New Workout Tunes!


Here’s what I’m currently listening to. Sweet Nothing is still on there, I can’t get enough of that song! I am also looooving Macklemore’s song Can’t Hold Us. Perfect running song. The last two are good for a slower pace workout or cool down.

Is there a song that no matter how many times you play it, you don’t get sick of it?


New Workout Tunes!

currentplaylist5I’ve been obsessed with Sweet Nothing recently…I can’t stop playing it!

What are the workout songs you’re listening to?


New Workout Tunes!

Just downloaded some new music before my afternoon run. I am loving Ne-yo’s new song!

What songs are currently on your playlist?


New Workout Tunes!


Again, I’m probably way behind on my music…but this is what I’m currently listening to.

What is your favorite workout song??


New Workout Tunes

Again, sometimes I am behind on the current music…but this is what I’m currently listening to. Loving me some Justin Bieber!


Need Some Workout Tunes?

I’m always way behind on new songs…so some of you may be thinking “Patty, these songs are so old!” But it’s what’s currently getting me through my runs and gym sessions :)