A Day In The Life

I’ve seen bloggers write and show photos about their daily routine so I figured I’d write one up (not that my days are super exciting lol).

I’ve been meaning to for a while and always forget to actually take photos throughout the day. So today I’m going to recap what I did yesterday…which is a pretty typical Tuesday or Thursday for me (cycle in the AM, run in the PM). Okay here we go:

6:45 AM - Begrudgingly roll out of bed to get ready to head to cycling class at Ride + Reflect. I am NOT a morning person and it is always a challenge waking up early. Yes, this is super early for me :) But I always feel awesome after the class and never regret it.

7:35 AM - Arrive at Ride + Reflect for a 7:45 am start time.

ride and reflect new jersey

7:45 – 8:30 AM - POWER Ride class. This is my favorite class that Ride + Reflect offers. It’s a power/watts based class and it kicks my butt every time. I wrote more about it here and how you can use power based cycling as cross-training and to build strength. Also, today in class I reached my goal of 20 miles!!! I’ve been working on hitting 20 miles since January (when I started). I started off cycling 15-16 miles in a 45 minutes class. Pretty pumped!


8:35 – 8:40 AM - Take the quickest shower ever because I have to get to work. Anyone have tips for this?? I just legit throw shampoo and conditioner on my hair at the same time, soap up, rinse and get out.

9:00 AM - Get to the community college I work at and do my makeup at my desk because I don’t have time to do it beforehand. I’m usually the first one in so I try to do it as quickly as possible so no one sees my makeup-less face lol :-P Is your makup bag a mess too or just me?


9:05 AM - Plan out my day in my planner (I am obsessed with planner stickers for the Erin Condren Life Planner). I don’t know why but having the stickers there and making it look all nice and pretty keeps me more organized. Dan and my sister make fun of me for it becuase he’s like, really? stickers? lol but I like the way they look.


 12:00 PM - Lunchtime.

1:00 PM - Leave work and go somewhere else to work on my own business stuff. Usually Starbucks. I can never get anything done in my own apartment. I also like going to the local library. Nice and quite AND free coffee!

3:00 PM - Drive over to my parents house to get ready to run with my mom. This particulary day we didn’t end up running because something came up. But usually by 4 PM we are out the door for our afternoon/evening run. Here’s a picture of the area and the park where we run (along with my XC team) sometimes. 


4:30 PM - Leave home to drive back to my apartment. I debated on running alone in my hometown and then driving back, but wanted to beat the traffic. Decide to go get a manicure first and then figure out if I will run or not.

5:15 PM - Manicure time! The place I go to has this polish that lasts 1 week (and it’s only $2 more). I love it. I used to get Shellac (which lasts 3 weeks) but it was always such a pain to get off. 


 6:30 PM - Decide to run after all. I really, REALLY didn’t want to because I was so tired…and told myself, “hey I already did spin this morning soooo….” But since I knew I wouldn’t be running today (Friday) or Saturday, I sucked it up and did 3 miles. I ended up feeling great and doing a really good fartlek workout of 2:20 min faster and 40 sec. recovery.

7:00 PM - Get Chipotle with Dan (and save half for lunch the next day) and some froyo. I have a lot of extra weightwatchers points this week and figured why not treat myself :) Eat it while we watch House on Netflix (which we have probably seen all the way through 3 times now).


 8:00-10:30 PM - Chillax

11:00 PM - Bed time.

That’s a pretty typical day for me. And today….TGIF! Dan and I will be heading down to Philly to the Sixers game tonight. Should be a fun time. And tomorrow = St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in a local town, so my sister and I will be doing some day drinking ;) So glad it will be a beautiful day because last year was rainy and cold.

What are your plans for the weekend?

What time do you normally eat dinner? We eat anywhere from 7-8 pm which Dan says is late but for me, any earlier and I will be hungry by 9 pm!


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35 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes!

I’m back! I took a bit of a blogging break last week because I was swamped. I’m doing a lot of new projects related to my business and now need to blog here and over on my new-ish marketing blog :) Check it out for social media and marketing tips!

