I Want To Become A Group Fitness Instructor

As you may know, I’m a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I love personal training and working with clients one-on-one. But recently, I’ve been thinking about adding on another certification in group fitness.

…but there are so many to choose from!


I know some of you are group fitness instructors, so I’d love to hear your input. Here’s what I’m thinking about:

General Group Fitness Instructor

I could get a group fitness certification right through NASM which would allow me to teach in group settings, which means a variety of classes offered at local gyms and studios. This is probably the most general, and would offer me the ability to work in a lot of different classes. Hmm…

Body Pump Instructor

I’ve done Body Pump a few times and love it. I feel like this would be perfect for me because I love lifting, and I love lifting to group music. Loud music always gets me going, especially in a group atmosphere! I’ve had some instructors who haven’t corrected others’ painfully obvious bad form, which is something I’d like to do. Part of being an instructor is educating others and making sure they don’t hurt themselves right? I really don’t mean to sound holier than thou or anything, but I just don’t like when I see a trainer or instructor, whether it’s in the gym, yoga, etc., who isn’t correcting obvious issues. I get that it’s a large class but I’ve seen some who don’t even walk around to TRY to find these form issues. Okay, rant over… ;)

Spin Instructor

This one I really don’t know about! I love spin, but I just can’t imagine having to bike all out AND be yelling out directions and encouragement at the same time. What if I needed a break?? To all of you spin instructors: how do you do it? I really feel like I’d be huffing and puffing the whole time trying to ride and speak at the same time.

These are my current ideas, but I’m open to others. So please let me know what you think! :)

Are you a fitness instructor? What’s your certification?

Any tips for transitioning from one-on-one training to group fitness?


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