Boston, I Love You

Wow, Boston was just amazing. I was only there for 2 days but my mom and I had so much fun!

We left Sunday morning after Easter Mass. We stopped for lunch in Falmouth because we wanted to check out Cape Cod, though we kind of wish we didn’t. It was pretty dead (obviously) and we wished we could have driven to Provincetown but it was just too far. We should have just gone straight to Boston and explored there.

Anyway, after we left Falmouth we went to our hotel to take a quick nap. Then went into Boston to check out the finish area and get dinner.


finish line

It was crazy to be walking down Boylston Street and imagining how things were one year ago. But you could feel the buzz…you could feel that everyone who was there wanted Marathon Monday to come back strong and be truly inspiring. And it was.

We woke up at 6 AM Monday to take the T train into Boston. We had no idea what time we should get to the finish area to get a spot, so I just took a guess and said 7:30. We were right! Probably 30-60 minutes after we got there it was packed. I was so mad at myself because I THOUGHT to bring folding outdoor chairs but figured it’d be a pain to lug around. So we ended up buying 2…$25 each….

Anyway, pro-tip if you will ever be at the finish line waiting for a runner, stake out a spot by the Starbucks. They let you use their bathroom! Plus you can go in and get all the coffee you want :) The line did get pretty long but moved pretty quick.

I was really excited to see Shalane Flanagan. Even though she didn’t win like she so badly wanted, everyone was so proud of her. We were all cheering like crazy when we saw the pro women coming in. Shalane got a PR AND fastest course time for an American woman…so she should be pretty proud!

shalane flanagan

And let’s talk about Meb. He’s turning 39, and got a PR…and was the first American to win the Boston Marathon since 1983!! As he came in, the crowds went wild and were chanting USA! USA! My mom and I have met Meb, and he is such a down-to-earth individual. If you listening to his interviews before and after the race, you’ll know what I mean. He did it for Boston.


After the pros came in, we stuck around to cheer on everyone else. Boylston Street was so loud! It would get even louder when we saw a runner who was struggling a little or stopped to walk. That’s what gets you through a marathon…and what got my through tough points in NYC.



Overall, it was such a beautiful day! The weather was perfect, the streets were packed…everyone was “Boston Strong.” I totally fell in love with Boston. One day, my mom and I will be back…as runners! We were so inspired, we vowed we will try our hardest to qualify (one day).

Have you ever ran the Boston Marathon? Or been a spectator? Did you watch the live stream?

Any tips for chasing that BQ?


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