thunderstorming when I got out of work, my mom and I ran 3 miles instead until the rain dissipated. Then we headed outside, and although it was a light drizzle, it felt nice! We did 6 miles outside (at tempo pace), then 1 mile on the treadmill (because it was getting dark). Finished with strides.


A photo posted by Patty Rivas (@pattyrivas13) on

Friday: 3 recovery miles.

Saturday: Off. 

Sunday: 6 total miles. 5th Avenue Mile (recap coming this week) + warm up and cool down miles. Ran it in 7:38…not my best (past 5th Ave Miles have been 7:07 and 7:20), but actually better than I thought I would do on tired legs from marathon training. I just gunned it and ran the first 2 quarter miles in 1:45, but then slowed from there lol. I want to keep writing but I’ll save it for my recap!


A photo posted by Patty Rivas (@pattyrivas13) on

Pretty cool I got to get a pic with Meb (and he fist bumped me when I told him I tried to run as fast as him lol). 

This week I am hoping to get over 40, then one more weak around 40 range, then it is TAPER TIME. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? Because I can’t.

Have any of you ran the 5th Avenue Mile/any mile race? I think it’s my favorite race distance.

If you could meet any elite runner or athlete in general, who would it be?


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Chicago Marathon Training Week 13

Wow 5 weeks to go!! I feel like I am hitting my stride but for some reason am STILL really worried I’m not prepared enough. I do want to thank everyone who has commented and given me their insight and support – I truly appreciate it. 

I guess the reason I am nervous is because in 2011, I was running about 30-35 miles per week and MAJORLY BONKED at NYCM. But I’m telling myself it was also because 1) it was my first marathon and 2) I was really dehydrated.

In my second marathon, I was averaging about 40, and peaked at 50…and that was when I finished strong and PRed by 30 minutes. So I guess I’m nervous that since I’m not doing that this time, I will bonk like the first time. TIME WILL TELL :-O

Anyway, I did have a solid week last week and hit 37 miles!! The most so far in training. Here’s how it went down:

Monday: 7 miles. Mile repeats were on the schedule which made me nervous. We did a 1 mile warmup, then 4 mile repeats, then 1 mile cooldown. We ran .25 in between each at a slow jog to recover. We needed to hit about 9:35, and since it was hot and humid I thought to myself, “I’ll be fine with 9:45.” Well we crushed it! Our splits were: 9:35, 9:32, 9:31, 9:20. I like pushing myself on last reps of workouts and seeing what I can do…but that 9:20 was really hard haha. 


A photo posted by Patty Rivas (@pattyrivas13) on

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 5 easy miles. Super slow because it was yet another hot and humid day. Finished last mile run/walking but I was ok with it because we knew we had a long run the next day.

Thursday: 17 miles. Guys. I was freaking out about this run. I wrote more about it in my last post, but basically I was ready for it, but then got in my own head. I asked people about how to get through a really hot run and many people advised me not to do it and skip it. Then I started getting really nervous. Was I going to get heat stroke or something? Should I skip it? We decided to split it up between indoors and outdoors, which actually really helped the time go by so much faster.

We did 6 miles on the treadmill, 6 miles outside (with water stashed every 1.5 miles), 5 miles inside to finish up. Those last 5 miles were done at marathon goal pace because we haven’t really practiced that yet. It was kinda uncomfortable, but I kept telling myself that the race will be uncomfortable. I finished the last mile in 9:45 and felt great. I really, really hope that is how race day goes too!


A photo posted by Patty Rivas (@pattyrivas13) on

Oh I also changed my shirt 3 times because…sweat. lol as I have mentioned before, I sweat A LOT. So after I hopped off the treadmill I changed, and then again when I got back from outside. It also helps you mentally I think…you feel fresh, starting in a dry shirt. Or maybe it’s just me…

Friday: 3 recovery miles. Ran this on my lunch break before my team’s first XC meet. They did great! We are adding a few more people this week, so hopefully we can get a full team down before our next meet.

Saturday: Off. 

Sunday: 5 miles before my friend’s Beer Olympics BBQ :) Yes, not the best to be drinking a ton of beer while marathon training but you know what, I’m okay with it! It was so much fun – and no I did not run yesterday (day after). It was spent recovering on the couch ;)


This week I’m hoping to break 40. Here’s a little inspirational image I made for myself/other runners who can relate:


A photo posted by Patty Rivas (@pattyrivas13) on

Wouldn’t it be nice to be sponsored? :)

Have you ever participated in a beer olympics? It’s basically different team games + drinking (we did dizzy bat, water balloon toss, flip cup, etc.)

If you could be sponsored by a brand, which one would you choose? As much as Nike is in some heat in the track and field world, I would love to be outfitted in Nike gear from head to toe!