I also started round 2 of my 5 Day Fit Challenge which starts today, so it’s been a busy past week. But I want to get back into the swing of things! So today I’m going to be talking about quick and easy dinner recipes.

I don’t know about you, but I come home in the evenings and always want to make something in 30 minutes or less. Sometimes I will find a delicious looking recipe online, but it calls for 50 different ingredients. I’ll never end up making it haha. I’m all about simple and quick.

Which is why I am sharing 35 dinner recipes from my fellow blogging friends today! They have amazing recipe ideas (and photography skills) and I can’t wait to try these. The burrito bowl stuffed peppers will definitely hit the spot on those nights I’m craving Chipotle ;)

Alright let’s jump into it! (Photos shown go with the link directly below the photo)

35 Quick and Easy Dinner Recipes - Perfect for busy nights! | http://reach-yourpeak.com

Weeknight Chicken Curry – Food, Pleasure & Health

One Pan Baked Tilapia and Roasted Veggies – Simple Fit Foodie

15 Minute Garlic Herb Spaghetti – The Refreshanista

15 Minute Burst Tomato Pasta – Pumpkin & Peanut Butter

Creamy Avocado Zucchini Ribbons – Pumpkin & Peanut Butter

Tuna Thai Red Curry – Strength & Sunshine

Tofu Scramble – Masala Girl Travels

 Grain-Free Ground Turkey Stuffed Peppers – Simple Fit Foodie

Meatless Meatball Soup – That Girl Shannon

Black Eyed Pea Curry w/ Swiss Chard & Roasted Eggplant – Strength & Sunshine

Pasta w/ Kale & Tomatoes (One Pot) – Masala Girl Travels

Roasted Broccoli Quinoa Salad w/ Honey Mustard Dressing – Fooduzzi

Burrito Bowl Stuffed Peppers – Athletic Avocado

Hummus Kale Toast – Fooduzzi

Farro Mushroom Risotto – Simple Medicine

Tortellini Pasta Salad – That Girl Shannon

Simple Vegetarian Pasta w/ Shakshuka – Rachel Mansfield

Lemon Pistacchio Salmon – The Simple Life

Supergreens Macro Bowl – Rachel Mansfield

Healthy Chicken & Cashews – Fitful Focus

Greek Polenta – A Cup Of Kellen

Pomegranate Avocado Lentil Salad – Kerri’s Kitchen

Copycat Panera Bread Sierra Turkey Sandwich – Healthy Helper

BBQ Stuffed Sweet Potato – Fitful Focus

Spicy Veggie Rice Noodle Stir Fry – Kerri’s Kitchen

Simple Whole Roasted Chicken – The Blissful Balance

Roasted Chicken & Veggies – Young & Rungry

Ramen Noodles w/ Creamy Peanut Sauce – The Blissful Balance

Garlic Sesame Sweet Potato Noodles – Seek Satiation

Cauliflower Sloppy Joes – Healthy Helper

Quick & Easy Spring Veggie Bowl – Jill Conyers

Microwaveable Lemon & Parmesan Zucchini Noodles – The College Dish

One Pot Minestrone Soup – The College Dish

Copycat Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps – Hello To Fit

Fresh Floral Tomato & Avocado Salad – Jill Conyers

I’m hungry now. Doesn’t help that I am typing this up before lunch time. 

Will you be trying any of these recipes soon?

What’s your go-to recipe for a quick dinner?


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Spontaneous Trip to Arizona

Dan and I made a decision on the fly last week and flew out to Arizona on Friday. Well, we had talked about it the previous week but just in passing like, “hey the Devils play in Arizona next week we should go.” Then a few days before we started to look into airfare and, obviously, the price had gone up. We figured “oh well.” But then Friday, Dan kept saying how he really wanted to go and I was like you know what…YOLO haha. I told him we knew we would regret it if we didn’t go, especially if we were watching the Devils game on TV. We’d be thinking ugh we should have been there!

