2014 Races & Fitness Goals

So I really have not given any thought to my 2014 race calendar yet, though I know a lot of people who have!

I have a few races I am interested in, so I figured I’d write them down so I can look back on them. Plus, I’m really chasing a 5K PR this spring/summer (25:43)!

March – Are You Faster Than A Ridge Runner 5K. My parents and I have ran this race for the past 2 years, so I’m sure we will be running it again!

April – Miles For Matheny 5K. This is another race my mom and I have done since 2010. It’s for a great cause-it benefits a school and hospital (The Matheny School) in my town for children and adults with developmental disabilities. This is actually where I got my 5K PR in 2012…so maybe this is the year I beat it on the same course!

At least I got 2nd in my age group last year!

May – (SLIGHT POSSIBILITY) Long Branch Half Marathon. I’m not 100% sure yet if I want to do a half marathon in the spring. I have liked taking a break from scheduled long distance running, and I like having a set lifting regimen again. So we’ll see in a month or two if I want to commit to a half. But it’s 45 minutes away from my house, and it was my first half marathon, so I’d be interested in running it again!

July - Asuncion Runners Half Marathon in Paraguay. This would be really cool if it pans out! My family is traveling to Paraguay this summer, and potentially Rio De Janeiro if we get tickets through the World Cup Lottery. This race is July 13, and we leave Paraguay on July 16, so I am thinking this race will work…and it will be my first international race!

This is in San Bernardino, Paraguay (Where the race will be). It’s a huge lake and summer vacation/resort area.

Fall-ish – I do want to do a half marathon, and hopefully PR. Not sure where or when it will be, but I’m open to suggestions! :)

Other Fitness Goals

Besides some running PRs, there are other fitness related goals I am hoping to accomplish. Here are a few:

  • As I mentioned in my 2014 goals post, I want to be able to do 3-5 unassisted pullups!
  • PERHAPS I will try a mini (I’m talking mini) triathlon this summer. There is one in NJ that is like, swim 500 meters, bike 5-6 miles, run 5K. Totally doable for me :)
  • Gain more muscle and get leaner through lifting heavy and cleaning up my diet.
  • Squat in triple digits…currently at 70 lbs :-P
  • Get stronger at bench press…this is my ultimate weakness.
  • Post a workout video once a week on my YouTube Channel, please subscribe!

OH, and I’ll also be running a bunch of NYRR races in NYC in order to qualify for the 2015 NYC Marathon!!! Anyone else??

What are your running and fitness goals?

Do you have a PR you really want to break?


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2014 Goals + My December Favorites

Does anyone else not want it to be a new year on certain years because they don’t like the numbers? 13 is my lucky number so I loved 2013, but I hate the number 14 haha. Maybe I’m just weird…

Anyway, I wanted to talk about my 2014 goals, since it is that last day of 2013!! Can you believe it?!

Here is what I wrote for what I wanted to accomplish in 2013. PS – this post may get a little lengthy…

  • Improve on my 5K, half-marathon and marathon times - I want to get faster all around. This year my mom and I will be doing a few half marathons and the New York City Marathon. My main goal is to take NYC with a vengeance and not suffer as much as I did the first time. How will I do this? I will follow Marc’s training plans and not skip runs. I want to run minimum 4x a week but will strive for 5-6 depending on my shin pain. I will also make an effort to cross train more.
  • Starting with just the month of January, I will try to do something fitness related every day - Doesn’t have to be much, but whether it’s running, lifting or just 20 minutes of yoga, I want to be active every day and see if I can keep this streak up in January. Depending on how it goes, I want to continue it throughout the year!
  • Be able to do 5 pull ups in a row -How will I do this? I will do pull up specific exercises every time I lift, which is hopefully 3-4x a week!
  • Graduate with my Master’s in May with a GPA no less than 3.9 - I had a 4.0 until this semester =( but I really want to keep it at 3.9 now and finish out with a bang.
  • Get a full time job I am excited about! *crossing fingers*
  • Keep a budget and track my spending - I did this for a while but stopped. I need to get back to it to make sure I am not over spending and that I’m saving enough. How will I do this? Every paycheck I will dissect down into where my money should go, and give myself a limit for money spent on shopping.
  • Eat much healthier and cleaner – How will I do this? For the past 2 weeks, I have been eating really clean, and allowing myself 1 small “cheat” per day, whether it’s a piece of chocolate, a cookie, etc. Letting myself eat 1 thing I wanted per day allowed me to not feel deprived. I will continue this, but obviously exceptions will be made for holidays or birthdays!