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I Ran 17 Miles!

17 miles in the (marathon training) books. It’s funny because the last 2 long runs I’ve had, I had been totally dreading them. I was nervous and really doubting myself…and then they ended up being great runs. 

I was really nervous about this one because of the heat. All week it had been mid-high 90s, and humid. The day before this run, I struggled even finishing 5 miles. In fact, I ran/walked most of the last 2 miles in order to keep it easy effort.

I posted in the FitFluential Running Facebook group and got some good feedback from other runnerrs. Many advised me not to try to do the entire run outside due to the high heat. I would be running at 5 pm, so it would be a bit cooler than during the day, but still mid 90′s. 

So my mom and I decided to run indoors at the gym first, then head outside. We were kinda winging it. We didn’t know how long we’d run on the treadmill but the initial plan was only 3 miles. I felt fine running longer so we ended up running 6 miles on the treadmill before heading outside.

I changed my shirt real quick (#heavysweaterprobs) and then we continued with 6 miles outside. I’m glad we ran inside first because once we got outside the sun had gone down, BUT it was still pretty hot and muggy.

Before our run we left 2 water bottles on the route so we could stop every 1.5 miles and drink.

So anyway, we did 6 miles outside, then headed back inside (after another shirt change), and hopped on the treadmill as quick as we could to keep moving.

We were supposed to do 18 but finished at 17. The gym was close to closing and we needed to stretch and cooldown too. I felt really good though!

We wanted to do the last 5 miles at marathon goal pace (10:20-10:30) so we pushed ourselves a bit, and then I finished my last mile in 9:45. If only it felt so easy in the actual marathon! I’ll share some photos from my snapchat story (I’m @pattyrivas13 btw):



I’m so glad this run went well because this one and the previous 14 miles have been confidence boosters for me. I’m still kinda not sure at all how I’ll fare at Chicago Marathon, but here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Even though in my training for NYC Marathon I was close to 50 miles per week, I think this range (35ish) has been working well because I don’t feel too run down AND my shin pain has not been flaring up *knock on wood*

But I guess we’ll see!

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 10.02.33 AM

How do you handle hot runs? I made sure to take water every 2 miles and a salt pill every hour.

What is your least favorite part of long runs? Mine is just how time consuming it is…though I guess if you’re faster, that’s not a problem for you! ;)


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Chicago Marathon Training Week 12

Another training week in the books. Felt much better this week! In week 11, I had to take a few days off to recoup mentally and physically. This past week I felt good on all my runs and had a great long run! However, still kinda am doubting how this marathon will go. I just feel like I should be ahead of where I’m at for being at 12 weeks. Though I have seen people who are doing their first 18-20 miler about now, so I keep telling myself I am not that far behind! Will be shooting for 17-18 miles this week.

Here’s how last week went:

Monday: off

Tuesday: 4 miles. I found a new park right by my house! This was a super slow run because I was on trails and ended up running up a mountain (kind of exaggerated but it was a steep hill, and at the top you could see NYC in the distance so it WAS kind of a mountain lol). I was actually pretty sore the next day…is this normal for new trail runners??


A photo posted by Patty Rivas (@pattyrivas13) on

Wednesday: 6 miles. Reaaaal easy. Didn’t wear a watch. It actually felt good to be able to chat with my mom while running – I never can do that! I used to think it was because of my asthma but perhaps I really was running too fast. I mean, multiple times I had to actively slow myself down to get back to an easy pace. I think the cooler weather helped too. Thursday: 14 miles. We meant to do 16 but since we went after work, it got dark. Sunset is now at 7:45, nooooo. I am SO ready for fall and fall weathe, just not for it to get dark earlier and earlier. Overall, I felt awesome on this run BUT afterwards and the day after, my knees were killing me. Not sure why. Took ibuprofen the next day and rested, and was fine by Saturday.


A photo posted by Patty Rivas (@pattyrivas13) on

Friday: off

Saturday: 4 miles

Sunday: 5.5 miles

TOTAL: 33.5 miles

This week I REALLY want to strength train at least twice. I think my mom and I both had knee pain after our long run because we have been neglecting lifting, and therefore our quads are weak. 

Also, I want to get close to 40 miles. I have said that for like 3 weeks now but I want to. I just think it will give me peace of mind.

Runners, when do you “peak” before a week? How many weeks out?

How long do you usually taper? I found in my last marathon that a 10 day taper was perfect. I think this time I’ll do 10-14 days.