So anyway, we said F it and got a flight for Friday afternoon. We got to Phoenix at 7:30 their time. By the time we got our rental car and got to the hotel it was 8:30, aka 10:30 on our clocks. We were so tired but headed out to dinner at The Keg Steakhouse which was DELICIOUS.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.10.51 AM

The next morning, Saturday, we got up and headed to Gila River Arena for the Devils game. We both love checking out new stadiums and arenas, and cheering for the away team ;) The arena, on the inside, actually looked a lot like Prudential Center (where the Devils play), but I wasn’t really impressed by the outside or the concourse.

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.12.03 AM

Anyway, the Devils won 2-0! There is this big outdoor entertainment area outside of the arena with a bunch of sports bars. It was so crazy to me that we were sitting at an outdoor bar in t-shirts in January. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.13.14 AM

Afterwards we headed to Scottsdale for dinner and drinks, and to watch the Cardinals game. There were actually a lot of Green Bay Packers fans in town as well for the game.

Sunday was our day to head to the Grand Canyon. I couldn’t even imagine what it would look like. We drove 3.5 hours to get there, and it was interesting how the scenery changed the farther up you drive. It went from desert land with cacti, to snow covered and mountains in the distance. Side note: on our drive out of the city we saw runners running the RnR AZ race…let me know if you were one of them!

This might sound stupid, and was a total traveler’s mistake on my end, but I didn’t think it would be cold there since in Phoenix it was 60s-70s. Then on the drive there I checked the weather and saw it said 22 degrees! So we made a pitstop at a Kohl’s in Flagstaff to get myself a jacket lol.

Part of our drive

Part of our drive

The Grand Canyon was around 7,000 feet elevation, so my ears were popping the whole way there. We got there and our first stop was Desert View Watchtower. We were immediately taken aback by the views and scenery. It really is indescribable. We then drove about 20 miles within the park and stopped at every view point we could.

There was one location with no guard rails, so people were taking photos on this rock on the rim. So we did it too, though it was really scary! The rock did not have good footing, and it was windy. But it made for some amazing pictures:

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.21.23 AM

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.22.01 AM

There truly is nothing like it. I keep saying we need to go back because 1) it was amazing and 2) there was a lot of snow, so we couldn’t do any hiking on the rim trails. Here’s one more pic:

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 11.35.33 AM

We spent a few hours there exploring and also stayed for the sunset. Then drove all the way back…and ended the night/trip with In n’ Out Burger :) However, I will say I think Shake Shack > In n’ Out Burger…

This trip really motivated me to do more traveling this year. It’s one of my 2016 goals. My friend and I are thinking of heading to Mont Tremblant, Canada in February, then I’ve got a summer trip to Paraguay and Rio…I can’t wait!

Have you been to the Grand Canyon?

Where would you like to travel to this year? My next bucket list US stop would probably be New Orleans or somewhere in Texas :)


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Today is my birthday! But honestly, woke up feeling kinda blah.

I know it’s kind of silly. I know that it is because I have said the same thing to Dan every year. Each year on his birthday he is bummed about being another year older. I’m like “come on! It’s your birthday! Be happy!”

For some reason, this year I didn’t wake up feeling happy or excited…and I am always excited for my birthday!

I guess I just can’t believe I am 27. I know, I know…it’s not old, etc. I know that, but I just also feel like I’m getting older. Yes every year I am getting older, but this is the first year it’s “hit” me.

But then once my family started calling me from Paraguay, it made me feel better. I thought to myself, I’m so lucky to have people who love me and take the time to remember me. 

Yes it’s another year older, but I am thankful for so much. And that’s what I want to reflect on today.

Things I’m Thankful For:

  • Another year on this planet
  • My family…my immediate family here in the US, but also the rest of my family in Paraguay. I don’t get to see them often, but we try to talk on a regular basis
  • My supportive boyfriend who always knows how to make me laugh
  • My health and the ability to be active
  • Those who has supported me as I have built up my own business
  • And all the things we all should be thankful for on a regular basis…my home, food, my job, etc.

My mom and I started the day with an easy 3 mile run. I meant to take a picture of us but I forgot! Tonight we’ll be going out bowling or mini golfing…not sure yet.

