How To Prevent Black Toenails (Besides Bigger Shoes)

If you’re a long distance runner, you know black toenails are common. We all joke about it.

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But hey, it happens.

My mom has suffered from black toenails/toenails falling off since we started training for longer races. No matter what, it would happen. She tried sizing up in shoes…and sizing up again. But nothing helped.

Then we went to the local shoe store, and a new guy was working who gave us THE ANSWER!

Do you get black toenails? Here's a tip for stopping that from happening!

The sneaker store employee told her to rub BodyGlide or Vaseline on her toes and toenails before the run.

She has been doing that since, and has not had throbbing toenails or black toenails. He told us that sometimes black toenails happen because of the friction between your toes and socks. It is similar to getting blisters.

So now you know…

Other tips for preventing black toenails include:

  • Trying a bigger shoesize. You should have about a thumb’s width space in the front of the shoe (from your biggest toe).
  • Trim your toenails regularly.
  • Wear wicking socks so your feet are dry. Wet socks (as with any wet clothing on your body) can cause chafing and blistering.
  • And a tip for your feet in general: don’t get rid of your callouses! I hate that part of pedicures anyway so I have no problem asking them not to do it. But yes…leave your callouses alone. You need those to prevent blisters :)

Do you get or have you gotten black toenails? Or lost toenails?

What other things would you say are “runner probs?” :) Hmm…I’d say chafing in general. Despite using BodyGlide I still chafe around the outlines of my sports bra…so attractive!


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What That Extra Shoelace Hole is For + Emoji Keyboard Hack

So I already use those extra shoelace holes in my sneakers. I had read somewhere at some point that tying your shoelaces through those holes means less slippage inside your shoes. I like my sneakers to be tight and snug. Well, turns out I might not have been using these holes to their full potential!

These holes can help prevent black toenails! I mean, what runner doesn’t want to prevent that?

Do you know what that extra shoelace hole is for? Hint: it can help you prevent black toenails!

I learned about this shoelace hack through this Buzzfeed article, where they talk about what that extra shoelace hole is for…and I wanted to share! The more runners who know about it the better :-P

They included a video that shows you exactly how to use those extra holes in order to keep your sneakers tighter around the ankle (heel lock), which leads to less forward sliding of your foot (aka less black toenails):

Mind = blown.

Another random hack:

Did you know if you click command, control and space bar on your computer the emoji keyboard pops up? This might be only for Apple products by the way, but still pretty cool! Whenever I was tweeting online and wanted an emoji I would search for it and copy and paste. 

I also love the little descriptions when you hover over them, like the emoji girl with her arms crossed in front of her face is “face with no good gesture.” 

Just a fun little random post for Friday! TGIF!

Do you use a lot of emojis? I love the crying/laughing face one

Did you know what that extra shoelace hole was for??


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