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Chicago Marathon Training Week 9

I seriously can’t believe we are now half way through training. I don’t know why but I don’t even feel like I’m training for something. I don’t know how to explain it but I don’t feel that same anticipation and readiness like I did before NYC Marathon. It feels surreal. I’m thinking it’s because it will be my first marathon/race in general that is outside of the tri-state area. One I have to fly to! :-O

Anyway, last week’s training was decent. I hit 30 miles. I know my goal was 35 but I skipped my 5 miler yesterday because of this weird twinge I’m having in my left shin. It started after my long run and hasn’t fully gone away. I have been icing, stretching and massaging meticulously.

Here’s last week’s training:

Monday: 6 miles. We did a 2×2 mile tempo workout with a 1 mile warm up and cooldown. We were supposed to stay within 9:30 range, and I did for the first 2 and kind of the the third but really fell off on the last one. Mile 1: 9:29, Mile 2: 9:33, Mile 3: 9:44, Mile 4: 10:30. We took a 5 min. break between each 2 mile rep. Honestly, almost gave up on that last one. It was killer. I did this same exact workout during Philly Half training and had the same results (really falling off on the last rep).

I also posted this picture on Instagram on Monday, wanting feedback:


A photo posted by Patty Rivas (@pattyrivas13) on

Here’s the caption/question I asked: 

Alright runners I need your advice. Trying to fix some muscle imbalances that I know I have but just don’t know how to fix it.

As you can see in picture 4, when my right leg steps, my left hip drops. However, you can see when my left leg steps, my right hip doesn’t really drop. So does that mean my right hip is weak?

Also, why does my leg kick inwards before straightening out? Also hip weakness? Coach Marc has told me to do running drills and core, which I NEED to be better about.

What are your favorite hip exercises? I mean, do clams really work because I really never feel it!

Thanks in advance for your input :)

Tuesday: Off. Took a 2 mile walk.

Wednesday: Easy 5 mile run.

Thursday: Long run. Ran 10 miles before the NYC Runs 5K in Central Park (recap here). Total 13.25 miles. I was REALLY tired after this. So I would have to run 13 MORE miles to finish a marathon??

Friday: Off. Took off because of that shin pain. It was really sore Friday.

Saturday: Easy 6 miles. Felt fatigued and pace fell off in the last 2 miles.

Sunday: Off. 2 mile walk instead. Like I said, shin still hurting


I don’t know. Honestly I am kind of stressing a bit. My long run did not feel strong. I also feel like 30 miles isn’t enough to run a marathon. I know I am just getting in my own head. I know I have 9 more weeks to go and still have time. But I just don’t know, at this point, how I will do in the marathon when I can’t even do 6 miles without feeling really tired, out of breath and slowing down in the last 2 miles of a 6 mile run??! Granted, yes 2 days earlier I ran 13 miles and my body is tired. I am trying to give myself my own pep talks haha.

Is anyone else freaking out or has in the past? 

My goal for this week is to get as close to 40 miles as possible, and strength train/do core 2 times minimum. I have a 16 miler this week which also is making me nervous because I’m thinking how am I going to get through that??

Like I have said in the past, it seems my mental strength is just not there. It is something I need to work on.

Please feel free to leave any input, tips, mental tips, etc. in the comments – I would greatly appreciate it!!


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That Time I Ran 10 Miles Before a 5K

This is the longest I have ran before running a race.

Last night, my mom and I ran the NYC Runs 5K in Central Park. Since we were heading into the city, we decided to go earlier and try to run 10-11 miles before hand in order to get our long run done with for the week. I’m all about running long on a weekday and prefer that over a weekend long run. 

We got to NYC and parked near where the finish line was going to be. Due to traffic, we only had time to run 10 miles beforehand. 

We ran one 5 mile loop in Central Park, then headed out towards the East River to continue running. Cat Hill killed me and I just wanted a flat portion for a bit haha.


So I think I must have been dehydrated yesterday because I was SO THIRSTY…even beginning at mile 1. I did drink water that day leading up to my run but clearly not enough. Any time I saw a water fountain in the park I would stop and drink huge gulps of water…I just could not quench my thirst.

I did bring my salt pills so I made sure to take those every 30 minutes, and that probably helped me avoid that sloshy feeling in my stomach that caused me to throw up at the finish line of the 2011 NYC Marathon. Yup. Fun times.

I refilled my own water bottle countless times and that feeling of thirst just never went away. I am getting thirsty just writing this now lol.

The 5K

We finished the 10 miles in the park and thankfully our friend picked up our bibs for us because we got to the starting line at 6:50. The race started and I thought, “Ok I’ll go a bit faster, and push it a bit.” And I did for the first mile: 9:40. I was like oh wow! But then I just couldn’t hold on.

The last 2 miles were in the 11′s and I walked up half of Cat Hill. My legs were just fatigued and I was still so thirsty. I stopped at both water stops and drank 2 full cups each time. Oh yeah and as I am off to the side picking up a water cup, some woman comes running in, yells “COME ON, MOVE” and pushes me in the back and grabs her water. Really???

