Will I Ever BQ? Questions For Fellow Runners

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently…will I ever BQ (qualify for the Boston Marathon)? My mom and I want to run the Boston Marathon so bad and qualify one day. One day  being the key word. Running 8:XX minute miles for 26.2 miles seems impossible right now! Though for her, her qualifying time is 4:00 (mine is 3:35).

My last marathon was in 4:50, which was a big improvement from my first (awful) marathon of 5:15. That first one was the worst I have ever felt in a race before, and I remember feeling so bad for holding my mom back. But at least I got some redemption in my second NYC Marathon by running faster and not stopping to walk at all! And we crossed the finish line smiling, whereas the first time I was angry, yelling at my mom, and ended up puking in the bushes as soon as I crossed. Good times!

new york city marathon finish line

So now, as we are a month or so away from beginning marathon training (ps. – we got into the Chicago Marathon!), we are discussing goals. I think we can run under 4:30, but who knows. I’m feeling particularly inspired after reading this post on Reddit about someone who went from a 4:51 marathon to a 3:33 marathon!

I know that I need to run more miles, and will aim to run about 40-50 mpw. And I know many runners/bloggers I read are running anywhere from 30-50, if not more…so that’s where you all come in.

I have a few questions for my fellow runners, whether you have BQ-ed or not:

  • If you have qualified for Boston, how long did it take you? How many marathons?
  • What would you say has been a key factor in getting faster/more comfortable at running faster speeds?
  • If you run over 30 miles per week, how do you balance strength training and cross training? I see a lot of runners who still manage to do spin classes and yoga classes…I can’t seem to fit it all in my schedule! Do you do 2-a-days?
  • OR do you forego cross training for more miles (i.e. – running 6 days a week)?
  • Has anyone reading this gone from a 4:XX marathon to a 3:35 or less? That’s the time I need to qualify. Or do you know of any running bloggers who have?
  • Have you ran the Chicago Marathon? Thoughts on the course? I’m mostly nervous about the hit or miss weather!

Any answers, tips, advice, etc. would be greatly appreciated! I am feeling motivated and ready to at least get a sub 4:30 in my next marathon. Thank you for your help!


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Half-Marathon Training?

Okay so I mentioned in my post about possible races that I want to run the Asbury Park Half…well, try to! It’s at the end of April, so I think it’s totally feasible. I should probably start running more though…

I have done a handful of treadmill runs since November, but last weekend was the first time I ran outside. 2 miles was a struggle! So pathetic :-P

But I’m ready to get back in shape and chase a half marathon PR for this year.

I Google-ed “how to BQ” or something like that, out of curiosity. I would love to have a Boston Qualifier someday, though I know it’s a long ways off. But that doesn’t mean I can’t start working towards it now.

Can you tell I love someecards?

One of the things I found was that in order to get a faster, average pace, training for a faster 5K can help. I wish I could find the link again, but now I can’t seem to find it.

Last year was basically all marathon training, and while there were speed workouts, I doubt I would have had a 5K PR. I would like to try this methodology out this year, and see if it helps me get a 5K PR and a half marathon PR!

The training plan includes a long run, hill run and tempo run each week, along with easy runs. I would like to continue lifting regularly, so I will probably cut a run-day out for a lifting day. Since I’m not training for a marathon or anything this year, I think I have more leeway to experiment with different things.

Here are the first 2 weeks of this training plan I found by Mario Fraioli:

5k training plan

Currently, I’m just working on re-building my base because I highly doubt I can run for 60 minutes right now. I have done the hill workout though because I love doing hill workouts on the treadmill, and it makes it way less boring.

I’d like to run easy for 2-3 weeks before starting the plan. We’ll see where it takes me! I like trying out new things and seeing how they work. I was very scared to try out Hansons Marathon Method but I loved it and definitely plan on using it again the next time I’m marathon training.

Also-side note-do you guys use Daily Mile to track your mileage? Or a good ol’ fashioned notebook? If you use a notebook, how do you break you run down? I was using an excel sheet but don’t know how to reformat it for a new year, so I will have to start using something else.

What are you training for in the near future?

Do you want to BQ? Is it going to happen sooner or later for you? Hopefully I can get there one day!


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