Another year in the books!

Do you love, hate or are indifferent towards your birthday?

What’s the best birthday gift you’ve ever gotten? (could be anything!)


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On Vacation!

I meant to post this Monday but it was such a hectic, chaotic day. I’m currently in Cape Cod (or on Cape Cod? What’s the proper phrasing?) with my best friend! I’ll be back on Friday and will recap next week :)

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend everybody!


The 8 Mile Treadmill Run

Yesterday I ran my longest run on a treadmill – 8 miles! My previous record was 6 miles. I never would be able to do this at one steady pace though. I can only run on the treadmill for more then 2-3 miles when I have a workout and am switching up paces and inclines.

Coach Marc had a workout on the plan for the day which was this:

  • 1.5 mile warmup
  • 2 min. at 9:30 pace, 1 min. jog
  • 3 min. at 9:45 pace (did 9:40), 1 min. jog
  • 5 min. at 10:00 pace, 1:30 jog
  • repeat workout portion one more time through
  • 1.5 mile cooldown

My mom and I decided to run on the treadmill because it was hot and also mainly because how else would I time myself/know my pace? I have a Garmin but it wasn’t charged…oops.

When we got to the gym I told my mom that if we finished the workout and were around 6 miles, we should just keep going in order to hit 8 miles and get our long run done for the week. She agreed.

I only did a 1 mile warm up because I hate warm ups on the treadmill, and then got into the workout. I did walk a bit of the rest portions for 20-30 seconds then I would jog. 

1 time through the workout came out to 2 miles. So I knew that going through it again we would be at 4 miles + 1 warmup mile. After we did it 2 times through, I threw in some hill intervals before starting the routine again (to switch things up). Then we did it another time through (3 times through total), and finished at 7.4 miles then did a .6 mile cooldown :)

I really felt great. I honestly felt like I could have kept running, and today I’m not feeling much soreness at all. Where I AM feeling soreness is my upper body. I did an upper body workout and abs on Tuesday and can still barely move my arms. It hurts to even lift my arms up to change or even open doors! Here’s the workout I did:


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

I didn’t even do 25 reps each of the abs workout…I did 15..and could barely finish…and my abs are still sore. Clearly I need to do more lifting and more core work.

Today calls for a recovery run of 55 minutes. Trust me, it will be super slow and easy. 

What’s the longest treadmill run you’ve done?


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Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

I’m glad today is a rest day (I’m making it one) because my achilles is killing me for some reason. It really hurts going down the stairs and I really hope it’s just soreness. 

Here’s how last week’s training went:

Monday: off

Tuesday: yoga class (ShoeBuy event), then 3 miler. I could barely finish this run. Of course as I started running the rain stopped, and the sun came out. Making it a really hot and muggy run. I had to stop and walk a few times, and basically walked the last half mile. 

Wednesday: 6 miles. 1.5 mile warm up, 5×5 minutes at 5K effort with 1 min. rest in between, 1.5 mile cooldown. Actually felt really great! Also probably because the weather was actually good for running (low 70s, cloudy, no humidity).


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

I was dreading this workout because I doubted myself (once again) but then ended up feeling really good running at a harder pace.

Thursday: off (it was my brother’s graduation day)

Friday: Long run – 7 miles. We were supposed to do 8 but AGAIN was not feeling good because of the heat and humidity. I’m still adjusting and it sucks how it affects your running. For me, it’s mainly my breathing. I feel really out of breath throughout the run, which makes me stop and walk to catch me breath. So I cut this run short.

Saturday: 5 miles. After a crappy run yesterday, I decided to do something harder today. I did a 1 mile warmup, 1 mile time trial (8:27), 2×800, 1×400, a few strides, then 1 mile cooldown. I felt good during the run (and it was drizzling and cool out!), but afterwards my achilles got really tight and still hurts today. Really hoping this goes away.

Sunday: easy 3 mile recovery run.