We finished in about 35 minutes – I’ll take it. I was going to stop when my own watch beeped at 13 miles (because we ran more like 10.1 or 10.2 before the race), but then my watch beeped and I saw the 3 mile marker and was like No, I will finish this and finish it strong!

We ran a total of 13.2 miles…and I was so thankful for those popsicles they handed out after!!


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

Overall it was a fun race. I love evening races and definitely prefer them to early morning races, especially NYRR ones where I have to trek into the city.

We walked the 5-6 blocks back to the parking deck and I was thankful I brought a change of clothes – my shirt was soaked!

Now I have to run a 5 mile recovery run today which I’m not looking forward to…my legs are still so sore. But gotta do what you gotta do I suppose (when it comes to marathon training).

Did anyone else run this race last night? What’d you think?

Answers to feeling so thirsty on runs? Was I dehydrated?


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Chicago Marathon Training Week 8

Okay, officially kinda freaking out! It is week 8 and the longest run I’ve done so far is 10 miles. I was supposed to do 14 miles while I was away in Myrtle Beach, but there was no way that was happening with the heat wave and humidity. Someone tell me it’s okay I am not past 10 yet…?!?

Last week’s training was decent. Didn’t run this weekend because I was down the shore for birthday celebrations with friends :) But despite all this, it’s the first time this year I’ve hit 100 miles in a month! (104 to be exact.)

I plan on getting back on the horse this week. Striving for 35 miles. Here’s last week’s training:

Monday: Off (last day in Myrtle Beach)

Tuesday: 5 miles. Treadmill run with my mom! We did a 1 mile warm up, then hill repeats for 2:20 minutes with 2 minute rest, 1 mile cooldown.

Wednesday: 4.5 outdoor miles. 95 degrees but only 40% humidity which was fine with me after those 85% days in SC! Took it easy.


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

Thursday:  10 miles. We started outside but as soon as we started I knew it would be too hard. It was hot and humid after rain earlier in the day, and my exercise induced asthma kicked in. We completed 3 miles outdoors then headed inside to finish 7 miles on the treadmill.

Friday: 4 mile recovery run. Reeeallll slow. I hate recovery runs because I always feel SO stiff and sluggish!

Saturday: Off

Sunday: Off


This upcoming week I’m going to try making my long run 13-15 miles. I’m running a 5K in NYC Thursday night (Anyone else?) and think I’ll go in early to run about 12 miles beforehand. We’ll see. 

Are you marathon training? What’s your longest run so far? I feel like I have some catching up to do!


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Chicago Marathon Training Week 6

Not the greatest training week but not the worst. Writing this in my hotel in Myrtle Beach so let’s just jump right into it…(yay for being on vacation for 9 days!):

Monday: Easy 5 miles

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 5K time trial. I was supposed to run the trail series I have done a few times this summer, but had to go shopping with Dan for our vacation, so I had to run earlier. Decided to do a time trial on my own and was actually very surprised! My splits were: 9:22, 9:07, 8:42 and the last .1 in 7:45! I finished in 27:47! Only 2 minutes behind my all-time PR. It started pouring halfway in and that just always gives me a boost. I felt so strong throughout and felt like I could have maybe even pushed harder. Excited to see this type of progress continue with Coach Marc!

Thursday: 5 recovery miles. Really struggled on this run. Slooowwww miles. I hate recovery runs because I just feel so slow!

Friday: 8 miles. The long run that wasn’t. My mom and I went out for 12 miles but as soon as I hit mile 1 I just knew it wasn’t my day. Did not feel good and my shins were hurting. Decided I’d turn back at 4 miles and we finished with 8. I figured I’d make up some miles before my race on Saturday. Found this quote that was relevant…must remember not all runs will be good.


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

Saturday: 7.2 miles total. Wanted to go for anywhere from 8-10 but it started POURING during the Run To Breathe 4 Mile race in Central Park (and lightning), so they cancelled the race (as soon as we crossed the finish line no joke) and told everyone to evacuate the park. My mom and I had done a 2.7 mile warm up, then the 4 miles, then a .5 mile cooldown. I’d say overall it was a fun race and as always, felt kinda bad@$$ running in pouring rain!



A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

Sunday: off…traveling to Myrtle Beach! :-)


My goal was anywhere from 33-35, but some days are just not good run days, what can you do. I tried to get as close to 30 as possible, and that will be my goal this week too. I know runs will be tough because of the heat and humidity AND I know I won’t be getting a long run in (let’s be real). But I’m going to try to run anywhere from 5-7 miles daily.

What are your tips for running in humidity and/or on vacation?? I’d love to hear them!


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