Now let’s see what I actually got done:

  • Improve on my 5K, half-marathon and marathon times - I didn’t really race many 5ks this year, but all of my focus was on the marathon. While I didn’t PR in the half, I’m ok with that because I only did 1 half marathon the entire year. I did get a 33 minute PR at the NYC Marathon, so I think that makes up for everything else ;)
  • Starting with just the month of January, I will try to do something fitness related every day - I did keep this up in January but wasn’t stringent with it the whole year. I do like to believe I am pretty active every day, as I work out 5x a week, but also make sure to take walking breaks at work so I’m not sitting for hours on end.
  • Be able to do 5 pull ups in a row - Noooo :( Sadly, strength training went by the wayside once I started marathon training. But I am working hard on pullups currently!
  • Graduate with my Master’s in May with a GPA no less than 3.9 - CHECK!
  • Get a full time job I am excited about! While I don’t have a full-time job, I am doing something I’m excited about. I started my own social media marketing business, and am working with several clients and hoping to grow in 2014!
  • Keep a budget and track my spending - I did do this for a time being, but haven’t been as good about it lately. Really need to get back to this!
  • Eat much healthier and cleaner – I’d say for the most part, this happened. While some splurges may have happened after my half marathon and after my marathon (hey, I just trained for months on end!) I kept a healthy diet for the most part. I like eating healthy, as it helps me feel better too.

Alright, now time for my 2014 goals! Going along with how I set up my 2013 goals, I will state each goal AND how I plan on accomplishing them. Setting up a plan is the best way to make sure you don’t forget about your resolutions by February!

2014 goals

  • Let’s try this again: Be able to do 3-5 unassisted pull-ups – I’ve been working hard on pull-ups the past 5 weeks, so hopefully I can get there! I decreased my weight on the assisted machine by 15 lbs today so I’m making progress :) How will I do this? Continue incorporating pull-ups into my routine, but also getting stronger at other back lifts (rows), and working on my biceps.
  • Get a 5K PR – I have no long distance runs planned this year, since I kind of want to take the year to do shorter races and get faster…and focus on lifting. So I think I have a shot at doing this! How will I do this? By doing workouts that will help me get faster such as hill sprints (I’ve been doing 2-3 mile runs with lots of hill sprints incorporated), track workouts, and continuing to incorporate longer runs.
  • Do a blog redesign and transfer over to wordpress.org – I’ve been working on this for the past month or so, but designing a blog is hard! Hiring someone to do it can be costly so for now I’m going to try to work on it myself. How will I do this? Reading books on wordpress, learning basic html through codeacademy, and trial and error.
  • FINALLY finish my online training plans and start an online 8 week workout program – Honestly, the training plan has been getting pushed off though I still work on it when I can…I’ve just been busy! I’d love to finish that, and start an 8 week online workout program which will be an online community, but also members will be sent workouts from me each week. How will I do this? Dedicating a certain amount of time each week to working on this.
  • Raising awareness for my Etsy shop and the charity that it helps - In case you haven’t seen my posts about it, my mom and I opened up an online shop to sell duffel bags, tote bags…you name it. 10% of the proceeds goes to a charity called Manitos, which helps children diagnosed with cancer in Paraguay. Please check it out! How will I do this? Dedicating time to working on marketing my shop, but also dedicating time to making new products.
  • Read a minimum of 5 new books - I slacked on reading this year…well, actually I probably did read close to 5 books. But I’d like to read more in 2014! How will I do this? Spending at least 10 minutes each night before bed reading instead of being online.
  • Making more YouTube videos – I started my YouTube channel a while ago, but hadn’t posted on it for a few months. I’m planning on posting more workout videos and how-to videos in 2014, so please subscribe! How will I do this? Yet again, I will dedicate time on the weekends to film and edit videos, and have them ready for the week. I will need to set aside time to brainstorm ideas as well.

And that last point leads me to my newest video, which is my December favorites!