TOTAL: 24 miles

This week, my goal is to start lifting regularly. I plan on going today and Wednesday…perhaps Friday too, we’ll see. My mom and I want to do our long runs on Friday evenings so that our weekends are freed up. I really prefer this to waking up early on a Saturday (and also sacrificing plans in the summer with friends).

So far, so good!

When do you prefer to do your long runs?


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My Trip To Paraguay

It has been good to be back home and back in the US…but I also miss being with family. I traveled to Paraguay and was there for 10 days. I went with my mom for my great-grandmother’s (my mom’s grandmother) 90th birthday. We planned a big party for April 12 (her birthday is April 13th), and it was great. About 50-60 people showed up to celebrate with her! Here I am with her, my aunt, grandma and mom:

Screen Shot 2015-04-17 at 10.34.48 AM

I spent half the time at my aunt’s house, and half the time at my other grandma’s house. I tried to run most days, but I’ll get into that in another post.

So what did I do there? I went shopping at their malls, went to a soccer game, went out to eat, had family parties/reunions, and more. 


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

Although being back in the US is great, it is hard (especially for my parents) to have all of our family back in Paraguay. If you have your family here in the US and are able to see them regularly, don’t take it for granted!

But I am so glad my parents took the leap 26 years ago and moved to New Jersey. I can’t imagine my life any other way, and traveling to other countries really does make you see how lucky you are and the simple things you might be taking for granted.

Saying goodbye is always hard. My uncle, aunt, grandma and cousins came to the airport to see us off. 


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

Overall an amazing trip. We are planning on heading back in June 2016 and doing what we did last summer for the World Cup…heading to Paraguay, flying to Rio for some Olympics action, heading back to Paraguay, flying back to the US. I really hope that all works out! I want to see some track and field live!

We’ll see how things work out in the future. 


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I’m In Paraguay

I  have pretty spotty wifi so I haven’t been able to update, but I am currently in Paraguay visiting family! I will be here until the 15th.

I didn’t write about it because it was a surprise for my family. They knew my mom was coming but didn’t know I was. It was a funny reaction when they saw me walk through the airport…they were shocked!

It’s been a fun week and a half so far, and I’ve been trying to run as much as I can. Follow me on Instagram to see my updates…it’s tough to get on a computer so I mainly have been posting on Instagram and Facebook.

It’s been great seeing and spending time with family. We’ve been blessed to be able to come back here in less than a year (we were here last summer during the World Cup), and we plan on coming back in 2016 for the Olympics in Rio!

Have a great weekend everyone!! I’ll be back in the good ol’ USA on Wednesday :)


I’m Back!

I took a little inadvertent break last week due to the holidays. I just was really enjoying the time laying around and being lazy with my family! :) I’m still technically on “winter break” from my job at the community college until Jan. 12. So I have to self-motivate to do work from home both for my blog and my own business. Anyone else find it hard to do work from home?

Over the last week I have gotten obsessed with The Vampire Diaries. No joke, this past weekend I almost barely left the couch because I was on Netflix. I’m already almost midway through Season 2. Does anyone watch?

Christmas was great. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, we celebrate on Christmas Eve and stay up until midnight. My mom made a delicious dinner, then we played some games together.

Christmas Day we went into the city to go check out the tree.


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

I told my mom next year we are taking pictures from farther away because she always wants to get right up against the glass and it is MAYHEM. Way too crowded for me. People pushing you out of there way, crammed up behind you, fighting for your spot against the glass once you leave…no thanks. This picture above was taken further out and I think this came out nicer!

After we left, I stopped by Dan’s family’s Christmas party for a bit. They play “Yankee Santa” which is always fun to watch. I usually join in but I didn’t know when we’d be back from the city this year so I was just a spectator instead. Overall a great Christmas!


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

On the 23rd, my sister and I went to a Devils game with Dan and our seats were right by the broadcast booth. We ended up quickly chatting with Ken Daneyko…pretty cool if I do say so myself!


A photo posted by pattyrivas13 (@pattyrivas13) on

I have no other plans between now and the 12th…other than relaxing of course ;) and watching Vampire Diaries!

How were your holidays? Did you do anything fun/random?

What’s a show you’ve binge watched?


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