Motivational Monday!

Finally, it’s March! I wonder if spring will come anytime soon…

I hope you all had a great weekend! I was down in Atlantic City for my best friend’s birthday and it was so much fun.

We went to Dusk, a club in Caesar’s Palace, and danced the night away with our BFs :)

Anyway, here is a quote I found for today’s motivational Monday:

How true is that? I catch myself complaining sometimes and then tell myself that if there is nothing I can do to change a situation, then I need to just move on. Tomorrow is a new day, and a new day to make things happen. Forget about yesterday.

What are your thoughts on this quote?

Did you do anything fun this weekend?


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Week 7 of NYC Marathon Training

Another week down. Didn’t have a perfect week of training (missed one day), but got close! Here’s last week’s recap:


Track workout. 1 mile warm up, 8×600 meters with 400 meter jog, 1 mile cooldown.

I followed the paces prescribed in Hansons Marathon Method but couldn’t hit them for all 8. I was supposed to do 600 meters in 3:06 but the last two were 3:10ish. Probably need to slow it down for the next track workout because you aren’t supposed to walk during the recovery jog. Oops.




Tempo run. 1 mile warm up, 5 miles at goal marathon pace, 1 mile cooldown.

So my goal pace is 10:18. I’d love to run a 4:30 marathon considering my last one was in 5:20 due to major bonking. Therefore, 5 miles tempo means 5 miles at 10:18. Not bad at all. Tried to stay within that but went a bit faster…is that bad? I also think mile 4 got all screwed up due to a phone call I got (I use RunKeeper on my phone).


Easy 5 recovery miles.

I had to switch around a few days this week due to going to Atlantic City on Saturday. I was supposed to do 4 on Thursday but ended up doing 5 instead so I’d only have to wake up and do 4 miles before heading to AC on Saturday.


10 miles! Our first double digit run! We felt pretty good…need to work on fueling though, I’m still clueless with how I can fuel better. Here is us post run-

I actually felt so good afterwards. No stiff legs. No shin pain. Nothing! I think my body is getting used to running longer miles finally :)


Easy 4 recovery miles.

Ok so that day I was feeling the tiredness in my legs. We ran sloooowww, and walked the last mile home. I really just knew my legs needed to take it easy.


Was supposed to do 4 miles but being that I was out the night before and didn’t sleep until 4:30 am, my body just wanted to lay in bed the next day ;) AC was fun though! Minus the fact that I lost my shoes, but that’s a whole other story ;)

I can’t believe we are almost halfway through training. I don’t know how I feel about it. Hansons Marathon Method has us only running up to 16 miles, though a couple of times. I really hope that this works. I do not want to feel miserable during the race again.

How do you fuel for long runs? Gels? Gatorade? Do you get a sloshy feeling in your stomach if you drink too much? I really need to figure this all out!

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Back To The Grind

I’m sad the weekend is over but I got back to the grind yesterday.

This past weekend my BF, friends and I headed down to Atlantic City. I have been excited for this trip for a while and it was a lot of fun! Four of us got there earlier than everyone else and just hung out. Our hotel had a nice little private beach on the bay so we just sat outside and enjoyed the view.

That night, we all got ready together and headed out to the casino for some gambling before heading to the club. I only gambled 20 bucks because losing more than that hurts! Here are some pre-party pics:

The girls. Took me multiple shopping trips to find that hot pink crop top to wear under my lacy top!

Me and the BF.

Not sure what’s going on here lol

It was a fun trip but definitely indulged a bit. It’s ok because I only really go out once a month or so, so I don’t feel bad!

Yesterday I got back into it though. I made sure to go to sleep around 10:45 on Sunday to catch up on my ZZZZs. Then, yesterday was “back and biceps” day. My mom and I hit the gym and did an assortment of exercises including:

  • Negative pull-ups
  • Single arm dumbbell rows
  • Lat pulldown
  • Bicep curls
  • Bent over barbell rows
  • Zottman curls
  • Foam rolling

Tomorrow = 2 mile easy run and legs day. Thus starts week 2 of marathon training! I had off yesterday and Wednesday from running but Thursday-Sunday is back to back runs. I guess they really do mean that whole “cumulative fatigue/get your legs as tired as possible” thing!

How was your weekend? Do you jump right back into things once indulgent weekends are over?

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