Hopefully 2014 is an awesome year. I really do love new year’s because it feels like there are so many possibilities ahead of you. Hope everyone has a great New Year’s Eve!

Have you made your goals/resolutions? What are they?

Are you doing anything fun for New Year’s Eve?

Where do you get your workout clothes?


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Thinking Out Loud: Resolutioners At The Gym

It’s that time of year where people are making their resolutions. It’s also that time of year that we hear gym-goers complain about the resolutioners.

I can certainly see both sides of this, which is why I wanted to write about it. I wanted to hear what you all think.

Viewpoint #1: Resolutioners Are Annoying

I’ve heard this from friends, read it on Tumblr, and even thought it myself at times. People post about being annoyed that the gym is packed, and it is harder to get a workout in.

Admittedly, it is annoying when the gym is packed, at ANY point during the year, now just new years. I mean, I get annoyed on Mondays when the gym is really packed…yet empty on Friday evenings ;)

Here are some quotes I found on Tumblr:

“Doesn’t it suck when you want to go workout but you also don’t want to because all the friggin resolutioners are taking up all the machines”

“i hate new years when everyone’s resolution is to ‘lose weight’ or ‘get fit’. i understand the desire the lose weight, that’s why we joined the gym. but we did it in august. not because it was a new year or whatever. we did it because we felt we needed to, not because society said we should.”

I understand the second quote a bit because it is interesting to me that so many people choose Jan. 2 to get fit or healthy. I understand it is a new year, but I also wonder how many people thought about starting to work out in October or November, but said “I’ll wait until the new year.” Why wait?

Viewpoint #2: Be Supportive

I will admit…the other day I was venting to my boyfriend about packed the gym was the day after Christmas, and his roommate said, “The resolutioners are coming earlier this year.” I laughed, and my boyfriend called us gym snobs :-P

He actually is one of those people who will be going to the gym after new years. He said, he pays for his gym membership so he has the right to use it (obviously) as he pleases, as do any other people who sign up for new years. He said that as a personal trainer, I should be happy they are trying to be healthy (I am).

His roommate said he is mainly annoyed by them because they are there for a few weeks, then fizzle out. They crowd the gym while others have been working at it all year. While “a third [of resolutions] are ditched by the end of January, [and] four out of five people simply give their resolutions up” Dan (my boyfriend) said, no one goes into the new year thinking that they will be part of this statistic.

Here are other quotes I found on Tumblr:

“Is the inconvenience to me worth more than the health of others? Hell no. New Years Resolutioners, I urge you to continue to work out, kick ass, and drive me a little insane. ;)”

Keep in mind, some of us find it easier to stick to a healthy, fit lifestyle than others… Imagine how discouraging it would be to have people making fun of your efforts! Instead of mocking the “newbies”, we should encourage them to keep working toward their goals! Remember, we all had to start somewhere!

I do also agree with these quotes. We did all have to start somewhere, and it’s very possible many of us started on a January 2nd, and are still living up to our old resolution.

While I can see both sides to this “controversy,” here is what I hope: I hope that those who are hitting the gym next week continue to do so throughout the year. I hope those wanting to start a healthy lifestyle can maintain it.

If your resolution is to go to the gym and eat healthier, I hope you crush it! Take those statistics and kick their @$$. As I posted earlier this morning, you have a “365 page book” ahead of you, with blank pages.

Is your resolution to go to the gym more?

What do you think about resolutioners/this topic? Do you see both sides?


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Motivational Monday

Can you believe it is almost 2014?? This year seriously flew by. I feel like every month went by quickly and I was thinking, “Wow it’s _____ already?!”

I love New Years. To me, it’s a fresh start and a new year to go after your goals. Which is why I love this quote:

While tomorrow isn’t Jan. 1 yet, I’m sure you all can relate. I don’t think it is necessary to make resolutions in order to really appreciate the new year.

Don’t make resolutions just to make them. Really think about your goals. The most important thing is to plan out how you will accomplish those goals, as opposed to just saying, in 2014 I want to do X. How will you get there?

I’m going to do a separate post about my goals, and I’d love for you to share with me what yours are! We can hold each other accountable ;)

Do you make new year’s resolutions?

Do you love or hate (or are indifferent) to New Years Eve celebrations?


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