Health & Fitness Links To Get You Through The Day

My birthday is exactly 1 week from today! But I don’t want to be 26 :( My friends and I are planning a beach trip for next weekend, so this week and next week just need to fly by ;)

Here are some great health & fitness links you need to check out!
Featured: 5 Ways To Speed Up Muscle Recovery (Marcia’s Healthy Slice) – These are great tips to utilize in your every day training. I totally agree with the supplements (and with all the tips), as I regularly take BCAAs and Glutamine to help recovery when I’m marathon training

  • 7 Ways To Stay Safe On A Run (Divas Run For Bling) – These are great to keep in mind next time you’re on a run. I’ve been reading too many articles about runners being attacked. It makes me kind of paranoid but also more aware of things I need to do for my own safety.
  • Swimming Tips For Beginners (Skinny Fitalicious) – I just started swimming last week. I’m sure my form is awful since I never took real lessons, so who knows what I’m doing. My goal is to swim once a week as cross-training!
  • Female Low Testosterone Epidemic (T-Nation) – This was a very interesting read on effects of birth control on testosterone.
  • Benefits Of Water Tracking Apps (Stay Healthy N Fit For You) – I really need to be better about drinking water. I love the concept of the Plant Nanny app!

Do you use a tracking app/any thing to track your water intake?


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